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Breaking News Wed. May 16 2012

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The following articles were sent in by a reader of the blog this morning. Thank you so much for this!
C lives in the area.
DenverPost: Denver agencies holding major disaster drill
DENVER—Nearly a dozen helicopters will fill the air as Denver-area emergency crews practice for a mass disaster.
The exercise Wednesday is a major test of the National Disaster Medical System. It will involve more than 200 simulated patients, 11 metro-area hospitals, 10 ambulances and 10 helicopters. Part of the exercise will involve Denver International Airport.
The program is designed to coordinate medical care in national or international emergencies. 
DENVER - Denver residents may see and hear some activity in the skies about Denver Wednesday morning.
Residents should not be alarmed because it is all for a drill exercise.
Several Black Hawk helicopters will be landing and taking off from Denver Health between 8 a.m. and noon.
Residents may also want to steer clear of Speer Boulevard between 6th and 8th avenues. It is expected to be very busy during the exercise in Denver. 
C also sent in this unusual story. Surely there is something peculiar going on out there in that neck of the woods.
DENVER - The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating a mystery in the sky. A mysterious object flying over Denver nearly caused a mid-air collision Monday evening, 9Wants to Know has learned.
and also this bit of insanity from C as well! This stuff is insane!  thanks again C, this is the sort of information that I think is important for people to keep up with, important for everyone.
America welcomes a new brand of smart street lightning systems: energy-efficient, long-lasting, complete with LED screens to show ads. They can also spy on citizens in a way George Orwell would not have imagined in his worst nightmare.

­With a price tag of $3,000+ apiece, according to an ABC report, the street lights are now being rolled out in Detroit, Chicago and Pittsburgh, and may soon mushroom all across the country. 

These are all linked at ATS as well. Thank you again, and good luck out there!

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Oh, and because we had the original story here, here's the latest on the Islamic necrophilia story.
WorldCrunch: Islamists & Necrophilia: How Western Media Fell For Bogus Islam-Bashing Tale

Peak Oil and Energy News
GlobeAndMail: Methane hydrate technology fuels a new energy regime - A successful test in Alaska using CO2 has enabled the unlocking of a vast reservoir of natural gas to support future energy use

EnergyBulletin: Free energy does not occur in nature
VOA: India to Cut Iranian Oil Imports by 11 Percent 
Businessweek: Big Oil's Big in Biofuels

StateImpact: As Prices Fall, Finding a Sweet Spot for Oil in TexasHosted: Cheaper gas not enough to boost summer driving  
Statesman: ND becomes nation's second-leading oil producer

GlobeANdMail: Why the Internet is zapping U.S. demand for our oil
Time: ‘Fracking’ Titan Chesapeake Energy in Stock Swoon Amid Cash Crunch - Over the last year, Chesapeake shares have fallen more than 50% — and nearly 6% on Tuesday — mirroring the precipitous decline in natural gas prices, which has been driven by a glut of gas on the market. Ironically, the over-supply of natural gas has been fueled, in part, by Chesapeake’s relentless, multi-year campaign to buy up and drill vast tracts of land using a controversial practice called hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking.”

Minyanville: Natural Gas Stocks Are In Trouble
UPI: Texas can't keep up with natural gas boom

Global Conflict
MSNBC: US veterans to return war medals in protest
Wired: Majority of Mexicans Want More U.S. Help in Drug War - More than half of Mexicans want an expanded American role in the drug war, according to a new poll. Twenty-eight percent actually want the U.S. military to intervene on Mexican soil.

VOA: China, Philippines Fishing Ban Defuses Tensions
GlobeAndMail: Rains could dampen path to war for old enemies Sudan and South Sudan
VOA: Israeli Court Orders Three West Bank Settlements Demolished

IBTimes: South Korean Activists Detained In China After Speaking With North Korean Refugees
Hosted: Ratko Mladic's genocide trial gets under way
MSNBC: 'Butcher of Bosnia' Ratko Mladic goes on trial over slaughter at Srebrenica 

