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Breaking News Friday Feb. 17, 2012

TGIF! Yeah! I hope all of you have had a good week and will have good weekends as well. Hoping to do a bit of outdoor work this weekend and see if I can shake off this "cabin fever". LOL
The news keeps building and inching forward on Iran as well as the loss of freedoms here in the USofA.
Like watching a glacier move, slow, but in time, it will get there.

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Global Conflict
Time: How the Deep Freeze in Kabul Means Trouble After Things Thaw

 A poorly dressed boy warms his hands as people living at the Nasaji Bagrami internally displaced persons camp divide amongst themselves newly delivered blankets and clothes donated by aid groups and concerned citizens on Feb. 11, 2012, near Kabul, Afghanistan.
Hosted: Times correspondent Anthony Shadid dies in Syria Do TV Networks 'Practice' for War? (posted by Satori at Silent Country)
CSMonitor: What would happen if Iran had the bomb? (+video) - Even as Tehran signals an interest in nuclear talks, many experts have already envisioned what the world would look like if the country got nuclear weapons. It wouldn't be as dire as many fear, but it would unleash new uncertainties - and perhaps a regional arms race. 
BBC: Bombardment of Syrian city 'intensifies' after UN vote
WSJ: Attacks Threaten Nigeria's Future
McClatchy: Rare visit to remote Chinese region shows depth of Tibetan despair

Read more here:
Zerohedge: Update on Middle Eastern Wars
Atlantic: Suck It Up, America: Why We Have to Apologize to Pakistan
A internal investigation found that the U.S. shares blame for an errant NATO strike that killed 24 Pakistanis, so why won't Obama say we're sorry...
GoldNews: Iran Buying Wheat with Gold Bullion
FDL: Administration Calls for $450 Billion War Funding Cap - Did you know that the federal government expects to spend $450 billion on fighting wars over the next decade? This, despite the removal of all troops fron Iraq, and the transition of combat missions over to the Afghans by 2014, if not a year earlier?
CNN: New York Times reporter dies in Syria
IBTimes: Iran Won't Start War Against U.S.: Intelligence Report
VancouverSun: Mission impossible? U.S. wants sanctions to hurt only Iran
VancouverSun: Mexico calls on U.S. to halt flow of weapons to gangs
CSMonitor: Could Al Qaeda get Syria's chemical weapons?
following forwarded to me from RJ, check out this map!  from Information Clearinghouse
Who is Threatening Whom? 45 US Bases Surround Iran

Posted February 11, 2011 Each star is a US base. 
WSJ: Suicide Blast Kills 23 in Pakistan

PlutocracyFiles: Occupy Calls for General Strike May 1
FDL: Occupy Buffalo and the Erie County Industrial Development Agency 
MotherJones: Occupy Wall Street's New Strategy: A Super-PAC?
Attempter: Occupy and Land Redemption - Occupy is usually called a movement, but it’s really a strategy and set of tactics toward certain goals. It’s the most visibly vibrant element of the longer arc of the democratic movement. One of the most promising Occupation actions is direct action against bank foreclosures, literally occupying beleaguered and abandoned homes. Occupy Our Homes is a broad coalition of actions around the country. Occupy Minneapolis is an excellent example, occupying homes in order to prevent eviction of foreclosed residents. This Occupy action supplements older actions like Take Back the Land, which since 2006 has been identifying idle bank- and government-”owned” houses and “moving homeless people into peopleless homes”. They call it “liberating homes”. Organizer Max Rameau explains the movement philosophy.

Hacker News
RawStory: Murdoch flies in to meet with angry British staff
CBSNews: Anonymous hacks US sites to protest treaty
ArsTechnica: Anonymous Antisec hackers break into and bring down FTC website

Domestic Financial News

Cryptogon: High Demand for Machinists in the U.S. [???]
KHQ: Social Security Reserves Forecast To Run Dry In 2022  
Forbes: CFPB Circles Debt Collectors and Credit Reporting Agencies
CBSNews; Tug of war at the Federal Reserve
BusinessInsider: 10 States That Are Getting Pummeled By Foreclosures
McClatchy: Indiana's new right-to-work law could prompt copycats
RawStory: Dow surges to highest level since 2008 on solid U.S. data
Zerohedge: Housing Settlement To Be Taxpayer Funded Confirming Big Five Banks Are Beyond The Law
Zereohedge: Goldman Answers Why People Log On To Social Networking Sites

