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Breaking News Tues: May 22, 2012

Hello and let's start things off with something weird!
IBTimes: Ronald Reagan’s Blood Sold at Auction Angers Supporters - Simple Reaganomics says Seller
Ronald Reagan's foundation has expressed outrage towards a British auction house for selling a vial of the former US President's blood in an online auction.

Also, this last min. item I wanted to post.

DailyMail: Girl, 16, kills herself after researching doomsday disasters and becoming convinced the world was about to end
Isabel Taylor, 16, thought civilisation would end in 2012 after researching nuclear meltdowns

A teenager hanged herself after becoming convinced the world would end in 2012 after researching doomsday scenarios on the internet, an inquest heard.

Schoolgirl Isabel Taylor, 16, turned to Buddhism after becoming fed up with the 'complications and injustice' of the modern world.But while searching for answers she began researching doomsday scenarios - becoming convinced a nuclear reactor meltdown would end civilisation in the coming months.

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Peak Oil and Energy News
Bloomberg: U.S. Won't Ease Oil Sanctions at Iran Nuclear Talks
EnergyBulletin: How rural America got fracked
FuelFix: How the Keystone XL could bring higher gas prices to Texas 

LifeInc: High gas prices still curbing consumer spending
IBTimes: Iraq Warns Kurds Against Striking Oil Deal With Turkey
BusinessInsider: T. Boone Pickens: 'Natural Gas Has Been A Disaster'
Boston.com: Wind turbine noise is targeted
Salon: Worse than Keystone  - Environmentalists are focused oil and gas, but a bigger carbon disaster may be brewing in the Pacific Northwest

Global Conflict
Atlantic: Why Israeli Settlers Shot an Unarmed Palestinian
Reuters: German intelligence chief warns of Islamist attacks
UPI: Iran wants say in Iraqi development

BigThink: U.S. Deepens Ties in Iraq With Sale of Drones to Protect Oil 
LAT: UN nuclear chief says Iran agrees to probe of suspected weapons work
VOA: NATO Leaders Commit to Afghanistan Transition

BBC: 'Obscene' Zuma painting attacked
CBSNews: Distrust seen in Afghan troops' attacks 
FuelFix: Iranian oil deadline looms as sanctions on tankers curb supply 

IBTimes: IAEA Chief Yukiya Amano Confident Iran’s Nuclear Inspection Accord Will be Signed Soon 
LAT: Suicide bomber kills up to 112 in Sana, Yemen

IBTimes: Iran To Build New Oil Terminal Outside Gulf
LAT: Egypt presidential race gets new twist: Mubarak-era figure surges
Atlantic: Leading Egyptian Candidate a Truther? 

McClatchy: Muslim Brotherhood’s grip on Egypt in doubt on eve of presidential vote
CSMonitor: Unusually good forecast for Iran nuclear talks
MSNBC: UN nuclear chief: Deal reached with Iran over suspected weapons program
SeattleTimes: A nation-by-nation look at Arab Spring's progress  - Starting Wednesday, Egypt is holding its first free presidential election since it came under dictatorship 60 years ago. The winner will succeed Hosni Mubarak, one of four rulers toppled in the uprisings that began 18 months ago across the Middle East and became known as the Arab Spring. But replacing dictatorships with democracy is proving much harder. Here's where things stand:

FP: How Obama Missed an Opportunity for Middle East Peace
Why did the president ignore the only part of the "peace process" that was working?
Paris-US flight diverted for 'security issue'

Hacker News
MSNBC: Hackers gained access to US Justice Department website - Online statements attributed to Anonymous said they were responsible for the security breach

Domestic Financial News
MSNBC: After Facebook IPO debacle, finger-pointing begins 
FT: How the Housing Crisis Shafted the Next Generation 
BusinessInsider: OUCH: Same-Store Sales COLLAPSE At Best Buy (BBY) 

Businessweek: Boomers and Millennials: Who Takes the Punch? 
Businessweek: It's Time to Tax Happiness
CalculatedRisk: DOT: Vehicle Miles Driven increased 0.9% in March 

CharlesHughSmith: Feedback, Unintended Consequences and Global Markets 
FT: Why Have Politicians Neglected the Unemployed? 

