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Good Monday to everyone, hope you all had a great weekend!
let's start the week off with this abomination from the NYTs.

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court on Monday ruled by a 5-to-4 vote that officials may strip-search people arrested for any offense, however minor, before admitting them to jails even if the officials have no reason to suspect the presence of contraband.
see also,
CNN: High court rules against man strip searched for traffic violation - A New Jersey man who was strip searched in prison after being accused of failing to pay a traffic fine lost his Supreme Court appeal Monday.

Need anymore proof that we, as citizens, have entered the police state twilight zone?
this is the type of thing that is only done to intimate the population, and no other reason.

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Peak Oil and Energy News
Kunstler: Unthinkable
In the drunken, drug-crazed twilight of its run as Leader of the Free World, America's collective imagination swerves from one breakdown lane to the other while the highway patrol throws a donuts-and-porn party down at headquarters and the news media searches the gutter on hands-and-knees looking for the spot where it dropped its brains.
Reuters: BP Texas City refinery restarts hydrocracker-filing
UPI: IEA keeping close eye on oil markets - The International Energy Agency said it was "ready to act" to oil market situations and is in close contact with its member states. Crude oil prices have declined in recent days in part because of considerations of the release of strategic petroleum reserves. The IEA last year called for a release of strategic reserves in response to declines in crude oil production during the civil war in Libya. 
FuelFix: Total Awaits Clearance to Return to Leaking Gas Platform
WSJ: Way Cleared for Alaska Gas Pipeline
OilPrice: House of Saud to Meet Yemen's Oil Needs as Sana'a Internally Combusts - The Saudi distraction in Yemen is so great at present that the kidnapping of a Saudi deputy consul in Yemen’s southern port city of Aden on 28 March was met with only a muted response from Riyadh. Yemeni police told reporters that the Saudi diplomat was taken from outside his home by unidentified gunmen and his whereabouts remains unknown. The kidnapping appears to be likely related to a “personal” conflict between the Saudi diplomat and influential forces in Aden, and not political in nature or directly related to one of Yemen’s various conflicts. While the search is on for the diplomat, Riyadh has more important matters to deal with in Yemen.DeclineOfTheEmpire: Getting Real About Canada's Oil Sands
TimesUnion: Getting a peek at the effects of Peak Oil  - It's all downhill from here, author says, as supply falls, price rises
ALBANY — The last time Richard Heinberg visited the Capital Region in the summer of 2006, oil cost about $70 a barrel and gasoline was $3 a gallon.
When he returned Tuesday to again talk about the gradual end of the golden age of cheap fossil fuel on which modern society floats, that barrel cost $105 and gas was tickling $4. Some experts are predicting prices could hit $5 by the summer.
Reuters: S.Africa Iranian oil imports soar in Feb - South African crude oil imports from Iran leapt in February to $364 million from zero the preceding month, customs data showed on Monday, dashing the view that Pretoria has bowed to U.S. pressure to curb commercial links with Tehran.
Reuters: UPDATE 2-Iraqi Kurdistan halts oil exports over pay dispute
Reuters: OPEC oil output rises in March - Reuters survey - OPEC oil output has risen in March to its highest level since October 2008 as higher supply from Iraq and further recovery in Libya's production offset a drop in shipments from Iran, a Reuters survey found on Friday. 

