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I got kinfolk coming in to visit soon and so I'll post early again today so I can get ready. I hope everyone has a great day! See you all again tomorrow!

Here's something really pretty cool from the Ozarker this morning.
DigitalLife: Reddit users shower gravely ill man with letters and gifts ... for over a month
Even though the Internet, as a whole, is notorious for having a short attention span, a large group of strangers have been showering a man in hospice care with countless letters, drawings, stuffed animals, DVDs and other gifts for over a month. All of this, just because they were told that he loves opening mail and needs to be cheered up.

Thank yous to our friends RJ at the Global Glass Onion and the Ozarker at Conflicted Doomer , and to Doug at 3Es News and David at ETF Daily, for their help today!
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Peak Oil and Energy News
hehehe, thanks for this one RJ. It made my morning.
TelegraphBlogs: Can we please just declare the end of 'peak oil' and start worrying about something important? - Apparently something terrible happens when we get to peak oil. I've never really quite understood the argument myself, but when we've used half of all the oil then civilisation collapses or something. I'm not sure why this should happen: we don't start starving when there's only half a loaf of bread left. But I am assured that something awful does happen. That oil fields do get pumped out is obviously true – and also that you can have a good guess at when the ones we're currently pumping will run out. The part I don't get is the catastrophe.

GlobeAndMail: Crude oil decline: More than just fear and uncertainty
UPI: U.S. says most oil, gas acreage is idle
USAToday: E15 alcohol fuel can wreck engines, auto groups' data say

NewScientist: Do we know enough to ensure safe Arctic drilling? - FOR the oil and gas industry, the Arctic Ocean is the final frontier. Beneath the ocean floor lies an estimated 90 billion barrels of recoverable oil - about 13 per cent of the global total. As the sea ice retreats and traditional sources of hydrocarbons dwindle, the pressure to drill is becoming irresistible.

Global Conflict
Reuters: Iran attack decision nears, Israeli elite locks down
(Reuters) - A private door opens from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office in central Jerusalem directly into a long, modestly furnished, half-paneled room decorated with modern paintings by Israeli artists and a copy of Israel's 1948 declaration of independence. It contains little more than a long wooden table, brown leather chairs and a single old-fashioned white projector screen.

This inner sanctum at the end of a corridor between Netanyahu's private room and the office of his top military adviser, is where one of the decade's most momentous military decisions could soon be taken: to launch an Israeli attack on Iran's nuclear program.

Time for that decision is fast running out and the mood in Jerusalem is hardening.
MSNBC: Vietnam War soldier awarded posthumous Medal of Honor
CBSNews: Gitmo prisoner in limbo begs for military trial 
BlacklistedNews: 2 US Navy ships collide in Pacific

MSNBC: One person sent hundreds of powder-filled envelopes: FBI 
IBTimes: North Korea Reported Resuming Reactor Construction 
 VOA: N. Koreans Demand Ransom for Detained Chinese Fishermen

WashingtonPost: Obama will use NATO summit in Chicago to raise money for Afghan army after foreign troops exit
CNN: Pakistani president to attend NATO summit on Afghanistan 

CNN: Court suspends Mladic war crimes trial
BlacklistedNews: DEA Rampage in Honduras Leaves Civilians Dead 
NYT: D.E.A.’s Agents Join Hondurans in Drug Firefights

CNN: Mladic 'slices throat,' growls at victims
Time: Bibi's Choice: Will He Make War? Can He Make Peace?
LAT: A novel idea in Egypt: Presidential candidates 

Reuters: Horrors of Srebrenica set out at Mladic trial
CNN: G8 and NATO-athon, with Pakistan at the table
CNN: Diplomat: Confidential report finds Iran shipping arms to Syria

SecurityBlogs: U.S. in waiting game on Syria

NYT: Quebec Plans to Suspend Classes Over Student Strike 
PhotoblogMSNBC: Quebec moves to restore order as striking students clash with police

Domestic Financial News
Forbes: Warning: Stay Away From The Facebook IPO
CuriousCapitalist: JPMorgan’s ‘London Whale’ Loss Rises to $3 Billion as Lawsuits Fly
Counterpunch: Paul Krugman’s Economic Blinders 

CBSNews: White House: We won't let GOP hold economy "hostage" again
ETFDaily: Market Meltdown Nears; Fed Soon May Be Forced To Announce QE3  
ETFDaily: Why Plunging Commodity Prices Are Ominous For Stock Market 
WashingtonPost: Failure of tax hike forces sheriff and DA to hand out pink slips in Oregon ...