Counterpunch: The Waltz of the Zombie Banks
CreditWritedowns: Hoover on austerity to balance the budget and defend the dollar in 1932
Cryptogon: U.S. Lets China Bypass Wall Street Primary Dealers for Treasury Orders

ETFDailyNews: Using ETFs To Measure Interest Rate Risk
Reuters: Gingrich's private ventures are going bankrupt
Salon: Rise of the New Economy Movement

FT: Why America Should Declare Bankruptcy Now
MSNBC: FDIC sues big banks over mortgage securities
Independent: Double trouble at JP Morgan: trader's losses could exceed $7bn 

BusinessInsider: Republicans Declare War On Accurate Economic Data

Global Financial News
WorldCrunch: Chinese Billionaire Seeks Wife: Virgins Need Only Apply 
European Markets Are Soaring
MarketWatch: Fitch downgrades Japan to A+, outlook negative 

HongPong: A baffling tale: Millions of Kg of Asian gold, mysterious bonds, the Dragon Family Keenan lawsuit, Admiralty Law liens on the Federal Reserve & the end of fascist banksterism 
Why a Chinese Company Wants to Own Your Local Movie Theater

Minyanville: Pre-Market Primer: What Europe Needs to Do to Get Its Act Together
Reuters: Greeks embrace some new myths about life with the euro
Reuters: Germany, France draw battle lines over eurozone bonds

Reuters: Dubai prisoners on hunger strike over debt sentences
BusinessInsider: China Is Drowning In Excess Commodities And Canceling Orders Left And Right
NYT: With China’s Growth Easing, Premier Calls for Stimulus
Dealbook: Investors Raise $76 Billion to Buy European Bank Assets
NYT: O.E.C.D. Sees Euro Zone Crisis Hurting World Recovery
GlobeAndMail: Fitch cuts Japan's debt rating

MarketWatch: OECD sees Greece in 6th year of recession
CNN: Meet the 'Harvard Business School of China' 
CNBC: Spanish Banks Could Need Up to $76 Billion More: IIF 

Mineweb: Silver a great business to be in for the next 50 years at least

M 2.5, 30km SW of Rio Dell, California
M 4.2, 84km WSW of Sardinal, Costa Rica
ArsTechnica: Can mammals outrun climate change?
CNN: 4 die after reaching Mt. Everest summit
DesdemonaDespair: Fresh water demand driving sea-level rise faster than glacier melt 

ENENews: Mainichi Expert Sr. Writer: All of eastern Japan evacuated if Fukushima plant was abandoned?
ENENews: ‘The Sleeper’: Unit 3 building ‘fatally flawed’ (VIDEO)

MSNBC: California condor rises from near extinction, but still threatened by lead poisoning
EnergyBulletin: The great chemical reaction: life and death of Gaia
UPI: Surprising source of arctic mercury seen

CBSNews: Video: Bees swarm New York City car

America in Decline
NYT: Catholics File Suits on Contraceptive Coverage
BlacklistedNews: Youth joblessness near crisis peak
Counterpunch: Bet on Collapse 

BuzzFeed: Congressmen Seek To Lift Propaganda Ban - Propaganda that was supposed to target foreigners could now be aimed at Americans, reversing a longstanding policy. “Disconcerting and dangerous,” says Shank.

An amendment that would legalize the use of propaganda on American audiences is being inserted into the latest defense authorization bill, BuzzFeed has learned.

The amendment would “strike the current ban on domestic dissemination” of propaganda material produced by the State Department and the independent Broadcasting Board of Governors, according to the summary of the law at the House Rules Committee's official website.

The tweak to the bill would essentially neutralize two previous acts—the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948 and Foreign Relations Authorization Act in 1987—that had been passed to protect U.S. audiences from our own government’s misinformation campaigns.

