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From the Kunstlers this morning.

Well, perhaps its best that the world will go where it has to go without leadership. After all, human history is emergent and improvisation suits us. Forceful leaders often only leave a big mess behind. But imagine a world where nobody gets paid. That might be our world by the end of the week.
and also from Guy McPherson we have...

Peak Oil and Energy News
WSJ: Saudi Oil Output Surpasses Russia
Forbes: Is Russian Oil Production Plummeting?
Forbes: The Gluttons of Natural Gas

IBTimes: Caspian Sea Yields Oil, Iran Discovers Anew
Reuters: Oil starts flowing from Cushing to Houston on Seaway
GlobeAndMail: Hidden oil sands growth bodes ill for crude 

VancouverObserver: Landowners on Enbridge pipeline route say risks "imposed" upon them
What rights do landowners have when pipeline companies want access to their property? Not very many, say members of the BC Northern Gateway and Canadian Pipeline Landowners' Associations.

Global Conflict
LAT: NLockerbie bomber Megrahi dies in Libya
VOA: Israel Says African Migrants Pose Growing Threat
Guardian: Taliban destroy poppy fields in surprise clampdown on Afghan opium growers

USAToday: Karzai thanks US taxpayers for bearing costs of war
BelfastTelegraph: 'Hard days' ahead in Afghanistan
CNN: NATO terror plot details emerge - Two suspects who appeared in court in Cook County, Illinois, on Sunday are not believed to be part of an alleged terror plot in Chicago during the NATO summit, prosecutors said Sunday.

ABCNews: Americans in Afghanistan to fight through 2014, top commander says
ABC: Twists in the Lockerbie bombing case
NYT: Italian School Bombing Thought to Be Work of One 

Truthout: "Terrorism Plot" or Entrapment? The Case of the NATO 3 
LAT: Suicide bomber kills dozens of soldiers in Yemen
MSNBC: At least 63 killed as bomber targets military parade rehearsal in Yemen

Time: U.N. Nuclear Chief in Iran on Key Mission
Atlantic: Mossad's Latest Recruit: Israeli Spy Birds?

TheHill: House approves East Coast missile shield site in $643 billion defense bill - The House on Friday approved a sweeping defense authorization bill for 2013 that calls for the construction of an East Coast missile defense system in the United States by the end of 2015.

CNN: Suicide blast kills more than 100 at tightly guarded Yemen site
SeattlePI: Group: Palestinian shot as Israeli troops stood by
UPI: Obama: 'Hard days' ahead in Afghanistan
Seattletimes: US warns NKorea against another nuke test 
Vancouversun: UN blames al-Qaida for bombings in Syria

ChicagoTribune; Anti-war protesters rally in Grant Park
Reuters: Protesters begin biggest anti-NATO rally in Chicago
MSNBC: US veterans return medals at NATO protest 

CNN: Arrests and allegations of brutality between Chicago police, protesters
ChicagoTribune: More protests planned on final day of summit
GlobeAndMail: Chicago braces for final day of NATO protests 

MSNBC: Fellow activists express disbelief at arrest of NATO summit bomb plot suspects
GlobeAndMail: Blind Chinese activist turns face toward sun during first day of freedom
Bloomberg: Chicago Police Clash With Protesters at End of NATO March

MSNBC: Miss. prison riot leaves guard dead, 8 hurt  - Disturbance breaks out in privately run facility used to hold illegal immigrants

Domestic Financial News
WSJ: Facebook's IPO Sputters
BusinessInsider: REPORT: Traders Are Flipping Out Over Facebook SNAFU, And Want $100 Million From The NASDAQ

WSJ: Three Views of the 'Fiscal Cliff' - Discussion of the so-called fiscal cliff—the combination of tax increases and spending cuts that will come in 2013 if Congress and the president don't act—confuses a number of different issues. The evidence suggests that we should fear the tax hikes, but not necessarily the spending cuts. Anyone who uses the term "fiscal cliff" accepts a Keynesian view of the economy, knowingly or not.
CMartenson: Get Ready: We’re About To Have Another 2008-Style Crisis
MattTaibbi: Accidentally Released - and Incredibly Embarrassing - Documents Show How Goldman et al Engaged in 'Naked Short Selling'

NOC: Protestors Demand Robin Hood Tax on Financial Transactions

CNNMoney: Ex-Goldman director set for insider trading trial
MarketWatch: Expect to see Dow 11,000 before Dow 14,000

WashingtonPost: How ‘Taxmageddon’ would affect the U.S. economy -  What will the economy look like in 2013? A great deal depends on what Congress decides to do at the end of this year.