CMartenson: Get Ready: We’re About To Have Another 2008-Style Crisis - Well, my hat is off to the global central planners for averting the next stage of the unfolding financial crisis for as long as they have. I guess there’s some solace in having had a nice break between the events of 2008/09 and today, which afforded us all the opportunity to attend to our various preparations and enjoy our lives. Alas, all good things come to an end, and a crisis rooted in ‘too much debt’ with a nice undercurrent of ‘persistently high and rising energy costs’ was never going to be solved by providing cheap liquidity to the largest and most reckless financial institutions. And it has not.

BusinessInsider: Facebook Employees Are Pulling One Final All-Night Hackathon Tonight Before IPO
DailyBeast: Dimon’s Unshakable Hubris

Businessweek: Foreign holdings of US debt hit record high - Foreign demand for U.S. Treasury securities rose to a record high in March. China, the largest buyer of Treasury debt, increased its holdings for a third straight month. Total foreign holdings rose 0.3 percent to a $5.12 trillion, marking the eighth consecutive monthly increase, the Treasury Department reported Tuesday.

CSMonitor: Can you manage your money? A personal finance quiz.
Forbes: Justin Bieber, Venture Capitalist: The Forbes Cover Story
CalculatedRisk: Weekly Unemployment Claims, Philly Fed Manufacturing Survey

USNews: Consumer Confidence Improves, but Dark Clouds Loom
Reuters: Shareholders sue JPMorgan Chase over trading loss
NPR: 50 Years Of Government Spending, In 1 Graph

MattWeidner: Bank of America, Rushing to Foreclose So It Can Abandon And Let Homes Rot Away - Bank of America, along with all the other banks are pushing our courts to throw America taxpayers out into the street…why?

WSJ: Vital Signs: Strong Industrial Production

Global Financial News
WSJ: Greece Sets Showdown Vote Over Euro 
CNNMoney: Greece's interim cabinet sworn in
EconoMonitor: China Real Estate Unravels
Mish: Real Estate Crash in China Underway: Foreign Funding Down 80%, Land Sales Down 57%, Starts Down 27%; Expect Chinese GDP to Plunge
RTE: IMF head says Greece could leave euro - The head of the International Monetary Fund today raised the possibility that Greece could leave the euro zone in an orderly fashion."If the country's budgetary commitments are not honoured, there are appropriate revisions to do, which means either supplementary financing and additional time or mechanisms for an exit, which in this case must be an orderly exit," Christine Lagarde said in an interview with France 24.

WSJ: Experts Try Charting the Path for a Euro Exit
Zerohedge: Nationalized Spanish Bank Plummets On News Of Bank Run
BBC: Cameron defends his euro warning

Marketwatch: ECB cuts back on support for Greek banks: report (Dow Jones)--The European Central Bank is increasingly refusing requests for liquidity from Greek banks, making them dependent on support from the Greek central bank, Dutch financial daily Financieele Dagblad reports Wednesday, citing “sources in Brussels.
ChicagoTribune: In about-face, Greece pays bond swap holdouts - Greece made a last-minute about-face on Tuesday and paid bondholders who rejected an earlier debt exchange, a move likely to upset creditors who accepted just cents on the euro in a historic bond swap.

Reuters: Recession hits "pretty grim" EU states in the east - The Czech Republic's economy shrank for the third quarter in a row and Romania fell back into recession from January to March, as the euro crisis and government austerity hammered domestic demand and squeezed exports across central and eastern Europe.

