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Happy hump day one and all! Having some T-Storms this morning here, hope the weather is nice where you are today. We got redbud trees in full bloom, the willow trees are budding out and there are little spring wildflowers in bloom all over the place! What could possibly be wrong with that?
Here's something interesting.
IBTimes: Osama Bin Laden Hid Terror Attack Codes in Bible? ISI to Investigate
Now that there's no one left to explain or dispute the evidence, I guess the can "find" all kinds of incriminating things can't they? That article is just...well, read it for yourself.
Oh, and check this out, Cryptogon has posted a link to Dermot's film!!

They know quality when they see it!
I can't recommend this film highly enough. If you have family or friends sitting on the fence, do encourage them to watch this and then maybe have some discussion with them about it.

and this next piece from RJ. I thought it was pretty interesting. Thanks RJ!
Kind of sounds like the banking elite are more akin to swarms of locusts or international drug runners. LOL

Guardian: So, how can bankers live with themselves? - A little while ago I put this question to a financial recruiter. I'll call him Philippe. Philippe is working with the well-paid bankers everyone else seems so angry with. They come to him when they want to move to a new job, or he poaches them on behalf of banks or financial firms. Being at the high end of the industry he has extensive conversations with clients about their motives, fears and ambitions.So how can they live with themselves? "They feel unjustly singled out", said Philippe. "What I hear is: look, nobody would run a bank with the intention of wrecking it, would they? Banks lent to people who couldn't repay. But nobody forced these people to take out loans that they must have known were far beyond their means. Banks may have been enablers, but in the end it was reckless individuals who did this." This is a common refrain in the City, where people like to compare themselves to "over-enthusiastic waiters", in the recent words of one CEO. "Then again", Philippe continued, "many of my clients simply don't seem to care a whole lot about what the general public think. These are extremely well-educated and multilingual professionals. Many are in mixed marriages with kids who have lived on two or three continents. These people don't belong anywhere and don't feel beholden to any national project. They want to pay as little in tax as they can, and they want to be safe. That's it. Rule of law is very important for them.'

Much thanks to RJ at the Global Glass Onion and the Ozarker at Conflicted Doomer for their help today!

Grist: New revelations about how Fukushima almost forced the evacuation of Tokyo
NewScientist: Japan's 2011 megaquake reactivated dormant faults 
NYT: Japan Weighed Evacuating Tokyo in Nuclear Crisis
DesdemonaDespair: Video: Ghost town: Fukushima exclusion zone - CNN’s Kyung Lah travels to the 12-mile exclusion zone around the Fukushima nuclear plant nearly a year after the quake.
CNN: Fukushima's 'cold' reactors pose a constant threat NewScientist: Children tell their story of Fukushima