Telegraph: JP Morgan executive to walk away with millions following trading loss - Ina Drew, the executive who ran the department behind JP Morgan's $2bn (£1.2bn) trading loss, has left the bank and will walk away with about $32m.

WSJ: J.P. Morgan Struggles to Unwind Huge Bets - J.P. Morgan Chase is struggling to extricate itself from disastrous wagers by traders such as the "London whale," in a sign that the size of its bets could bog down the bank's unwinding of the trades and deepen its losses by billions of dollars.

IBTimes: The Recovery Is an Illusion: John Williams
Guardian: Heist of the century: Wall Street's role in the financial crisis - Wall Street bankers could have averted the global financial crisis, so why didn't they? In this exclusive extract from his book Inside Job, Charles Ferguson argues that they should be prosecuted

NYT: Is Insider Trading Part of the Fabric?

Global Financial News
Reuters: Mighty Merkel may be the odd woman out
Zerohedge: The Hilarious G-8 Declaration Decoded
WSJ: Europe's Banks Fear Flight of Deposits

BusinessInsider: The Non-US Members Of The G8 Should Be Terrified Right Now
CNN: Police: New inquiry against Strauss-Kahn include allegations of gang rape
WSJ: What the Chinese Want

Becker-Posner: Should Greece Exit the Euro Zone? Becker
Becker-Posner: Should Greece Abandon the Euro? Posner

Telegraph: German pay deal offers eurozone hope
Germany’s largest industrial union has secured the biggest pay rise for members in two decades in what is being seen as a major breakthrough in dealing with the eurozone’s chronic imbalances.
Hosted: Obama sees 'emerging consensus' on economic fix
FT: Automobiles: On course for collision
NYT: Europe’s Worst Fear: Spain and Greece Spiral Down Together

NYT: Greek Crisis Poses Unwanted Choices for Western Leaders
Spiegel: Crisis of Confidence Fears of Bank Runs Mount in Southern Europe

MarketWatch: Gold bushwhacks bears
CommodityOnline: Positive view on Gold $1665 0z for Q2 2012: Barclays
ETFDaily: How to Invest in Gold Without Breaking the Bank (GDX, GDXJ, PALL, PPLT)

M 3.0, 23km WNW of Talkeetna, Alaska
M 4.5, 249km E of Namie, Japan 
CNN: Solar eclipse projects 'ring of fire' across Asia and U.S.

CNN: At least 7 dead after quake rocks northern Italy 
BBC: Italy quake homeless in emergency shelters
MJ: 90 Percent of Corn Seeds Are Coated With Bayer's Bee-Decimating Pesticide
ENENews: Radioactive steam still coming out of Fukushima reactors — “On the order of trillions of becquerels per day” (AUDIO)
DesdemonaDespair: Image of the Day: Radiation monitor for children in Japan

IcelandVolcano/EarthquakeBlog: Earthquake activity in Herðubreið is not volcanic in nature and more...
CommonDreams: Report: 'Over-Consumption' Threatening Earth - If rampant misuse of resources continues, even two planets would not sustain us.

ClimateCrocks: Summer 2012 Set to Turn up Heat – NOAA
ClimateCrocks: The “Warming Hole” Over Eastern US – Due to PollutionThe Big Fix: Documentary Exposes BP, US Government on Gulf Disaster

SlashGear: Ring of Fire eclipse seen in western US and Asia
LAT: Transit of Venus: Feeling solar withdrawal? Watch Venus cross sun
WSFA: Tropical Storm Alberto weakens off SC coast

BBC: Arctic melt releasing ancient methane

America in Decline
NOC: “The Worst Racial Profiling Program in the Country”: NAACP President on NYPD Stop-and-Frisk

CommonDreams: Colonized by Corporations
NOC: Class of 2012, You’re F*cked

OpenChannel: More Americans died in workplace in '09 than during entire Iraq war
When Nicholas Adrian Revetta of suburban Pittsburgh died in an explosion at a U.S. Steel plant on Sept. 3, 2009, his death did not make national headlines. No hearings were held into the accident that killed him. No one was fired or sent to jail. The 32-year-old contract laborer, who left behind a wife and two young children, was one of the 4,551 people killed on the job in America in 2009 -- a number that eclipsed the total number of U.S.

