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This story was in the news on my top stories feed this morning and had 622 stories linked to it but when I went to see the additional stories, I got a page that said they couldn't be found and the original story was gone as well.

here was the original I saw this morning.
OrlandoSentinel: Feds investigating plane crash at Publix supermarket
Investigators will enter a DeLand Publix soon as part of a probe into what caused a single-engine plane to sputter out of control and crash into the store Monday, exploding into a fireball that injured five people.
A few minutes ago, Federal Aviation Association spokeswoman Kathleen Bergen said her agency does not yet have information identifying the aircraft or its passengers.

the Ozarker found the following that came along later.
MSNBC: 'Horrific': Experimental plane crashes into Florida grocery store
Wonder why the story seemed to disappear like that for a couple hours? Maybe it was some fluke on my end but it did seem peculiar.

and this just showing up in the news feeds as i get ready to post.
MSNBC: 'Tremendous damage' as 2 twisters reportedly touch down in Dallas area
the video at the link is pretty terrifying.
CBSNews: Tornadoes roll through Dalla area

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Peak Oil and Energy News
hat tip to Slow Dazzle at Hubberts Arms for the following story. you can join in the discussion of it
HuffingtonPost: Waking Up to the End of the World as We Know It 
and if you haven't seen Bartlett's talk on arithmetic and growth here it is. It is a MUST see video if you want to understand the situation we are in.

AsiaTimes: US on slippery oil slope - By Michael T Klare
The "curse" of oil wealth is a well-known phenomenon in Third World petro-states where millions of lives are wasted in poverty and the environment is ravaged, while tiny elites rake in the energy dollars and corruption rules the land.
FP: Lawrence Solomon: A world awash in oil
Spiegel: A World without Oil - Companies Prepare for a Fossil-Free Future - Drivers may hate rising gas prices, but some companies are delighted as they watch the oil price soar. Firms like BMW and Airbus which are leaders in fuel efficiency actually benefit from expensive oil. They are just two of a growing number of companies that are already developing technologies for a post-fossil-fuel world.
StarTribune: EPA allows ethanol makers to register E15, moving closer to approval of 15 percent ethanol gas
Reuters: UPDATE 2-US demand for oil, gasoline, sinks in Jan -EIA
IBTimes: Saudis Vow To Maintain Oil Output If Major Western Consumers Release Emergency Reserves
OilPrice: Iran, Oil Prices And Gambling With The World Economy - The White House last week acknowledged problems in the global oil market but said the situation was secure enough to move ahead with tighter sanctions against Iran. President Obama said he was confident about the current state of the global economy and had assurances there was enough spare capacity to buffer against a severe shock to energy markets.

Global Conflict
McClatchy: Defectors: Torture of children, rape by Syrian army 'routine'
BBC: Assad 'cannot survive for long' 
Guardian: US draws up plans for nuclear drones
 American scientists have drawn up plans for a new generation of nuclear-powered drones capable of flying over remote regions of the world for months on end without refuelling.
SmithsonianMag: Richard Clarke on Who Was Behind the Stuxnet Attack - The story Richard Clarke spins has all the suspense of a postmodern geopolitical thriller. The tale involves a ghostly cyberworm created to attack the nuclear centrifuges of a rogue nation—which then escapes from the target country, replicating itself in thousands of computers throughout the world. It may be lurking in yours right now. Harmlessly inactive...or awaiting further orders.
NYT: Libya Militias Turn to Politics, a Volatile Mix- TRIPOLI, Libya — The militia leaders who have turned post-Qaddafi Libya into a patchwork of semiautonomous fiefs are now plunging into politics, raising fears that their armed brigades could undermine elections intended to lay the foundation of a new democracy. 
The US Department of Homeland Security and the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement Office have placed a massive order for ammunition. The two departments are asking for 450 million rounds of bullets to be delivered in a time-frame of five years. The contractor, Alliant Techsystems, was awarded the contract and will produce .40 caliber high-performance bullets to the agencies. The order has many wondering why would DHS and ICE need so many bullets. David Seaman, journalist and host of the DL Show, helps us answer why the order was placed.
CNN: Mystery surrounds silencing of key al Qaeda websites
Guardian: Israel predicts few casualties from war with Iran - Assessment presented to security cabinet forecasts fewer than 300 casualties during three weeks of rocket attacks
Reuters: Annan says Syria agrees to April 10 peace deadline 

iReport: Occupy Boston April 1 action 

Hacker News
NYT: James Murdoch Steps Down From British Broadcaster

Domestic Financial News
CNNMoney: Fuel efficiency drives car sales
BusinessInsider: Morgan Stanley explains the one thing that keeps on killing the recovery