BusinessInsider: How We Work Now, In America
The chart above divides total Full Time jobs by Total Part Time jobs, in the United States. Coming into the financial crisis of 2008, the US maintained nearly 5 Full Time jobs for every Part Time job
BusinessInsider: The Truth Is That Small Businesses Are Not Good At Creating JobsWashingtonPost: Obama's support for export industry leads to clash of US interests
BlacklistedNews: CBO: Longest Period of High Unemployment Since Great Depression
GastonGazette: IRS: Beware of Dirty Dozen tax scams
Bloomberg: Federal Workers Face ‘Unprecedented Assault’ in U.S. Budget War
Reuters: New American Dream is renting to get rich - "It's the American Dream to own a home, but whoever said that didn't do the analysis on it
Time: Study: Working on Wall Street Is Bad for Your Health - What does working 120 hours a week get you? Hopefully, a pretty good paycheck and bonus. According to a new study, though, there are other, less welcomed side effects that accompany a demanding, high-pressure job on Wall Street, including alcoholism, insomnia, weird facial tics and depression.
BusinessInsider: DEAR WALMART, MCDONALD'S AND STARBUCKS: How Do You Feel About Paying Your Employees So Little That Most Of Them Are Poor?
SFGate: Unemployment applications drop to a 4-year low
MSNBC: Consumer prices rise 0.2 percent in January  - Rapid rise in gas prices raises worries about the economy
Reuters: The U.S. foreclosure crisis, Beverly Hills-style
FDL: 85% of Mortgage Transfers Were No Good - That’s a pretty startling headline, isn’t it? Yet, that was the conclusion reached by study of 400 foreclosure files commissioned by San Francisco County assessor-recorder Phil Ting.

Read more here:

Global Financial News
ETFDaily: Greece “Officially Defaults” March 23, Banks Close DailyMail: Spain haunted by ghost towns built during boom years but now lying empty... as unemployment tops 5million and experts say worse still to come
WSJ: India to Increase Borrowing Next Year - India is likely to borrow about 5.5 trillion rupees ($110 billion) next financial year, nearly 8% more than this year, to help bridge a widening fiscal deficit as it struggles to limit subsidies, a senior finance ministry official said Thursday.
WSJ: Portugal's Jobless Rate Jumps  
Hosted: German president quits in scandal over favors
Reuters: Germans aghast as Merkel loses 2nd president in two years
BusinessInsider: Estonia Might Have The Most Efficient Tax Filing System In The World
Zerohegde: Ironic EU Begging Expedition to China
InvestmentWatchBlog: China wants say in World Bank choice; Challenge US grip on top job
Bloomberg: Emerging-Market Stocks Rise to Six-Month High on U.S. Data, Greek Optimism
Telegraph: Europe car sales slump amid debt crisis
ETFDaily: Central Bank Gold-Buying Increases By 500%

Peak Oil and Energy News
McClatchy: U.S. House OKs opening ANWR to oil drilling

TheOilDrum: World Energy Consumption - Beyond 500 Exajoules
WSJ: US GAS: Futures Gain After Bigger-Than-Expected Inventory Draw -Natural gas futures rise following DOE report --DOE: Gas inventories fall 127 bcf, vs. 119-bcf-draw forecast --NOAA sees above-normal March temperatures for much of the U.S. NEW YORK (Dow Jones)-...
RecordNet: S.J. area gas prices heading toward $4 and up a gallon
EconomicTimes: Brent crude remains above $120 on Iran worries, Greece optimism

BusinessWeek: Gasoline Rises to Six-Month High as Refinery Outages Curb Supply
Bloomberg: Oil Set for Biggest 2012 Weekly Gain 
FP: Oil supply threats highest since the 1970s: Deutsche Bank 
McClatchy: Oil well in Alaska's North Slope suffers a blowout
FuelFix: Shell moves one step closer to drilling in the Chukchi Sea

Read more here:

Grist: Kazakhstan, Mongolia to rescue us from China’s rare earths monopoly
Mineweb: Singapore to exempt gold, other precious metals from 7% tax
ETFDailyNews: Oracle Of Omaha Speaks: Why Warren Buffett Buffett Hates Gold 
CommodityOnline: Silver prices soften as Greek tragedy continues