Food and Water
BigPictureAgriculture: Colorado Agricultural Statistics 
CNN: Red onions recalled over contamination risk

Internet and Online Privacy News
ComputerWorld: Twitter jumps on Do Not Track bandwagon

Science and Technology
io9: Try to get through this video on the science of yawning without yawning [Video]
CNN: Solar eclipse projects 'ring of fire' across Asia, Pacific
MSNBC: SpaceX launch abort traced to faulty rocket valve
MSNBC: Despite legal challenge, Tyrannosaur sells for $1 million
The specimen was sold to an anonymous bidder on the condition that the sale receive court approval

Medical and Health
BigThink: How a Distracted Brain Works Like a Painkiller
CNN: Mom with rare bug has 7 surgeries - Lana Kuykendall has been fully conscious for all but a few days of her not-yet-3-week-old twins' lives. And after seven surgeries thus far to tackle a rare flesh-eating bacteria, the South Carolina mother's family realizes all too well that she "still has a long road ahead."

CNN: Cost of children's health care hitting families harder
MSNBC: Kicking up the spice may help your heart
CNN: Is drinking soda really that bad for you?

BodyOdd: People who don't laugh easily are only fooling themselves

Doomsteading, Gardening, Urban Farming
ModernSurvivalOnline; Survival Lighting: Building a Tiki Torch from a Wine Bottle
CanadianDoomer: Well, I Didn't Die ... Yet
ModernSurvivalOnline: Guest Post: When bad people attack…..

PreppingToSurvive: My Best Survival Products, Part 3
 PermacultureMag: Recycle your plastic bottles into a broom

Other News
MSNBC: America's best high schools: 1,000 that make the grade 
USAToday: Robin Gibb of Bee Gees dies at 62
MSNBC: Burning rocks victim tells of strange horror

UPI: Source: Attack victims white supremacists
WorldCrunch: More Central American Migrants Than Ever Crossing Into Mexico
USAToday: Miss. prison riot leaves guard dead, 6 hurt

WashingtonPost: Largest compilation of exonerations ever finds over 2,000 falsely convicted over past 23 years
Atlantic: Wrongful Convictions: A New Exoneration Registry Tests Stubborn Judges
ChicagoTribune: Gay advocates urge no prison time for Rutgers student

USAToday: Florida mom shot kids 18 times, medical examiner reports
MSNBC: Thousands of pounds of pot worth $3.6 million found floating off Calif. coast

Salon: Faux history for the GOP
ModeledBehavior: The idiotic war on the American Community Survey

NOC: Fox News Finds Another Poll to Distort -- its Own

CommonDreams: Mitt Romney’s Anti-Gay Bullying Has a Human Face Now
BusinessInsider: Obama Is Crushing Romney In The Money Race

EPI: Speaker Boehner pledges to hijack the debt ceiling and jeopardize recovery again
AddictingInfo: Former Mormon Explains Why Mitt Romney Should Never Be President
MSNBC: Marco Rubio calls Obama most 'divisive figure' in US politics

TinfoilPalace: The Elite Believe That You Are Ruining Their Planet And They Want You To Stop Reproducing
TinfoilPalace: The Queen's handshake and Kate's curtesy for a despot as they entertain brutal King of Bahrain at Jubilee lunch (so who was at biggest gathering of world royals since the Coronation?)

TheOilAge: Martial Law In Effect – Preemptive NATO Raids

TheOilAge: Europe's gathering shit storm

HubbertsArms: The Week Ahead: All Eyes On Europe's Escalating Crisis (Forbes Analysis)
HubbertsArms: UFOs, What Are They? - Electric Politics Podcast

SilentCountry: Preventive Detention In Obama's America
SilentCountry: Saudi Arabia bans English language and Western calendar

DestinyCalls: Heaven & Hell nightclubs of 1890s Paris

DestinyCalls: VP spirit chat with predictions, from a letter off Urban Survival

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