Zerohedge: Foodstamp Usage Remains At All Time High, Record Number Of Households Receive $277 In Poverty Assistance Monthly
NYT: Investors Are Looking to Buy Homes by the Thousands
RIVERSIDE, Calif. — At least 20 times a day, Alan Hladik walks into a fixer-upper and tries to figure out if it is worth buying.
NakedCapitalism: Another Gift to Big Banks Hidden in Obama’s Principal Reduction StrategyCalculatedRisk: Wells Fargo on Housing: Better Days Ahead, Prices to bottom mid-year
DealBook: JOBS Act Jeopardizes Safety Net for Investors - Maybe President Obama should have bought shares in Groupon’s I.P.O. If he had, he would understand what some Groupon investors may be feeling as he prepares this week to sign a new piece of legislation to help start-ups get financing. Had he purchased $10,000 worth of shares on the open market on the first day of public trading for Groupon, the online coupon company based in his hometown Chicago, he would have lost a good chunk of his investment, putting him in the red by almost $4,100 today. So Mr. Obama may want to weigh the fate of Groupon’s investors as he sits down on Thursday to put his signature on the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act.
NakedCapitalism: Philip Pilkington: Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman Selectively Quotes Rival to Stitch Him Up After Losing Argument - Oh, its a dark day, my friends. A pall has been cast over the econoblogosphere. Yes, Paul Krugman has just used the New York Times website to undertake a vicious stitch-up on an intellectual opponent who should have, by rights, won the original argument. Here’s how it went down.
SeattleTimes: Recovery threatened by runaway student loan debt
Reuters: Frank says he will fight derivatives bills
LifeInc: Senior citizens owe billions in student loans
CNBC: 'Massive Wealth Destruction' Is About to Hit Investors: Faber  - Runaway government debts have triggered uncontrolled money printing that in turn will lead to inflation that will decimate portfolios, according to the latest forecast from "Dr. Doom" Marc Faber.
TheAdvocate: Analysis: Pension changes likely unconstitutional 
ETFDaily: BRICS: 3 Reasons These Countries Are Banking On A Declining U.S. Dollar?
CuriousCapitalist: Is the Wimpy Recovery Now Morphing Into A Recession? - We’ve just begun coming to grips with the Wimpy Recovery. Are we actually in for another recession? That was the implication of a couple of economic reports I read this week, including one by ITG Investment Research, which tracked how the pace of this recovery (which was never great to begin with) has by some measures been slowing, most particularly among middle income consumers and industries producing for overseas markets
BusinessInsider: Get Ready For FOMC Minutes
FinancialSense: Cashless: The Coming War on Tax-Evasion and Decentralized Money - If you knew that you could live in luxury for the rest of your life but that by doing so it would absolutely destroy the future for your children, your grandchildren and your great-grandchildren would you do it? Well, that is exactly what we are doing as a nation.
CNNMoney: Federal Reserve leaning away from QE3
Zerohedge: FOMC Saw No Needs To Ease Unless Growth Slows
Bloomberg: Home Prices Seen Dropping 10% in U.S. on Foreclosures: Mortgages - As many as 1.25 million of America’s least cared for homes are headed for auction after a year-long probe into foreclosure practices kept them off the market. Sales of repossessed properties probably will rise 25 percent this year from 1 million in 2011, according to Moody’s Analytics Inc. Prices for the homes could drop as much as 10 percent because they deteriorated as they were held in reserve during investigations by state officials resolved in February, according to RealtyTrac Inc.   
Zerohedge: Goldman Undeterred, Sees June As Next QE3 Announcement Window

Global Financial News
SFGate: Greek Foreign-Bond Restructuring Rejected in Talks Last Week
Zerohedge: A New Beginning in Japan: Glimmers of False Hope 
Reuters: EURO GOVT-German bonds open lower after strong U.S. data 
NakedCapitalism: Spain’s Severity is Not Sustainable - The pain in Spain continues with the government releasing the country’s latest budget which has been described by some Spanish economists as ‘the most severe since Franco’:
WSJ: Royal Bank of Canada Accused of Massive Unlawful Trading Scheme
SMH: Australia will target US workers - United States construction workers will be encouraged to work in Australia in a bid to address Australian skill shortages and US unemployment levels. GreenevilleOnline: Euro unemployment spikes to record 10.8 percent 
NYT: Dow Shuts Plants and Cuts Jobs as Europe Struggles - Dow Chemical will cut 900 jobs and shutter plants on three continents because of weakness in Europe, which may soon tip back into recession of it has not done so already. 
SFGate: Spain's Debt to Rise to Record 79.8%; Bond Sales to Decline -- Spain's public debt will rise to a record this year as it sells almost 37 billion euros ($49 billion) of bonds to finance a budget deficit that was more than twice the euro-region limit last year.
CreditWritedowns: Italy’s debt is its biggest obstacle but Spain’s budget lacks credibility
Reuters: Resistance to austerity stirs in southern Europe
WSJ: Japan's Latest Austerity Trap - The prime minister warns that if government borrowing isn't brought under control, bond markets could suffer a catastrophic loss of confidence, a la Greece.
CSMontior: Greece should follow Argentina into default and devaluation
Reuters: Merkel reiterates stance against common euro zone bonds