Global Conflict
CNN: Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood to field presidential candidate
NYT: Assessing Iran, but Thinking About Iraq - At the nation’s top spy agency, the ghosts of Iraq are never far away. 
NYT: U.S. and Other Countries Move to Increase Assistance to Syrian Rebels - Offers of money and communications equipment reflected a growing consensus that mediation efforts were failing to halt Syria’s violence and more.
CNN: Empowered Syrian opposition group gets help to fight regime, aid citizens
WSJ: Egypt's Islamists Criticized on Move Toward Presidency
BBC: Jail term for Bin Laden's family - Osama Bin Laden's three widows and two eldest daughters have been charged and sentenced for living in Pakistan illegally, their lawyer has confirmed.
They have received a jail term of 45 days in prison and fined 10,000 rupees ($114; £71) each.
The women have already served a month of their sentence and are expected to be deported in two weeks.
Cryptogon: Foxconn: Students Told to Man Production Lines If They Want to Graduate
Time: Iran Talks: As the Clock Ticks Down, What Would Success Look Like?
CNN: Suu Kyi victory could bring Myanmar in from cold
WashingtonPost: As sanctions squeeze Iran, how will the world make up the lost oil?
CNNSecurityBlogs: Analysis: The Afghan balance sheet – a transition to ‘good enough’
StarTribune: Clinton wants proof of Iran's peace claim
SeattlePI: Militias: Clashes near Libya's Tunisia border - A Libyan police brigade moved to quell clashes that broke out between two rival towns on Monday, brokering a cease-fire and securing the release of hostages, a local tribal chief said.
KhaleejTimes: Obama moves to choke Iran oil exports: President Barack Obama gave the go-ahead for robust sanctions against Iran’s energy sector Friday, judging there is enough oil on world markets to ensure the move will not hammer US consumers. China rejects Obama’s Iran oil import sanctions - China rejected President Barack Obama’s decision to move forward with plans for sanctions on countries buying oil from Iran, saying Saturday that Washington had no right to unilaterally punish other nations.NYT: Chinese Insider Offers Rare Glimpse of U.S.-China FrictionsWang Jisi, an influential Chinese policy analyst, writes that China believes Washington is trying to undermine its economic and military growth.
BlacklistedNews: Colombia: 8 Former Israeli Military Men Arrested on Suspicion of Drug Trafficking, Money Laundering and Exploitation of Minors

Hacker News
ArsTechnica: 1.5 million credit cards "exported" in hack of payments processor
CNNMoney: 'Massive' credit card data breach involves all major brands

Domestic Financial News
Zerohedge: On Goldman's Fascination With Pimping And Prostitution
Fuelfix; AIG exploring ways back into mortgage market
CNNMoney: Pimco's Gross: More ETFs in the works
Zerohedge: Guest Post: A Postmortem Of Niall Ferguson's Otherwise Epic Lecture: Empires On The Edge Of Chaos
FT: Pharma Takes Hit As 'Blues' Drugs Fade to Black - The development of a novel antidepressant ground to a halt last week when researchers found it did not make patients feel any better than the pills they were already taking. The drug firms took the hit, with shares tumbling in Targacept, while AstraZeneca wrote off a total of $146.5 million for the drug's failure. It was bad news for investors and bad news for patients, and a depressingly familiar tale for drugmakers seeking to develop new treatments for brain illnesses.
WSJ: Hostess Serves Up New Batch of Cuts
DailyFinance: Dow Chemical plans to lay off 900

CalculatedRisk: WaPo on Investors buying Foreclosures to Rent - A long article from Edward Robinson at the WaPo: Foreclosures give rise to new industry. CNNMoney: 'Hidden spending' makes government bigger
CharlesHughSmith: The Phony "Economic Recovery," Stress and "Losing It"
Zerohedge: Times Three: That's How Much The BLS Upwardly Fudges Data During An Election Year
CapitalGainsAndGames: Four More Reasons The U.S. Won't Get Rid Of The Penny Anytime Soon
Forbes: Deleveraging Conumdrum
BusinessInsider: Goldman Sachs Frantically Unloads Its Stake In A Company With Ties To Sex Trafficking - NYT's Nicholas Kristof started asking questions about who owned Village Voice Media, a company that has been sued for running sex trafficking ads
IBTimes: Five Social Conditions That Could Collapse The U.S. Economic System - In a sense, the controversial radio talk-show host and former Fox News commentator Glenn Beck had it right: The United States could be headed for a major period of social unrest -- or worse -- but not for the reasons Beck stated.
ETFDaily: This $15 Trillion Dollar Party Will Eventually Lead To An Economic Collapse