Global Conflict
BBC: Top al-Qaeda commander 'arrested - Senior al-Qaeda leader Saif al-Adel is arrested at Cairo airport, Egyptian security officials say.
Reuters: Elite Syrian army units attack rebel districts
WSJ: Terror Cases Stay in Civilian Control - President Barack Obama issued an order Tuesday giving civilian investigators broad power to handle the cases of U.S. terrorism suspects despite a law passed late last year that favors military custody.
VOA: Dozens Killed in Syria as UN Calls for Cease-Fire
VOA: Clinton: Internal Power Struggle in Iran Over Nuclear Weapons
Atlantic: What Santorum's Fear of Satan Means for His Foreign Policy
WSJ: U.S. Cuts Iran Cash Pipeline Wall
DailyMail: Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham becoming ‘no-go areas’ because of drugs gangs… just like Mexico and Brazil says the UNITED NATIONS
Atlantic: Why We Couldn't Change Afghanistan
LegitGov: Netanyahu will urge Obama to publicly back attack on Iran, sources say
CNN: Report: While Arab world explodes, Iran cracks down with impunity
LAT: U.S. does not believe Iran is trying to build nuclear bomb - As U.S. and Israeli officials talk publicly about the prospect of a military strike against Iran's nuclear program, one fact is often overlooked: U.S. intelligence agencies don't believe Iran is actively trying to build an atomic bomb.
Telegraph: Stratfor: Osama bin Laden 'was in routine contact with Pakistan's spy agency'
Osama bin Laden was in routine contact with several senior figures from Pakistan's military intelligence agency while in hiding in the country, according to a large cache of secret intelligence files.
FP: Obama’s Shadow Wars - Missile-wielding drones and elite Special Forces units are the new face of American power, and the White House is increasingly relying on them to fight terror in the farthest corners of the globe.
BBC: Syria troops 'advancing in Homs' - Syrian government troops are advancing on opposition strongholds in the city of Homs, reports say, as diplomats discuss renewed UN action.
Time: Hamas Signals Break with Iran, But Is That Good for Israel?
BlacklistedNews: Irish EU treaty vote threatens chaos
Hosted: No clear world voice on Iran nuke work
DetroitNews: Source: Israel won't warn U.S. before Iran strike
PostGazette: U.S. says Iran attacks likely if Israel strikes
Guardian: Iran nuclear talks with six-nation group of powers set to be agreed - Diplomats from UK, US, France, Russia, China and Germany agree in principle to accept Iranian offer to resume negotiations

Atlantic: '89 Percent' of Syrians Voted to Keep Assad in Power until 2028
MSNBC: Syrian troops launch ground assault on restive city
BBC: NK agrees to 'nuclear moratorium' - North Korea has agreed to suspend uranium enrichment, as well as nuclear and long-range missile tests, in return for food aid from the US.

CharlesHughSmith: Eye-Witness History of Occupy Wall Street Movement Now Available

Hacker News
ArsTechnica: 25 alleged Anonymous members arrested internationally; hacker group retaliates
Zerohedge: James Murdoch Steps Down As News International Executive Chairman 

Domestic Financial News
Zerohedge: Pension Reform Unintended Consequence: The Pentagon Is Broke
NakedCapitalism: Yet Another Mortgage Scam: Homeowners Not Getting Cancelled Notes After Foreclosures, Hit by Later Claims 
CalculatedRisk: Real House Prices and Price-to-Rent fall to late '90s Levels
WSJ: Optimism Drives Dow Past Milestone
CreditWritedowns: Miserable Wants Company
USATodaya: 3 doomsaying experts who foresee economic devastation ahead 
Zerohedge: Another Unintended Consequence: $80 Billion 'Gas Price' Tax On Consumption
CNNMoney: Fed turns $2.8 billion profit on AIG bonds
Brookings: Welfare Reform Worked
NakedCapitalism: Brace Yourself for Election-Driven Enforcement Theater: Token Roughing Up of Crisis Bad Banksters, While Corzine Gets a Free Pass 
BusinessInsider: When The Deflation Tsunami Hits, Losing The Least Is A Winner
CNNMoney: California expected to reap Facebook windfall
CharlesHughSmith: What's Your Favorite "On the Ground" Recession Indicator?
MyBudget360: The kamikaze debt market deleveraging – Total credit market debt balloons to $53 trillion while US households pushed to deleverage. While American household debt has fallen by $569 billion total credit market debt is up $3 trillion.
WSJ: Home Prices Decline
CNNMoney: Uncle Sam wants you to rent out its foreclosed homes
MSNBC: Durable goods orders drop by most in 3 years
Data suggest economy may have started the year weaker than expected  
CalculatedRisk: Goldman Sachs and Wells Fargo receive Wells notices from SEC
Alternet: Ayn Rand Worshippers Should Face Facts: Blue States Are the Providers, Red State Are the Parasites - Last week, the New York Times published a widely discussed article updating an argument that progressive bloggers noticed a very long time ago. It's now well-understood that blue states generally export money to the federal government; and red states generally import it.  
Zerpohedge: The Relentless Household Deleveraging In Charts 
SeattleTimes: Former Fed chief urges support for Volcker Rule
MSNBC: ID theft, fraud cost Americans $1.52B last year
Government says almost a million complaints were related to scams
SFGate: GM likely to spend $500M on employee payments
Reuters: FDIC says U.S. banks in position to help economy
SeattleTimes: Durable goods orders drop by most in 3 years
WashingtonPost: Allan Sloan: Arab Spring fallout hit Social Security
Zerohedge: Ben Pulls The Punch Bowl - Market Unhappy