ETFDaily: Gold’s Price Breakout or Gold Stock’s Breakdown?Mineweb: Gold explorers in Mali stop their drills as sanctions threaten fuel supply
GoldSilver: Silver Manipulation Acknowledged 

M 2.5, south of Alaska
M 3.5, Southern California
WashingtonPost: Weather service reports tornadoes in Dallas area; damage reported south of Fort Worth - BURLESON, Texas — Dallas Police say possible tornadoes have touched down in the southern part of that city as a band of severe weather moves through northern Texas.
Local television footage shows overturned and smashed semi-trailers on the ground in the southern portion of Dallas County. Dallas Police spokeswoman Sherri Jeffrey says twisters also have caused damage in the city limits.
ScienceDaily: 10,000 simulations show warming range of 1.4 to 3 degrees by 2050
Bloomberg: Japan’s Strongest Storm Since 1959 Slams Into Tokyo Region
Japanese airlines canceled hundreds of flights, some train services were halted and thousands of workers went home early as some of the strongest winds in more than 50 years hit Tokyo today.
CNN: 5 dead, thousands displaced in Fiji floods ClimateCrocks: Republican Meteorologist: Keep Track of who the Deniers are Today.. - Paul Douglas’ powerful Op-Ed piece of last week, pointing out that science is neither liberal nor conservative, went seriously viral, pushing Douglas into the ranks of the strongest voices calling the GOP back to reason. He follows up with this addendum.
CSMonitor: Island nation of Kiribati contemplates move to Fiji - The leaders of the Pacific nation, archipelago of 103,000 people, are considering moving their entire population to Fiji if climate change brings rising waters.
WildlifeNews: Slate Magazine runs a big feature on a grizzly guilty of homicide
Slate: Grizzly Bear Attacks: How wildlife investigators found a killer grizzly in Yellowstone.
After daybreak, she heard a whap-whap-whap sound, like the heavy beating of wings, and then different strange noises from outside the tunnel. As she saw people approaching, she began to get angry. ...
350.org: State of Emergency in Fiji - I've been getting desperate updates from some of our dozens of organisers in Fiji - who over the last week have been lashed by a massive storm - Tropical Storm Daphne'.
Treehugger: Indian Man Single-Handedly Plants a 1,360 Acre Forest
 A little over 30 years ago, a teenager named Jadav "Molai" Payeng began burying seeds along a barren sandbar near his birthplace in northern India's Assam region to grow a refuge for wildlife. Not long after, he decided to dedicate his life to this endeavor, so he moved to the site where he could work full-time creating a lush new forest ecosystem. Incredibly, the spot today hosts a sprawling 1,360 acre of jungle that Payeng planted single-handedly.
DenverPost: CSU: 98% of Colorado under drought conditions - Climatologists at Colorado State University are confirming what many Coloradans already suspect — almost the entire state is consumed by drought.
ClimateCrocks: Three Graphs Tell the Tale of March 2012 
DesdemonaDespair: U.S. military forges ahead with plans to combat climate change – ‘It’s not a pretty picture for the United States’
ScienceDaily: Coral links ice sheet collapse to ancient 'mega flood'