Bloomberg: The Era of Big Box Retail Dominance Is Coming to an End - When Best Buy Co. (BBY) said yesterday it was closing 50 big stores and opening 100 smaller ones, the world’s largest electronics retailer was adjusting to reality: The era of big-box retail dominance is coming to an end. The new mantra is small box. While Best Buy, Wal-Mart Stores Inc. (WMT) and Target Corp. (TGT) are still opening large stores, all are putting increasing emphasis on smaller ones. Best Buy plans to double the number of its smaller Best Buy Mobile stores by 2016. Wal-Mart is building as many as 100 small-format stores this year, while Target is opening five CityTarget locations. NYT: Financiers and Sex Trafficking - THE biggest forum for sex trafficking of under-age girls in the United States appears to be a Web site called This emporium for girls and women — some under age or forced into prostitution — is in turn owned by an opaque private company called Village Voice Media. Until now it has been unclear who the ultimate owners are. That mystery is solved. The owners turn out to include private equity financiers, including Goldman Sachs with a 16 percent stake. Goldman Sachs was mortified when I began inquiring last week about its stake in America’s leading Web site for prostitution ads. It began working frantically to unload its shares, and on Friday afternoon it called to say that it had just signed an agreement to sell its stake to management.
ETFDaily: Ben Bernanke With ABC’s Diane Sawyer; Do You See What I See? 
WashingtonPost: Senior citizens continue to bear burden of student loans - The burden of paying for college is wreaking havoc on the finances of an unexpected demographic: senior citizens.
CalculatedRisk: Construction Spending declines in February - This morning the Census Bureau reported that overall construction spending declined in February:
WashingtonPost: More states privatizing their infrastructure. Are they making a mistake?

Global Financial News
Zerohedge: Unemployment in Europe goes parabolic
Reuters: China growth slowdown no cause for alarm - former adviser
Spiegel: Germany Seeks Stricter Budget Monitoring: Berlin Wants Panels to Check EU Fiscal Discipline
NYT: In Rich Europe, Growing Ranks of Working Poor
Zerohedge: Greece Set To Default On Foreign-Law Bonds On May 15
WashingtonPost: Australia to lure more US construction workers to mining projects by reforming licensing rules
Reuters: Euro zone agrees to boost rescue capacity - Euro zone finance ministers agreed on Friday to increase their financial firewall to 700 billion euros to ward off a new flare-up of Europe's sovereign debt crisis, drawing a positive initial reaction from G20 partners and markets.
Independent: Europe on brink of another financial crisis, Darling warns  - Austerity has made things worse, not better, says former chancellor
BBC: Japan's Tankan survey shows business morale remains low - Japanese manufacturers continue to remain pessimistic despite recent weakness in the yen, the Bank of Japan's (BOJ) Tankan survey showed.
NYT: Unemployment in Euro Zone Hit New High in February - Unemployment in the euro zone reached its highest level in almost 15 years in February, with more than 17 million people out of work, according to figures released Monday.
Zerohedge: Marc Faber Previews Q2, Is Long Japan, Cautious The US And Gold, And Sees A 5-10% Increase In Inflation

ETFDaily: Bottom Line For Silver Bugs: Toughen Up and Hang Tight
ETFDaily: Forget Gold, Why Your Portfolio Needs Silver