ABC.AU: Scientists unravel more devil disease mysteries
NewScientist: Leaked files expose Heartland Institute's secrets
Atlantic: India Is Burning: How Rapid Growth Is Destroying its Environment and Future
TreeHugger: Senators take emergency oil reserve hostage to force Keystone approval  
DailyStar: Dye dumped by factory colored Beirut River red
CommonDreams: Olympic Committee: Dow Not Responsible for Bhopal Tragedy - IOC to keep Dow Chemical as Olympics sponsor despite protests
NYT: U.S. Pushes to Cut Emissions of Some Pollutants That Hasten Climate Change 
Spiegel: The Truth Peddlers - Smoke and Mirrors in the Climate Debate
MSNBC: Shark gulps another shark whole - Researchers happened upon the rare cannibalistic scene during a fish census
CosmicLog: It's not fracking's fault, study saysLOLOLOLOLOLOL ROFLMAO!!!  (ok, I thought it was funny.)
DigitalLife: New panda cam gives you live close-ups from China
CosmicLog: Scientists revive sacred sounds
Grist: Stand by for baby eagles on webcam!
America in Decline
BlacklistedNews: 20 Signs You Might Be A Typical American Worker
ABCNews: Appalachian Trail Hikers' NH Post Office to Close
USAToday: Tennessee lawmakers advance 'don't say gay' bill 
TruthOut: Face Masks, Snipers and Aerial Surveillance: Chicago's Newest Anti-Protest Measures Revealed - Yana Kunichoff, Truthout: "Each time a new measure that the city of Chicago is preparing for the coming NATO and G8 summits is unveiled, the tension in the city ratchets up a notch. The latest news comes in the form of reports that Chicago has purchased face shields, and may be considering the implementation of airborne surveillance technology."  
TruthOut: State-Sanctioned Rape: Forced Trans-Vaginal Ultrasounds in Virginia, Texas and Iowa - Andy Kopsa, RH Reality Check: "Virginia is poised to send two of the most abhorrent anti-choice bills to Governor Bob McDonnell to sign.... The first is a bill requiring the use of trans-vaginal ultrasound prior to a woman obtaining an abortion, the other is an egg-as-person bill.... Although the Governor has said he will consider the personhood bill he has been clear he would sign the forced ultrasound bill. But let's start calling this what it really is: state sanctioned rape."  
McClatchy: At religious freedom hearing on contraception: 'This is an issue worth dying for' 
RawStory: Western students lag Asians by three years: study 
TruthOut: Bill Moyers and Michael Winship : Money Throws Democracy Overboard -  "Watching what's happening to our democracy is like watching the cruise ship Costa Concordia founder and sink slowly into the sea off the coast of Italy, as the passengers, shorn of life vests, scramble for safety as best they can, while the captain trips and falls conveniently into a waiting life boat. We are drowning here, with gaping holes torn into the hull of the ship of state from charges detonated by the owners and manipulators of capital."
Jim Hightower | It’s Official: Money Now Governs America

Food and Water
MarketWatch: Global suicide 2020: We can’t feed 10 billion - Our team is tasked to solve this problem: “How to feed the 7 billion people already on Earth today plus another 3 billion by 2050?”
IBTimes: Trinidad Moruga Scorpion: World's Hottest Pepper Tops 2M Scoville Heat Units
Today: Recommended: High arsenic levels found in organic foods, baby formula
Grist: Corn corn everywhere — and not a drop to eatDesdemonaDespair: Weather forecasters: East Africa should be prepared for further food insecurity
Bloomberg: Texas Rice Farmers Look for 'Miracle' as Irrigation Cutoff LoomsUPI: More water shortages for China?
HuffingtonPost: Obama Budget Cuts Bacteria Testing For Produce
IBTimes: E. Coli Sprouts up at Jimmy John's: CDC Report
Internet and Online Privacy News 
NewYorker: The Julian Assange Show
IBTimes: Google Found Tracking Safari Users -- Report 
WSJ: Google's iPhone Tracking 
MSNBC: Report: These tech companies sell spy tools to dictatorsArsTechnica: Location tracking of GSM cellphones: now easier (and cheaper) than ever
Computer scientists have devised a low-cost way to surreptitiously tease out key location details of people carrying cellphones that are connected to older carrier networks.
Science and Technology
Time: Supernova Blast: Giant Star Eta Carinae to Explode Any Day
BusinessInsider: Apple Retaliates Against New York Times For Exposing Apple's Labor Practices TheAtlantic: The 'Wow!' Moment in Our Search for Aliens
Spiegel: Containing Super-Flus: Controversy Brews Over Scientists' Creation of Killer Viruses  