WSJ: Fall in Chinese Loans Poses Threat
BusinessInsider: SocGen: If Greece Leaves The Euro, Get Ready For A Whoosh Out Of Spanish And Italian Banks 

LAT: China reaches for stimulus after slamming brakes on growth
Reuters: Spain beset by bank crisis, recession, bond pressure 
Telegraph: Greece will run out of money soon, warns deputy prime minister

GlobeAndMail: Factory sales up 1.9% in March
MSNBC: World Bank on Greece crisis: Spain and Italy could be next
EconomyWatch: Europe, US and the world brace for messy impact from Greece
FiscalTimes: Europe's Car Industry: If Plants Close, Then What?
MSNBC: Black market boom: Spaniards go underground to fight deepening recession
'Without the underground economy, we would be in a situation of probably violent social unrest,' professor says
 Spiegel: Defying the Odds: Why the French Economy Works Surprisingly Well

ETFDaily: Billionaire George Soros Spikes Gold Position; Yahoo Says Gold In Bear Market
ETFDaily: Backwardation In Gold And Silver
CommodityOnline: US Silver production declines sharply in Feb: USGS

M 2.9, 3km SW of Volcano, Hawaii
M 3.7, 10km NE of Santa Cruz de El Seibo, Dominican Republic 

Fox: 4.3 magnitude earthquake rattles east Texas
LAT: Beach rocks that burst into flames in OC woman's pocket tested
Beach rocks that burst into flames in a San Clemente woman’s pocket were being tested, authorities said Thursday.

The 43-year-old woman, whose name was not released, was hospitalized for second- and third-degree burns. She had collected seven colored rocks, known by locals as trestles, while visiting San Onofre State Beach with her family on Saturday, Orange County fire officials told KABC-TV.

She had returned home for about an hour when, apparently because of the friction, the rocks caught fire, igniting her shorts.

When the rocks fell to the floor, they continued to burn the wood floor of her house. Her husband’s hands were also burned as he tried to help her, and the “rocks were still smoking when firefighters took them to the hospital,” Orange County Fire Authority Capt. Marc Stone told the Orange County Register.
LAT: San Onofre's future hinges on finding cause of abnormal tube wear
ClimateCentral: Arctic Death Spiral: More Bad News about Sea Ice 
DesdemonaDespair: Hawaii’s beaches are in retreat, and its way of life may follow – ‘This is a serious problem’ 

Here's a good one from the Ozarker! Who hates cilantro? Not me! LOL
BodyOdd: Who hates cilantro? Study aims to find out
On "I Hate Cilantro" websites and Facebook pages they gripe that the herb tastes like soap, mold, or dirt. Cilantro haters not only despise its flavor, they also detest its smell. Stories in publications as serious as the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and, yes, even have even covered the sharp divide in taste preferences when it comes to this particular herb. And when a study of identical twins found an aversion to cilantro stems from a genetic glitch, the herb's bashers finally had a good reason why they found the leaves of the Coriander plant so offensive.
ENENews: Tokyo Newspaper: 6 in 10 Fukushima children tested have diabetes — Head of Tokyo-area Medical Clinic: We are expecting diabetes in children from Fukushima radiation (VIDEO)
IBTimes: Vermont Bans Hydraulic Fracturing, Becomes First State To Do So 

MSNBC: An Antarctica sunset — now 4 months of wintry darkness
Crew of only 14 left at station in one of the most frigid, isolated spots on Earth

ESRL.NOAA: Trends in Carbon Dioxide
CSMonitor: Solar eclipse visible from 154 national parks Sunday 
CSMonitor: CSI Tornado: Decoding – and chasing – supercells with the experts
FiscalTimes: Weather-Related Disasters on the Rise

NYT: Brazil’s Leader Faces Defining Decision on Bill Relaxing Protection of Forests
ClimateCentral: Major New Project Targets Mystery of Thunderstorms