M 4.0, near the south coast of western Honshu, Japan
Guardian: Japanese experts warn of earthquakes that could produce 34-metre tsunamis  - Report following disaster last March finds waves pose bigger threat than previously thought and could inundate Pacific coast
ScienceDaily: Another vertebrate species reported extinct from the Hawaiian Islands
A species of lizard is now extinct from the Hawaiian Islands, making it the latest native vertebrate species to become extirpated from this tropical archipelago.
WildlifeNews: Public land thieves gearing up for another land grab try - Utah and Arizona trying to seize national parks, forests, BLM land-
The self-styled “sagebrush rebels” have never won any important victory in court. They have been repeatedly put down, but the idea that ownership of a fair portion of the West by the U.S. government is wrong or unconstitutional keeps coming back as soon as they see an opening. This year it was the Arizona and Utah legislatures that passed laws trying to seize the public lands, with rumblings in Idaho and other states.
Grist: ‘We lost’: Eco-warriors, green stars throw in towel -
More signs that the movement to stop global warming has run out of gas emerged yesterday as Bill McKibben, the founder and Keystone XL Pipeline opponent, announced that he was hanging up his hat.
The surprise retirement capped a hectic week for the environmental movement, during which one leader after another declared they were giving up on the cause.
“I’m bone-tired and written out. It’s time for the planet to take care of itself,” McKibben told a crowd of supporters who were sweating in the freakish early-spring heatwave that has rolled across much of the U.S. “I’m going skiing. Uh, make that water-skiing.”
ScienceDaily: Expert task force recommends halving global fishing for crucial prey species
LegitGov: Radiation affecting Japan's famous delicacies 
ExtinctionProtocol: Ferndale, Michigan residents shaken by three mysterious booms and bright flashes
RawStory: Gulf’s dolphins pay heavy price for Deepwater Horizon oil spill 
 New studies show impact of BP’s Deepwater Horizon disaster on dolphins and other marine wildlife may be far worse than feared.
Guardian: Gulf’s dolphins pay heavy price for Deepwater oil spill - A new study of dolphins living close to the site of North America's worst ever oil spill – the BP Deepwater Horizon catastrophe two years ago – has established serious health problems afflicting the marine mammals.
ThinkProgress: April 2 News: Record-Smashing Warmth Leaves Ski Resorts Scrambling To Stay Open

ScientificAmerican: Global Warming Close to Becoming Irreversible - The world is close to reaching tipping points that will make it irreversibly hotter, making this decade critical in efforts to contain global warming, scientists warned on Monday.
MotherJones: Makeup, Bowling Balls, and Other Toxic Products You Use - The EPA wants to classify coal ash as hazardous waste—and you can find it in your home, backyard, and medicine cabinet.ClimateDenialCrockOfTheWeek: Is What’s Good for Solyndra Good for Nukes, too? Just askin’….
Grist: George Bush’s hometown is running out of water, thanks to climate change  
KoreaTimes: Yellow dust storms from China spread faster - It has become an annual ritual around this time of the year to buy a mask to cover your mouth and stock up on bottled water at home and the office due to the unwelcomed guest of spring _ the yellow dust storm blowing in from China.  
ClimateChangePsychology: Global warming denial in U.S. will help China overtake America, says top scientist, Peter Raven - One of the world's most respected scientists has slammed America's position on global warming. Peter Raven has been a trusted adviser of U.S. presidents, popes and other heads of state on the issue since 1964. The 76-year-old American scientist and former president of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, says that an anti-climate stance has diminished U.S. prestige among world leaders. Attention is turning instead to China -- who is seen as a more positive and influential global force.
DesdemonaDespair: Toxic pollen and the mad bee disease disaster - In July 1994, French beekeepers reported that their honeybee population had displayed strange, agitated behaviour and had "melted away". "Mad bee disease," as it quickly became known, was thought to have caused the death of 40% of bee colonies and beekeepers looking for an explanation for the catastrophe began pointing the finger at a new type of pesticide. Systemic pesticides are those that are transported in the sap of a plant from the seed up through the stem into the leaves and flowers. Here, they contaminate nectar and pollen and hence any insect that picks them up – including bees.
TheOilDrum: From SEMP to SEMS: Industry’s Response to the Deepwater Horizon / Macondo disaster
WBIR: March was warmest ever statewide - Knoxville was 10.1 degrees above normal for the month and the Tri-Cities was 10.2 degrees to the warm side.  