Global Financial News
CreditWritedowns: Markets Shrug off S&P’s Downgrade of Greece ahead of LTRO
FT: Report: Time to Confront China over Tech Thievery
Spiegel: The World from Berlin: 'We Can't Sacrifice Democracy to Save the Euro' 
Reuters: Holcim sees cement demand rising in emerging mkts
CrookedTimber: The world economy is not a tribute system
CrookedTimber: Too big to fail: the first 5000 years
Reuters: EU Commission Pressures Spain for Explanations - Spain must explain soon to the European Commission why its 2011 budget deficit was substantially higher than expected and deliver clear future budget plans, the Commission said on Tuesday.
GurusBlog: Sharpen the mower. Spain's deficit exceeds 90 billion euros - Specifically, Spain's budget deficit is 91.3 billion euros, 8.51% of GDP. So it should not take a wizard to realize the simple mathematical fact that team Rajoy has not yet begun with budget cuts and tax increases, if by 2012 Spain is to meet the 4.4% of GDP deficit target set by creditors.
NakedCapitalism: Philip Pilkington: Vote or Die! – The Coming Irish Election Blackmail - The Irish Taoiseach Enda Kenny has announced that a referendum will be called so that the Irish people can vote on the new and oh-so-suicidal fiscal compact.
MacroBusiness: Hi, I’m from the IMF. I’m here to help.
Bloomberg: ECB’s Second Three-Year Loan May Be Last
CNNMoney: India's slower growth may be an 'uh, oh' sign
Guardian: Barclays £500m tax loophole closed by Treasury in rare retrospective action Legislation rushed through to close down two 'aggressive' tax avoidance schemes that high-street bank disclosed to HMRC
Spiegel: German Parliament Approves Greek Bailout Package Spiegel: Juncker Piles on the Pressure: Merkel Stuck in the Euro Firewall Trap - Merkel is damned if she does -- but Europe could be damned if she doesn't. Pressure is growing on the German chancellor to drop her government's opposition to significantly increasing the size of the permanent euro backstop fund. But such a move would carry significant political risks for Merkel at home.

BusinessInsider: Here's How Much JPMorgan Makes Every Time It Makes A Trade - Here's a cool chart from JPMorgan's investor day yesterday. It shows how much JPMorgan makes every time it places a given trade for a client, ...
CNNMoney: European banks to soak up more ECB moneyBBC: Olympics strike threat condemned
ETFDaily: 20 Statistics That Show The Euphoria About The Economy Will Be Short-Lived
Peak Oil and Energy News
CNNMoney: Gas prices spike 8% in February
NewScientist: Natural gas – a fuel too far?
TheDrum: Tech Talk - Future Natural Gas Production from Western Siberia
IBTimes: Oil Consortium Makes Large Oil Find in Brazil
Reuters: Exxon breaks silence over Kurdistan oil talks
BusinessInsider: How Vladimir Putin Runs Russia's Gazprom Like A Crime Syndicate
FiscalTimes: Iran Offers Pakistan Oil
VancouverSun: Iraq aims to more than double northern oil output  
CNNMoney: America's oil boom - at a cost ETFDaily: Commodity Trading Trends: Natural Gas Futures Continue Their Slide 

