Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saturday Documentary! "Titanic's Final Moments Missing Pieces "

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and now for the show.

Dramatic new revelations about the fate of the world's most famous ship. In 2005, an expedition to explore the wreckage made an interesting discovery south of the stern's debris field.
They said they found long strips of metal. Unfortunately, the submersible's camera equipment malfunctioned and they had no proof of what they saw.
But this set in motion a new theory. Maybe these long strips were from the bottom of the ship. If so, then Titanic just didn't graze the side of the iceberg, but it actually ran over part of the iceberg too.
We learn that an iceberg does not go straight down below the water (like a cliff); instead, the water causes the iceberg to form a shelf below the water.
Hence, it's now theorized that Titanic somewhat ran aground on the iceberg. If so, in addition to the gashes on the side, maybe there was also significant damage on the bottom, explaining how the ship sank in less than three hours.
If that were true, it could also explain why the front of the ship is relatively intact while the stern is crushed upon itself.

Titanic's Final Moments Missing Pieces 


  1. I saw that documentary a couple of weeks ago. Very interesting evidence about the way she broke up. I won't ruin it for others but add what they found to the brittle steel problem and it would appear that they had even more problems that was originally thought. It seems that they are always finding new information about the disaster, but the ship itself is slowly disappearing. Pity.

    Now here it is, almost 100 years later and we have the wreck in Italy. Once again, things do not go as you would expect. The sea is a placid killer. Those of us who go on the sea in ships need to keep that ever in mind.

  2. Hey, thanks for commenting!
    Stories about the sea have always fascinated and terrified me at the same time.
    I'm a mountain girl and the ocean is such a scary thing to me.
    funny thing though, one of my favorite books is Moby Dick. LOL