Saturday, February 4, 2012

Saturday Documentary! Feb. 4, 2012 "Playing God"

Dang interwebs! been out again all morning. Must be the weather.
Anyway, hope you enjoy the show today. It's a good one I think. Dude asks in the beginning, "Can this power be abused?" That's all power can be, is abused. Anyway, interested in hearing any comments, don't be shy!

Playing God
Adam Rutherford meets a new creature created by American scientists – the spider-goat. It is part goat, part spider, and its milk can be used to create artificial spider’s web.
It is part of a new field of research, synthetic biology, with a radical aim: to break down nature into spare parts so that we can rebuild it however we please.
This technology is already being used to make bio-diesel to power cars. Other researchers are looking at how we might, one day, control human emotions by sending biological machines into our brains.

 Thanks to Top Documentary Films for finding this one too, be sure to check out their amazing collection of films!


  1. Nice Docu. its been coming since us Brits discovered the structure of DNA.

    Anyone else having access / hacking problems my ebay account hacked and they can't sort out the problem i.e. password and sec. info is changed after I have reset in with their support person on the line.
    Online search reveals others having identical problems.
    Also problems with FB and twitter, given up with FB - they are anyhow requiring your inside leg measurement it seems ;¬).
    My new twitter is: @molierescat.
    StacyHerbert tweeted 'Anybody having problems wit cloudflare?' 19h ago.
    I remember a tweet from Anonymous a day or so a go a call to arms - is there a link with these access issues, tweet me if you know anything.
    Given up with ebay and asked them to disable the account until they can tell me it is secure.

    1. Hello! glad you liked the documentary but sorry you're having interweb trouble. I think the interwebs are having a nervous breakdown. Mine has just be weird as hell lately but no hacking that I know of thank goodness.
      hope you get your ebay straightened out. I liked ebay better back in the old days. It was great back then, now, not so much.

    2. Yes, I don't like the way you have no control over the data you have generated for years and it is also on public display.
      Going to try the dark web in future not for the guns and drugs :) just the freedom and personal ownership of data.

  2. Wonder what the EROEI is for the diesel does it matter as fuel for the elites / elites military?

  3. I am very happy to read this. This is the type of manual that needs to be given and not the accidental misinformation that is at the other blogs. Appreciate your sharing this best doc.