Mineweb: Silver up 4%, gold races toward $1,800/oz on ECB easy monetary stance
CommodityOnline: Iran says it will accept gold for oil
ETFDailyNews: Greece Is D-O-N-E, $70 Silver Prices In 90 Days
EconomicCollapseBlog: 20 Signs America Is Headed For Another Dust Bowl 
NewScientist: Antarctic research base goes up in flames
DesdemonaDespair: Nigeria president visits village near Chevron gas rig fire that has raged for weeks
Reuters: At least four killed as tornadoes strike Midwest
NoTechMagazine: India's Ancient Stepwell Architecture Cools Modern Building
(the following, is yet another reason that we are doomed) 
Grist: Woman arrested for burning down 3,500-year-old tree
 This is the Senator, the largest pond cypress in the U.S. and, at 3,500 years old, the fifth-oldest individual tree in the world. Or anyway, this was the Senator, because on January 16th the Florida tree burned from the inside out. Authorities initially ruled out arson, saying that friction or smoldering lightning damage may have started the fire. But they’ve now ruled it right back in, arresting 26-year-old Sara Barnes for lighting the Senator on fire while sitting inside it doing meth.
Here are some of the Senator’s vital stats before the fire, a more robust list of accomplishments than most senators can boast of:
  • 125 feet tall
  • 17.5 feet in diameter
  • Between 3,400 and 3,600 years old
  • Over 5,100 cubic feet in volume
  • Fifth-oldest tree in the world
  • Oldest pond cypress in the world
  • Largest pond cypress in the country
  • Largest tree east of the Mississippi
Here are some of Sara Barnes’ vital stats:
  • Quite possibly in very, very big trouble.

America in Decline
NYT: 9/11 Victims' Remains Disposed of in Landfill
USNews: McJail? Sheriff's 'Tent City' gets McDonald's-like number 'served' sign

Alternet: New York's Mostly Black and Latino Stop-and-Frisk Victims Speak Out
BlacklistedNews: FEMA preparing “National Responder Support Camps” eerily similar to KBR’s “National Quick Response Team”
DeclineOfTheEmpire: Humans Are Not Rational Problem Solvers
eXiled: AssKisser-Gate: Heartland Institute Founder David Padden Grovels For Master Charles Koch
RawStory: Gen Y may end up ‘intellectual lightweights’ because of technology: Pew
ProPublica: New Report Likely to Fuel Debate Over TSA Scanners Study: Many retirees die nearly broke
BlacklistedNews: 19 Signs That America Has Become A Crazy Control Freak Nation Where Almost Everything Is Illegal 
BlacklistedNews: Goodbye, First Amendment: 'Trespass Bill' will make protest illegal 

Food and Water
SeattleTimes: Bill Gates’ support of GM crops is wrong approach for Africa
SeekingAlpha: Will Price Inflation Of Meat, Corn, Food, And Farmland Continue?
NewScientist: Vaccine for deadly sheep virus is on its way
BigPictureAgriculture: Ag News Items February 2012

Internet and Online Privacy News  
Nation: Google offers 1 million dollars to Chrome hackers - Google is offering hackers 1 million dollars in prize money to find and exploit new security flaws in its Chrome web browser, the company said Tuesday. Under the terms of the offer, the web software giant will pay 60,000 dollars for any "full Chrome exploit" that allows malicious hackers to take over a users’ computer via a bug solely in the company’s web browser. The hackers must make available the full details of the exploit to Google in order to qualify for the prize, and must not have released details of the exploit to anyone else, the Google Chrome security team announced in a late Monday blog posting. In addition, Google will pay 40,000 dollars to anyone whose new exploit relies on a bug in Chrome in conjunction with a flaw in Windows 7, and will offer 20,000 to those who uncover a previously unknown bug in Windows 7. It will pay these sums for every new exploit it receives until the 1 million dollar limit is reached.
RawStory: Europe to investigate Google’s new privacy policy
CNN: How to prepare for Google's privacy changes