America in Decline
RawStory: Homemade bomb detonates at Wisconsin Planned Parenthood clinic -
A homemade explosive device detonated outside a Planned Parenthood clinic in Grand Chute, Wisconsin on Sunday night.
Police are still looking for whoever left the device, which exploded around 7:30 p.m. and caused little damage to the building. Nobody was injured.
The attack is one of a string across the U.S. in recent months.
Hat tip to Jean over at Hubberts arms for this next story. You can join in the discussion at Hubberts Arms. The article is from Rollingstone Magazine.  Link takes you to the foum  "Intoxicating Nihilism": 1%ers' Formative College Experience
 "I was a member of a fraternity that asked pledges, in order to become a brother, to: swim in a kiddie pool of vomit, urine, fecal matter, semen and rotten food products; eat omelets made of vomit; chug cups of vinegar, which in one case caused a pledge to vomit blood; drink beer poured down fellow pledges' ass cracks... among other abuses."
DailyKos: Minimum wage work leaves no margin for getting ahead or protecting your family - The possibility of getting ahead while earning the minimum wage has gotten much dimmer since 1979, a report from the Center for Economic and Policy Research (PDF) shows. The hours you'd have to work at minimum wage to pay tuition at the average public four-year college, for instance, have grown from 254 to 923.a
CERP: Esquire Magazine: Writer wanted to help convert class war into generational war. No skills required; pays top dollar. - This could well have been the want ad Esquire used to attract a writer for its story titled, “War Against Youth.” This lengthy piece is the best compendium of warped logic and misplaced facts on this topic since the Peter Peterson financed film, IOUSA.
Colorlines: ICE Finally Gives Congress Data on Number of Parents Deported  - “As I wrote then, the federal government deported 46,486 parents of US-citizen children in the 6 month period between January-June 2011,” said Seth Freed Wessler, Colorlines’ investigation reporter who filed the Freedom of Information Act request.
“The figure amounts to more than 22% of all deportations in that same period. The collateral effects of these deportations are mounting, and our investigation found that there are now over 5100 children in foster care whose parents have been detained or deported by federal immigration authorities.”
ExtinctionProtocol: Total surveillance ‘Big Brother’ society fast becoming reality in America
LifeInc: The 'Rich List' kept getting richer in 2011
FT: America's Dream Unravels - It feels like you are entering a parallel universe. In reality it is just a few short steps down a plank into the neon-lit floating world of a casino ship. The location is Lake Michigan. The town is Gary, Indiana.Independent: Planning a trip to Canada or the Caribbean? US Immigration may have other ideas…
New security checks are already in place – even for flights hundreds of miles from American airspace
CommonDreams: Today In Reasons to Be Killed If You're Black: Asking For Medical Help - Kenneth Chamberlain Sr., a black 68-year-old former Marine with a heart condition, was shot and killed in his home by White Plains, N.Y., police who responded to a false alarm from his medical alert pendant. Though he repeatedly told them he was okay, they broke down his door, tasered him and shot him dead; the medical devise recorded audio of the event.
BusinessInsider: Households Earning Less Than $13,000 A Year Spend 9% Of Their Income On Lottery Tickets - It has often been said that lotteries are a tax on the poor. And that's a fair description. Joe Weisenthal pointed out yesterday that poor people regularly buy lottery tickets, while rich people only buy them when the jackpots have gotten huge. What's less commonly realized is just how much money poor people spend on lottery tickets. According to a 2008 study, reported by PBS, households that earn less than $13,000 a year spend a staggering 9% of their income on lottery tickets. (via Scott Heiferman). That's 9% of an income that is presumably extraordinarily hard to live on to begin with. Rich, educated people tend to ridicule lottery players because the odds against winning are so astronomical. As PBS points out, you are 17-times more likely to get hit by falling airplane parts than you are to win the lottery. And you're 50-times more likely to get hit by lightning. But poor people keep on buying lottery tickets. Why?
TheNation: Fresno to Homeless People—Get Out - “Starting last September, the city clearly made a decision to try to get rid of all the homeless encampments that there are in Fresno,” says Chris Schneider, director of CCLS, where he has worked for nineteen years. “They started doing what they call ‘cleanups’ but it’s really just destructions of the encampments. The city comes in and says, ‘You’ve got to get out of here.’ Then as soon as people set up somewhere else the police come and tell them to move on from there too.
NYT: Police Tracking of Cellphones Raises Privacy Fears - Law enforcement tracking of cellphones, once the province mainly of federal agents, has become a powerful and widely used surveillance tool for local police officials, with hundreds of departments, large and small, often using it aggressively with little or no court oversight, documents show.