Medical and Health
PopSci: FYI: Do Competitive Eaters Have Unusual Stomachs?
TruthOut: Democratic Women Boycott House Contraception Hearing After Republicans Prevent Women From Testifying
ScientificAmerican: Microchip Implant Gives Medication On Command
MSNBC: Studies: Health risk from toxic pavement sealant greater than previously believed
Vitals: FDA warns of toothbrushes that mess up your face
Vitals: Lingering shortage of ADHD drugs unravels lives

Doomsteading, Gardening, Urban Farming
ModernSurvival: ‘Compassion’ Is Also a Survival Skill
PreppingtoSurvive: Can I Keep Chickens in My Backyard? - The following article has been contributed by Nate Smith, a backyard chicken enthusiast and blogger.
CityFarmer: Nation’s largest public Food Forest takes root on Seattle’s Beacon Hill
ModernSurvival: Stay Prepared If You Intend To Stay Behind

Other News
RawStory: Conservative radio host accused of hit and run at gay bar
MSNBC: Atheists bill big names for 'coming out' party in Capitol  
WalesOnline: Death blaze prisoners 'not charged'
Bloomberg: Armed Robbery of Ancient Olympic Museum Prompts Greek Minister to Resign
Alternet: Mall In 'Blues Brothers' To Be Demolished
SeattlePI: 'Colbert Report' shut down for family emergency
Time: 'Underwear Bomber' Sentenced to LifeTime: Tebow Law': Can Homeschooled Kids Play Public-School Sports?
LAT: Mother accused of drowning children may be mentally ill, police say
Guardian: Cannabis seized after pilot strays into Obama's airspace 
CBS: 1 dead as fed agents shoot one another 
CBS: Fed killed after attacking supervisor
WSJ: More Marriages Cross Race, Ethnic Lines 
Spiegel: Controlling the Press: Echo of Moscow Under Pressure in Russia - The independent radio station Echo of Moscow has long been seen as a paragon of quality journalism in Russia. Now, however, Gazprom is moving to take control of the station's supervisory board. Many fear tough times ahead for press freedoms in the country.
BBC: Dutch Prince Johan Friso buried in Austria avalanche 

CBSNews: Gingrich: I could lose Georgia
CBSNews: Uproar over Santorum backer contraception quote  
Bloomberg: Republicans Are Unprotected on Contraception - During the 1928 presidential campaign, nutty right-wing Protestants claimed that Al Smith, the first Catholic nominated for president by a major party, was planning to extend New York’s Holland Tunnel all the way to the Vatican.
TruthOut: The Right-Wing Id Unzipped - "Right-wingers have occasioned much recent comment.... Who are these people and what motivates them? To answer, one must leave the field of conventional political theory and enter the realm of psychopathology.... There are tens of millions of Americans who, although personally lacking the self-confidence, ambition and leadership qualities of authoritarian dominators like Gingrich or Sarah Palin, nevertheless empower the latter to achieve their goals while finding psychological fulfillment in subordination to a cause."
CBSNews: Santorum defends backer after contraception remarks
BusinessInsider: WATCH: Jon Stewart Just Can't Resist Making Santorum Jokes
WashingtonPost: Romney bashes union bosses as he attempts to win Michigan primary
Reuters: Santorum backer apologizes for contraception remark

TinfoilPalace: Public Utility, Private Profit: Privatization of Water Is as Benign as Lucifer
TinfoilPalace: The new anti-science assault on US schools
TheOilAge: IMMENSE Saucer Shaped Anomaly on STEREO Behind HI2 
TheOilAge: IMF: Pakistan "highly vulnerable" to shocks 
HubbertsArms: Right wing nuts forcing vaginal probe for those wishing abortion 
HubbertsArms: Private Prison Company to Demand 90% Occupancy 
SilentCountry: Bat sHIT cRAZY pOLICE State
SilentCountry: "The News is What We Say It Is"

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