Science and Technology
NewScientist: Planetary scientists battle over NASA's Mars budget
PopSci: Under the Sea: In the Age of Wireless, Can't We Do Better than Intercontinental Fiber Optic Cables? 
Independent: New evidence suggests Stone Age hunters from Europe discovered America CosmicLog: New find revives 'Jesus Tomb' flap
FutureOfTech: Code-cracking quantum computers leap closer to reality
MSNBC: Experts keep close eye on potential asteroid threat  - Space rock might have a chance of hitting Earth in 2040; more observations needed
PopSci: Video: Hack a Common Slingshot into a USB Peripheral for 'Angry Birds'

Medical and Health
Outbreak of ASF reported in Republic of Karelia - February 28, 2012 – RUSSIA – African Swine Fever has been identified on a private farm in the republic of Karelia
LifeInc: 1 in 5 older Americans scrimp on health care to save money
TheChart: Study: Brain suffers when fish oil falls short
People with diets short on omega-3 fatty acids – the kind found in fish oil – were more likely to experience accelerated brain aging, a new study found.
TheChart: The animal products in your medicine cabinet
TexasTribune: Texans Accused of $375 Million Health Care FraudWashingtonPost: Texas medical group owner among 7 indicted in alleged $375 million health care fraud scheme 
BodyOdd: How lefties, righties see the world differently 

Doomsteading, Gardening, Urban Farming
WashingtonPost: Virginia governor signs repeal of 19-year-old law limiting handgun purchases to one per month
ModernSurvival: Microwave Oven Used As A Faraday Cage?
WaldenEffect: Anna: Green manure rejuvenates poor soil
ModernSurvival: Will A Metal Garage Protect From EMP?
CityFarmer: Developer Stewart Beal launches urban farming business with a social mission
CanadianDoomer: Let's Pretend It's Healthy Apple Dump Cake
TransitionVoice: Wyoming apocalypse plan: crazy or visionary?

Other News
USAToday: Third student dies from Ohio school shooting
VancouverSun: Daycare nightmare- Inspectors find 24 toddlers in a Surrey garageWashingtonPost: Why we need college degrees more than we need faith 
Spiegel: The Fairytale of Braunschweig: An Anonymous Donor and Envelopes Stuffed with Cash
The German city of Braunschweig has a new benefactor. An anonymous donor has been stuffing envelopes filled with 10,000 euros in cash into the mailboxes of charitable organizations. His latest contribution was an anomaly. A local hospice found the money under its doormat.
CBSNews: School shooter told police victims were random
McClatchy: $744,000 buys cooperative Guantánamo captives a new soccer field
WashingtonPost: Priest denies communion to lesbian at funeral
First Lady Michelle Obama does the "DOUGIE" with D.C. students

(ok, I'd give just about anything to see ole Barb do that. ROFLMAO! Girl gots some moves!)

WashingtonsBlog: Virginia Says No to Lawless Imprisonment - Good things do come out of the Virginia state legislature.

McClatchy: Santorum's appeal? He resonates with angry tea party activists
WSJ: Maine's Snowe Won't Seek Senate Re-Election
CNN: 5 things we learned from Tuesday's primaries
Spiegel: Quayle Redux: A Silent Romney Would Be a Better Romney
Alternet: Corseted Minds: Does Fear of Irrelevance Send Conservative Men Fleeing to the Victorian Age? 
SeattleTimes: Sen. Snowe of Maine not seeking re-election
Three-term Republican Sen. Olympia Snowe of Maine announced Tuesday that she will not run for re-election, issuing a statement that cited frustration over the current "atmosphere of polarization and `my way or the highway' ideologies."

TinfoilPalace: Hidden Meanings Website 

TinfoilPalace: Petri dish burgers?
TheOilAge: Oloid 
TheOilAge: Chinese refuse to allow US to pick head of World Bank 
HubbertArms: A Look At The World's Most Powerful Mercenary Armies 
HubbertsArms: Amazing time-lapse video captures the night sky 
SilentCountry: Apps for Apes: Orangutans using iPads to paint and video chat
SilentCountry: Another Big Box Chain goes into Receivership threatening 500 jobs

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