Saturday, April 21, 2012

Saturday Documentary! April 21, 2012 "The Consequences of Suburbanization"

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and now for our documentary!

The Consequences of Suburbanization

A documentary feature film about the unintended consequences of suburban sprawl.
It illustrates the importance of altering the course of how we develop our nation’s cities.
It communicates the dangers of continuing to invest in the inefficient horizontal growth patterns of suburban communities, and details how they threaten to bankrupt the remaining wealth of our nation.
It explores how the depletion of fossil fuels will impact this living arrangement, and investigates the viability of alternative energies that are currently available.
This film sounds the alarm that the cheap fossil-fuel-dependent suburban American way of life is not just at risk. It is in peril!


  1. They make no mention that there is a LIMIT TO GROWTH!! As oil declines, so will our ability to feed the current population and starvation will grow. No amount of building in and piling people on top of each other will be sustainable, as oil declines, sewage treatment, water pumping, trash removal, food trucking and growing will fail, cities will become death traps not the "future".

  2. hello stashgal and thanks for commenting.
    I agree with you actually.
    there is going to have to be a SERIOUS rethinking of how we do things and, even at that, I fear we have run out of time to make any meaningful improvements on a large scale.
    We are going to have to downsize every thing we do and even that will only buy us a little time.

    thanks again stashgal, I love it when folks comment.


  3. What do trains run on...

    A link for my chickadee.