Food and Water
Grist: Green goo: Sustainable meat producers market their own ‘pink slime’ -  If you had to choose a Public Enemy No. 1 for the food movement this year, pink slime would be a strong contender.
CBSNews:  sugar toxic?
StarTribune: Minnesota corn planting to set record

Slate: Waves of Grain  - How did Japan come to prefer wheat over rice?
How did Japan come to be a wheat-obsessed nation that needs gimmicks like the Gopan to eat rice disguised as wheat flour? The story of Japan’s conversion from rice to wheat involves a long, relentless campaign by the best propagandists in the business—the U.S. government, of course.
Grist: Starbucks strawberry Frappuccino dyed with crushed insects 
BigPictureAgriculture: Agriculture News April 1, 2012 - Photo credit: USDA An early use of contour farming [year unknown]

Internet and Online Privacy News 
ArsTechnica: White House IP czar: anti-piracy laws should not block free speech
BlacklistedNews: Ministry of Truth: Harper government monitoring online chats about politics; Correcting what it calls 'misinformation' 

Science and Technology
SingularityHub: Brings Facial Recognition to the Masses, Now with Age Detection: Interview With CEO
TechReview: Shannon's Mathematical Theory of Communication Applied to DNA Sequencing
Guardian: Cyberwarfare takes Heidegger’s ideas to their logical end
PopSci: Google Maps Re-Launches Its Traffic Mapping, Incorporating Real-Time Data From Drivers With Phones
Technoblog: Are you kidding? April Fools' Day on the Internet  - Google again took the lead Sunday for impressive April Fools Day pranks, with its introduction of a self-driving car to compete in stock car racing, and announcing a change to Gmail that gets rid of the pesky keyboard by "taking 26 keys to just two."
CNN: Faster than 50 million laptops -- the race to go exascale
A new era in computing that will see machines perform at least 1,000 times faster than today's most powerful supercomputers is almost upon us.

SingularityHb: New Surveillance System Identifies Your Face By Searching Through 36 Million Images Per Second 
ScienceDaily: Computer scientist leads the way to the next revolution in artificial intelligence 

Medical and Health
DoctorTipster: New Drug For Acute Myeloid Leukemia Found
Zerohedge: This Is Your Country On Fat: Presenting 14 Years Of Exponential American Obesity

CNNMoney: The financial toll of autism
CBSNews: Americans' consumption of sugar "unprecedented"
Cryptogon: Britain: Obese Mothers Drugged in Attempt to Produce Smaller Babies 
Atlantic: Can Fried Foods, in Moderation, Be Part of a Heart-Healthy Diet? - Fried food lovers take note: An 11-year study of natives of Spain found no link between fried food consumption and coronary heart disease or premature death.
CommonDreams: Money Talks, Science Walks: Millions Spent to Weaken FDA
Pharmaceutical, medical device, biotechnology industries spend $700 million ahead of crucial legislation

Healthcare Law
NakedCapitalism: Marshall Auerback and Randy Wray: America Needs Healthcare, Not Health Insurance - In Friday’s New York Times, Paul Krugman argues that the Supreme Court conservatives grasping for reasons why Congress lacks the power to do anything that they don’t like have forgotten an important distinction: the one between a judge and a politician.
CSMonitor: How much do you know about health-care reform? Take our quiz!
Alternet: Why Overturning 'Obamacare' Could Lead To Single-Payer
NakedCapitalism: David Apgar: The Most Cynical Court’s Most Dangerous Decision - Supreme Court justices had trouble on Tuesday directly challenging the link between interstate commerce and Obamacare’s requirement for everyone to get some kind of health insurance.
TaxPolicyCenter: There is No Health Care Tax on Most Home Sales. Really. - It is the unfounded rumor that never dies: You will have to pay a 3.8 percent federal health care tax on the sale of your house. For all but a handful of taxpayers, this is not true

Doomsteading, Gardening, Urban Farming
WaldenEffect: Midseason fruit flowers
PreppingToSurvive: Raised Bed Gardening, part 2 - Probably the best known system of raised bed gardening is Mel Bartholomew’s Square Foot Gardening method. 