ChicagoTribune: Extreme rain doubled in US Midwest - climate study

Coloradoan: Hewlett Fire near Fort Collins grows past 5000 acres
MSNBC: Japan's fugitive penguin 'living quite happily' in Tokyo Bay
One-year-old Humboldt penguin scaled 13-foot fence to escape Tokyo aquarium in March

America in Decline
CBSNews: NY racial bias frisk suit gets class action status Food Stamp Use Picks Up Again, In Los Angeles County
ActionNewsJax: SNAP faces billions of dollars in cuts -- Melissa Booher is scared. For the last five years this mom has been able to put food on the table for her family because of food stamps. "I honestly don't know what I'd do without them," said Booher. But she may soon have to figure it out. In an effort to reduce the deficit and replace what would have been a 10 percent cut to the military budget, the House of Representatives voted last week to cut the federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) by $36 billion. "That's just going to be catastrophic for working families across all of the 17 counties of North Florida that we serve," said Bruce Ganger.

FDL: NATO Summit Roundup: Hyping the Possibility of Violence, Emanuel’s Latest Summit Spin
Worldwide heads of the National Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), military general and heads of state from the alliance’s twenty-eight member countries will be coming to Chicago for a summit on May 20-21. The city will be put on lockdown so the military arm of the G8—a group that can dial up a “humanitarian intervention” or war when it wants it—can further expand their global military agenda.

WSFU: Why So Many Ph.D.s Are On Food Stamps - With the economic troubles of the past few years, it's no surprise that the number of people using food stamps is soaring. The U.S. Department of Agriculture reports that an average of 44 million people were on food assistance last year; that's up from 17 million in 2000. What might be surprising, though, is one subgroup that's taken a particularly hard hit. The number of people with graduate degrees — master's degrees and doctorates — who have had to apply for food stamps, unemployment or other assistance more than tripled between 2007 and 2010, according to a report in The Chronicle of Higher Education. Half of college grads working full time, with less pay, deep debt - For most recent college graduates, these are gloomy times. Only about half are working full-time, with the majority starting with less pay than expected while also dealing with huge student debts.

Food and Water
BigPictureAgriculture: Stocks-to-Use Ratio Updates for Corn, Wheat, Rice, Soybeans, Cotton and Sugar
Grist: What’s the real difference between cage-free and pastured eggs? [VIDEO] 
CNN: Federal judge turns down Tombstone's emergency bid to fix water pipeline

Internet and Online Privacy News
ArsTechnica: Private: some search engines make money by not tracking users

Science and Technology
TheTap: Balinese And Mayan Civilizations Show Mankind Lived In Peace For Thousands Of Years NoTechMagazine: Siemens Rediscovers The Trolleytruck
WashingtonPost: Facebook's biggest problem is that it's a media company
ArsTechnica: Google's bots learn to read interactive webpages more like humans 

WSJ: Apple Moves to Larger iPhone Screens
LAT: SpaceX: A new frontier for space travel
MSNBC: US-Russian crew makes smooth hookup at space station
Soyuz craft's arrival brings orbital outpost's population back up to six

MSNBC: Verizon Wireless to scrap unlimited plans for 4G users
Change will happen this summer when carrier launches shared data plan
PopSci: Electric Imp Will Connect Everything to the Internet

Medical and Health
Marketwatch: Milliman: Healthcare costs for American family exceed $20,000 in 2012
Vitals: Coffee lovers lower death risk, study says 

CNN: New flesh-eating bacteria case reported 
NYDaily: New mom diagnosed with flesh-eating disease just days after giving birth to healthy twins
Lana Kuykendall rushed to the hospital after noticing strange lesion on her leg

TheChart: The curious brain impalement of Phineas Gage

If you survived a 43-inch-long iron rod shot through your skull, people would still be talking about you more than 150 years later too.

TechReview: Why Shutting Airports Is Not The Best Way To Halt A Global Flu Pandemic 
TheAtlantic: The Brain-Computer That Lets a Quadriplegic Woman Move a Cup 
NYT: Can You Call a 9-Year-Old a Psychopath? 