Truthout: Ignoring the Crisis: Philadelphia Schools Are Crumbling
MSNBC: Cops: Grandma shot grandson 8 times until he died
Slate: How Hard Is Poverty Hitting Your County?
Atlantic: Birtherism Is on the Ballot in Arizona

NYT: Scholarship Funds, Meant for Needy, Benefit Private Schools… 

Food and Water
FT: Want World Peace? Try Super-Smart Farming 
BPA: Agriculture News May 21, 2012
BlacklistedNews: Monsanto Buys Whole Foods: Fact or Rumor?

CivilEats: Kitchen Table Talks: Building a Regional Grain Economy 
Grist: The way we farm now: Fruit and vegetables vs. commodity crops [INFOGRAPHIC] 
Rodale: FDA: Don't Buy Seafood From This Country 

Vitals: Nearly 1,000 dogs now sick from jerky treats, FDA reports say

Internet and Online Privacy News
ArsTechnica: Supreme Court to decide if journalists can sue over warrantless wiretaps 
Businessweek: Your Text Messages, Saved Forever
Alternet: The Terrifying Ways Google Is Destroying Your Privacy

Science and Technology
Reuters: SpaceX rocket lifts off for space station trial run
Alternet: Why TED Is a Massive, Money-Soaked Orgy of Self-Congratulatory Futurism 
BusinessInsider: Private Company Successfully Launches Rocket That Will Dock With The International Space Station

CosmicLog: Queen of SETI retires from researchDailyFinance: Surprise! Technology Has Made Us More Bookish
LAT: NASA hails SpaceX launch as 'a new era' for spaceflight

Medical and Health
TechReview: Quantum Dots May Be Safe to Use in Patients 
PioneerPress: Routine prostate testing rejected in last word from federal panel
IBTimes: Excess Of TV Viewing Affects Children’s Health, Says Study 

Rodale: Trying to Get Pregnant? Avoid This Cupboard Staple 
Vitals: 23 percent of American teens have diabetes or at risk
TheChart: Task force: PSA tests do more harm than good

LifeInc: Health care costs rose faster than inflation despite weak economy

Doomsteading, Gardening, Urban Farming
PreppingToSurvive: The Best Guns to Own for Home Security
Rodale: The Nickel Pincher: Grow Strawberries the Easy Way! 
Sabredancing: Finally, some photos….

Other News
WashingtonPost: At least 8 wounded in Oklahoma City shooting after Thunder-Lakers NBA playoff
CBSNews: 7-year-old hit by arrow while walking down street
CBSNews: 30-day sentence in webcam spy case

io9: Short film Vessel puts a sick new twist on an old alien abduction story [Video]
UPI: Man survives Canadian Niagara Falls plunge
LAT: Native American skulls repatriated to California from England 

LAT: Tennessee man dubbed 'Octodad': Questions and more questions

BigThink: Republicans Target Women's Rights 
WashingtonPost: CATCHING UP WITH... Katherine Harris
For someone who enjoyed the spotlight as much as former Rep. Katherine Harris seemed to, she’s been remarkably low key of late — that is, if you don’t count that palatial waterfront mansion she’s constructing in Florida.
LeanForward: Booker to Maddow: 'I'm very upset that I'm being used by the GOP'
CBSNews: In small races, super PACs cast big shadow
CBSNews: Dolan: White House is "strangling" Catholic church

WashingtonPost: White House visitor logs provide window into lobbying industry

TinfoilPalace: Sugar makes you stupid: Study shows high-fructose corn syrup sabotages learning, memory
TinfoilPalace: Aliens Visiting NZ?

TheOilAge: Several days of mass demos, police crackdown in Frankfurt
TheOilAge: Parents Put Kid in Washing Machine

HubbertsArms: Peak Fish
HubbertsArms: Police state bill passed to suppress Quebec student strike

SilentCountry: Suicide bomber kills 63 in Yemen
SilentCountry: Preventive Detention In Obama's America

DestinyCalls: Tesla vs. Edison (viral cartoon), Forbes Response
DestinyCalls: Who really runs the world?

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