CityFarmer: CNN reports on “Futuristic Farm Shop” in London
ModernSurvival: 100% Inflation – 90% Stock Crash – 50% Unemployment
HuffingtonPost: Boulder Tiny House: Colo. Couple Build Simple, Sustainable 125 Square Foot
MNN: 7 things your garden needs from you
ModernSurvival: Work Gloves – A Survival Essential

Other News
WSJ: More Killings Called Self-Defense
UPI: Cries for help not Zimmerman, experts say - "I believe that's Trayvon Martin in the background, without a doubt," he said. "That's a young man screaming."
Hosted: 1940 census records include 21 million still alive - When the 1940 census records are released Monday, Verla Morris can consider herself a part of living history.
Morris, who is in her 100th year, will get to experience the novelty of seeing her own name and details about her life in the records being released by the U.S. National Archives online after 72 years of confidentiality expires.
IBTimes: OJ Simpson Innocent, Son Committed Murders, Claims Private Investigator 
A private investigator claimed that OJ Simpson was innocent and the true killer, in fact, is his eldest son Jason Simpson, the New York Post reported.
CBSNews: 31 killed in Siberia plane crash
McClatchy: Baby Boomer couples are divorcing at record rate
ChicagoSunTimes: Richard Roeper: Be glad you didn’t win the Mega Millions jackpot CNN: Woman convicted of killing patients with bleach awaits fate
AJC: Couple held in starving death of Texas boy, 11
DALLAS — The father and stepmother of a missing 11-year-old boy are in custody after Dallas police say the child starved to death, perhaps as long as a year ago.
The Dallas Morning News ( cites police records stating that the father limited Johnathan Ramsey to mostly bread and water as punishment and once watched him eat his own feces. 
USAToday: Voice experts say 911 tape supports Trayvon Martin
GlobeAndMail: 675 Russian fishermen rescued from drifting ice floe - Russia's emergency services rescued 675 fishermen on Sunday from an ice floe that was drifting out to sea in the far east of the country. 
CBS: Martin funeral director: No signs of fight on body

ABCNews: George Zimmerman Video Shows Injury to Back of His Head
USAToday: Reports: 1 dead, at least four injured in shooting at Calif. university - Police in Oakland responded to reports of a gunman firing shots at Oikos University, a religious institution, this morning. News organizations report at least one person is dead and several have been injured in the incident. The suspect, described by police as a heavyset Asian male dressed in khaki, is still at large, according to Federal agents raid Calif. marijuana university

BostonGlobe: Vice President Joe Biden says Mitt Romney lacks knowledge about foreign policy
CBSNews: Biden says GOP makes "no room for compromise"
CounterYou Really Think the Killers of Trayvon Martin and Those 16 Afghan Villagers Will Ever Do Time?  - I’d say the chances of George Zimmerman spending time behind bars for killing Trayvon Martin are about the same as Sergeant Robert Bales doing time for killing those 16 Afghan villagers the night of March 11. Zero.
Like most things that happen in America these days, the Trayvon Martin case is turning into yet another hearse trundling the Republican Party to its doom in November.
CorrentWire: Why are the protesters on Elizabeth Warren’s web site all white, and why don’t their signs have any messages?
TheNation: The Wisconsin Recall is Real: Petitions Certified, Elections Set for June 5 - Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker will be the first chief executive of an American state to face a recall election because he attacked the rights of working people to have a voice in their workplaces
Guardian: Pressure grows for Rick Santorum to drop out as Obama surges in polls

TinfoilPalace: Here's a reeeeeaaaaaallly whacky tinfoil thought....
TinfoilPalace: Where the wind blows
TheOilAge: Bye Bye US dollar ! Dollar no longer world reserve currency
TheOilAge: Crisis of civilisation
HubbertsArms: Extorting Alums: Colleges Withhold Transcripts from Grads in Loan Default
HubbertsArms: Exxon Valdez to be scrapped 23 years after the spill
SilentCountry: ‘Farmers Only,’ dating website that ‘city folks just don’t get,’
SilentCountry: Toxic solvent in organic baby formula
DestinyCalls: The Dogon and the Nummo mythstory
DestinyCalls: Critical Mass Approaches

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