ExtinctionProtocol: Mysterious disease outbreak reported in Nepal
NOC: Anheuser-Busch, Drunk on Greed

Jim Hightower, Op-Ed: A fourth of the children on the reservation are born with fetal alcohol birth defects. Life expectancy of tribal members is less than 50 years. And more than 90 percent of the violent crime on the reservation is attributed to drunkenness. On Pine Ridge itself, the tribe bans the sale and consumption of alcohol — the Whiteclay stores, positioned only a short walk away, are the source of the addictive drug and its consequences.

Hosted: New SC mom hospitalized with flesh-eating bacteria Could You Have Type 2? 10 Diabetes Symptoms
Diabetes affects almost 24 million children and adults in the U.S., but only 18 million people actually know they have it.

DailyNightly: Lung cancer drug treats rare lymphoma tumors, too  MSNBC: Paralyzed woman gets robotic arm she controls with her mind 
PopSci: FDA Panel Endorses an Over-the-Counter HIV Test that Diagnoses in Just 20 Minutes

Doomsteading, Gardening, Urban Farming
ModernSurvivalBlog: Lock Picking 
PreppingToSurvive; Companion Planting for Better Harvests and Fewer Pests 
Sabredancing: Well, this week is a bust….

TransitionVoice: Transition stories: What is community?
BackdoorSurvival: The Miracle of Cloves and Clove Oil
ModernSurvivalBlog: Top 20 Survival Preparedness Books

Other News
CBSNews: RFK Jr.'s estranged wife found dead in New York
Politico: Reports: Mary Kennedy hung herself
MSNBC: Trayvon Martin killed by single gunshot fired from 'intermediate range ...

Guardian: US census shows majority of babies now from ethnic minorities
WSJ: Big Generation Gaps in U.S. Racial Composition - The U.S. has hit a racial tipping point where less than half of newborns are whites of European descent. But since the older population still has a strong majority of non-Hispanic whites, these racial changes have big generational divides.

TheAtlantic: Why Music Fans Should Fear the New Record Label Deal
CBSNews: Arabian show horse rescued 2 miles out at sea
CNN: Experts: Circumstances of Florida family slayings 'really unusual'

Hosted: Don't bet on Mitt Romney winning in Massachusetts
CSMonitor: House passes Violence Against Women Act, grudgingly
LAT: Congress' partisan fight persists despite high-level overture

IBTimes: Men's Rights Group Backs GOP Violence Against Women Act To Protect 'True Victims' -- Heterosexual Men 
Marketplace: Americans favoring Romney for who can fix the economy

CSMonitor: Are some Ron Paul supporters going rogue? 
BusinessInsider: Here Are 10 Republican Freshmen Who Betrayed The Tea Party Movement 
LAT: Violence Against Women Act loses some safeguards in House vote

BaselineScenario: Because They Can - It seems as if the Republicans, meaning both John Boehner and Mitt Romney, are trying to turn the national debt back into a major political issue. Now, a visitor from Mars might wonder how this is possible. How could a party that (a) passed the massive tax cuts that were the single largest legislative contributor to today’s record deficits, (b) increased spending rapidly the last time it controlled the federal government, and (c) cannot talk in detail about anything except deficit-increasing tax cuts possibly think that calling attention to deficits could be a political winner?

TheAtlantic: The Strange Rise in Recall Elections

TinfoilPalace: Are We in a 3D Matrix? (GLP)
TinfoilPalace: How Horrific Will It Be For The Non-Prepper?

TheOilAge: US families saddled with debt, have few savings
TheOilAge: Jeffrey Brown responds to US energy independence claims

HubbertsArms: The Beauty of Pollination
HubbertsArms: Dennis Kucinich leaving politics next term

SilentCountry: us judge blocks indefinite detention of Americans
SilentCountry: Park Avenue co-op sells for record $52.5 million

DestinyCalls: Secrets in Plain Sight - architecture, urban design, geometry - long video
DestinyCalls: Fun with words and conspiracies

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