America in Decline
ETFDaily: Economy: The U.S. Standard of Living Has Fallen More Than 50%
CNNMoney: The new American household: 3 generations, 1 roof - As the economy continues to take a toll on consumers' finances, a growing number of people are discovering that becoming roommates with mom and dad, or a 20- or 30-something son or daughter, helps to ease some of the financial pain in tough times.
Truthdig: Someone You Love: Coming to a Gulag Near You - The security and surveillance state does not deal in nuance or ambiguity. Its millions of agents, intelligence gatherers, spies, clandestine operatives, analysts and armed paramilitary units live in a binary world of opposites, of good and evil, black and white, opponent and ally. There is nothing between. You are for us or against us. You are a patriot or an enemy of freedom. You either embrace the crusade to physically eradicate evildoers from the face of the Earth or you are an Islamic terrorist, a collaborator or an unwitting tool of terrorists. And now that we have created this monster it will be difficult, perhaps impossible, to free ourselves from it.
Kickstarter: Billionaires and Ballots by Greg Palast - About this projectGreg Palast's Billionaires and Ballots Investigation We need you, through kickstarter help us finish a film that's been 4 years in the works, The Election Games:
MCPE: No Increase in College Graduation Rates - Jared Bernstein (via Paul Krugman) highlights an amazing breakdown in the prospects for reducing economic inequality any time soon. Over the last 30 years, the U.S. has made no progress whatsoever in increasing college graduation rates.
NYT: Stop and Frisk, Continued - The Bloomberg administration and its police commissioner, Raymond Kelly, have been disturbingly dismissive of complaints about the city’s program of stops, frisks and arrests that is ensnaring hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers each year.
NakedCapitalism: How American Corporations Transformed from Producers to Predators - In 2010, the top 500 U.S. corporations – the Fortune 500 – generated $10.7 trillion in sales, reaped a whopping $702 billion in profits, and employed 24.9 million people around the globe. Historically, when these corporations have invested in the productive capabilities of their American employees, we’ve had lots of well-paid and stable jobs. That was the case a half century ago. Unfortunately, it’s not the case today.
AZCentral: Amnesty International accuses Arizona of abuse in prisons

Food and Water
Zerohedge: Pink Slime Maker Files For Bankruptcy: Pink Slips Galore As The Pink Sheets Beckon
DenverPost: Colorado farms planning for dry spell losing auction bids for water to fracking projects - Front Range farmers bidding for water to grow crops through the coming hot summer and possible drought face new competition from oil and gas drillers.
At Colorado's premier auction for unallocated water this spring, companies that provide water for hydraulic fracturing at well sites were top bidders on supplies once claimed exclusively by farmers.
Statesman: North Texas mayors urge permanent watering limits - Mayors of Dallas, Fort Worth and two of their biggest suburbs are considering making semiweekly watering restrictions permanent as part of a regional water conservation plan.
NashPublicRadio: Mild Winter Jump Starts Tennessee Farmers
VancouverSun: U.S. beef processor files for bankruptcy over 'pink slime' uproar
Alternet: Why Are People Dying to Bring You Dinner? The Shocking Facts About Our Food System
We hear of the sweatshops behind our computers, sneakers and other attire--yet the exploitation of farmworkers has become normalized.
Times: For Bolivian Farmers, Quinoa Boom Is Both Boon and Bane

Internet and Online Privacy News
BBC: Web surveillance laws 'due soon' - The Home Office says new laws to allow the monitoring of all emails, texts and web use in the UK will be brought in "as soon as parliamentary time allows".
UKTelegraph: Government web surveillance: 'Expensive, impractical, totalitarian'
Government proposals to monitor email and web traffic are ‘nigh on impossible to enforce’ and would make Britain like Iran and China, writes Trefor Davies of internet service provider Timico
RawStory: How to hide emails from government snooping

Science and Technology
TheTeemingBrain: Liberating, efficient, utilitarian — bloodless? The evolving Kindle experience
Time: Watch: Woman or Machine? Sophisticated Japanese She-Bot Blurs the Line
At Hong Kong's "Robots in Motion 2012" Expo, one of the world's most sophisticated (and beautiful) robots came to life  
CosmicLog: Put the universe on your iPad
FutureOfTech: Piano inspires 17-year-old to invent land-mine detector

ArsTechnica: Dude, where's my food truck? Mapping businesses that move
ANN: Scientists find evidence that human ancestors used fire one million years ago
ScienceMag: Greece May Not Be Able to Afford CERN 
RedditScience: A ground-breaking Russian nuclear space-travel propulsion system will be ready by 2017 and will power a ship capable of long-haul interplanetary missions by 2025, giving Russia a head start in the outer-space race.

Medical and Health
ScientificAmerican: How Useful Is Whole Genome Sequencing to Predict Disease?
ScienceDaily: Memory loss with aging not necessarily permanent, animal study suggests
Treehugger: What is Causing Early Puberty In Girls? - Elizabeth Weil writes in the New York Times, asking Puberty Before Age 10: A New ‘Normal’?, concluding that it is happening, but what are the contributing causes? They appear to include obesity:
HuffingtonPost: Lawmakers In 5 States Tell Feds To Back Off Medical Marijuana WASHINGTON -- Elected lawmakers in five states have a message for the federal government: Don't interfere with state medical marijuana laws.
CNN: Obesity rate may be worse than we think 
BBC: Breast cancer screens leads to ‘unnecessary treatment’
CNN: 'Overdiagnosis' of breast cancer may be higher than thought
TheChart: A warning against genetic testing - If you follow health news, you’ve heard talk about a person's “genetic risk" of disease. With companies offering personalized genetic tests for as little as $200, it’s tempting to think that a world of knowledge is at our fingertips.
But a new paper from some of the leading names in science throws a bit of cold water on the promise.
BodyOdd: Your lying face: The muscles that rat you out
DoctorTipster: Testosterone Can Prevent Depression, Study Suggests

