Saturday, February 18, 2012

Saturday Documentary! "Fast Food, Fat Profits: Obesity in America"

There's a lady in this show that says something I've always believed. If you eat food with lower nutrients, you have to keep eating more because the body doesn't get what it needs. You eat more and more.
With the amount of vitamins and minerals in our food dropping due to many things but, a lot is because of the depletion of minerals in our soil from years of growing crops, it's no wonder the nutrient level in our food has fallen and even healthy food today doesn't contain the amount of nutrition it once did.
Feed the soil and you'll feed the body.

anyway, enjoy the show!

"Fast Food, Fat Profits: Obesity in America"
Obesity in America has reached a crisis point. Two out of every three Americans are overweight, one out of every three is obese. One in three are expected to have diabetes by 2050.
Minorities have been even more profoundly affected. African-Americans have a 50 per cent higher prevalence of obesity and Hispanics 25 per cent higher when compared with whites.
How did the situation get so out of hand? Josh Rushing explores the world of cheap food for Americans living at the margins.
What opportunities do people have to eat healthy? Who is responsible for food deserts and processed food in American schools?

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