Healthcare Law
Truthout: All Parties Ignore the One Way to Reduce Health Care Costs: Single-Payer
Guardian: Obama warns 'unelected' supreme court not to strike down healthcare law
Bloomberg: Democrats Resort to Magical Thinking on Obamacare - In the span of one week, Democrats went from dismissing the possibility that the Supreme Court would strike down the 2010 law mandating individuals to buy health insurance to consoling themselves that any such action would have a silver lining.

Doomsteading, Gardening, Urban Farming
SummitDaily: Who We Are: Going underground - Nearly four decades after Cook's Welding first opened for business in Silverthorne, the company is reinventing itself. The welding and fabricating outfit is diving headlong into the disaster shelter business.
BackdoorSurvival: Getting Prepared Month 7: Gear, Tools and Skills to Save Lives
PreppingToSurvive: Growing Potatoes in Straw: A Labor-Saving/Better Harvest Technique
Treehugger: How to Protect Your Garden From Thieves
It's not pretty but it's a sad fact: gardens are a source of rich pickings for thieves. It used to be just garden gnomes were stolen but now it's precious plants, garden tools, and children's toys. Not so surprisingly, thefts jump when the clocks go forward.
WaldenEffect: Permaculture Chicken: Incubation Handbook

Other News
Gawker: White Supremacist Hacks Trayvon Martin's Email Account, Leaks Messages Online 
BostonHerald: Feds move to deport President Obama's uncle
CBS: Police: Oakland suspect upset over expulsion

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/04/02/2728255/ice-makes-record-arrest-in-nationwide.html#storylink=cpy
NYDaily: 1940 Census website bombarded with visitors, gets 22 million hits in 4 hours
NYT: College Gunman Lined Up Victims Before Shooting Them, Police
OAKLAND, Calif. — The former nursing student who the authorities say fatally shot seven people and wounded three others at a religious college had lined his victims up before shooting them, Oakland’s police chief said Tuesday.
CSMonitor: George Zimmerman ready to surrender, if charged
RT: Europe’s tallest-to-be tower burns in Moscow 
MiamiHerald: ICE makes record arrest in nationwide crackdown - During a nationwide crackdown, thousands of foreign nationals with criminal convictions were taken into custody. Of those 139 were living in South Florida.
Reuters: Cheney released from hospital after heart transplant
NYDailyNews: McDonald’s employee claims she won Mega Millions, but won't share winnings with co-workers - A mystery surrounding one purported winner of the Mega Millions jackpot grew murkier Monday when she said she hasn’t even checked her numbers — and lottery officials expressed skepticism.
MSNBC: Body in icy lake is missing Alaska barista, police say
Reuters: Suspected shooter at California college targeted administrator, classmates

FT: Romney Set to Beat Santorum in Wisconsin Primary: Poll
GlobalPost: Alice in Southernland - Going mad as a hatter south of the Mason-Dixon line. (great article from the Ozarker!)  
McClatchy: GOP is pushing female voters to Obama's camp, DNC chairwoman says 
CBSNews: Axelrod: Romney "oblivious" to everyday life
NakedCapitalism: Women voters surge to Obama
CNN: GOP has work cut out for it to bridge gender gap
McClatchy: Poll: Santorum up by 6 in home state of Pennsylvania

TinfoilPalace; Vampyre Subculture (Radio Program Summary)
TinfoilPalace: Did MI6 agents 'specialising in dark arts' kill spy in bag? New evidence emerges sparking fresh questions from the victim's family
TheOilAge: School Shooting in progress at school in Oakland LA

TheOilAge: Bye Bye US dollar ! Dollar no longer world reserve currency

HubbertsArms: Compliance weaponry the next generation : zombie guns
HubbertsArms: Sex sells , godamn Sax invests in it
SilentCountry: Guy McPherson at Nature Bats Last: The cost of affluence
SilentCountry: Bill Oreilly Panics After Ron Paul Brings Up 1953 Iran Coup by US

DestinyCalls: Self knowledge oracle card website
DestinyCalls: Hypnosis: Reaching Beyond Oneself

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