MSNBC: Westerners held over massacre in Central Africa -'Scapegoated'? Westerners accused of massacre in Central African Republic
A Swedish safari boss, his British pilot and 13 of their staff have been accused of torturing and killing 18 people in the Central African Republic, according to reports.
Wired: Why the World Isn't Freaking Out About Iran's Plasma-Powered Spy Sat
Next Wednesday, Iran will try to launch an experimental reconnaissance satellite into orbit -- just as international negotiators gather in Baghdad for talks about Tehran's nuclear program. The timing couldn't be more inflammatory, and rogue state satellite launches are usually considered to be missile tests in drag. So why isn't the world throwing itself into a tizzy about the mission?
VOA: Gunfire, Shelling Leave 9 Dead in Syria
MSNBC: US-led imperative in peril as trained Afghans turn enemy
This year, 22 coalition service members have been killed by men in uniform
ArabNews: Syrian troops fire on funeral

CNN: Kodak confirms it had weapons-grade uranium in underground labIBTimes: Colombia Bombing: Extraordinary Images Of Attempt On Former Official's Life (GRAPHIC PHOTOS)
IBTimes: U.N. Team Evacuated After Syrian Attack Kills 20, Convoy Bombed

IBTimes: Dalai Lama Coordinated Tibetan Self-Immolations, China Claims

GlobeAndMail: Video: Bystanders clash with student protesters in Quebec 
HongPong: A moment of police state zen: White House-approved Homeland Security talking points deny federal coordination of Occupy crackdown, in middle of fed email spool coordinating Occupy crackdown
Counterpunch: Did the White House Direct the Police Crackdown on Occupy?
TheSmokingGun: "Occupy" Movement Was Infiltrated By FBI Informant In Cleveland Bridge Bombing Probe

Hacker News
Guardian: Rebekah Brooks defiant over charges relating to phone-hacking 'cover-up'

Domestic Financial News
WSJ: Profits Rise at Japan's Biggest Banks 
Zerohedge: Next Stop: Dow 100,000
FACEBOOK'S WORST NIGHTMARE: After GM, Here's How The Other Dominoes Could Fall 

CalculatedRisk: MBA: Mortgage Delinquencies decline in Q1 - The MBA reported that 11.79 percent of mortgage loans were either one payment delinquent or in the foreclosure process in Q1 2012 (delinquencies seasonally adjusted). This is down from 11.96 percent in Q4 2011 and is the lowest level since 2008.

Economix: How Older Workers Weather Layoffs
WSJ: Stagnant Wages Limit Consumer Spending - You can’t get blood from a stone — unless the stone has a credit card.
NYT: Republicans Pledge New Standoff on Debt Limit 

LAT: Small investors shut out of Facebook IPO, and that's a good thing
CBSNews: New battle over debt limit inevitable?
Zerohedge: Housing Starts Beat, Permits Miss; Both Crawl Along Record Bottom 

Businessweek: Can Corporate America Ever Be Cured?
Forbes: Forget The $2B Loss, Foreclosures Are JPMorgan's Real Problem
HostedSubdued Dimon is confronted over $2B trading loss 

SFGate: Wells Fargo seeks reversal of overdraft charges - Wells Fargo asked a federal appeals court to throw out a judge's order to pay California customers $203 million for manipulating debit-card transactions to boost overdraft fees.

GlobeAndMail: U.S. consumers hold back, even as gas prices fall  
CNNMoney: What 0% unemployment looks like
McClatchy: Boehner vows another showdown over debt and taxes

Forbes: Was JP Morgan Chase's CIO Ina Drew Pushed Off the Glass Cliff?

WSJ: Breaking Down Jump in Home Construction - Mesirow Financial Deputy Chief Economist Adolfo Laurenti talks with Jim Chesko about today’s report showing that home construction rose 2.6% in April, the latest sign that the recovery may be strengthening in the long-suffering housing market.

Global Financial News
IBTimes: Golden Dawn: The Rise Of Greece's Extreme Right Wing
NYT: Bank Runs Looming, Greece Sets Date for New Vote
Telegraph: Greece on brink of collapse
Europe’s financial crisis lurched into a perilous new phase as dire predictions emerged of a collapse in Greece’s economy, with a run on its banks bringing an inevitable end to its membership of the euro.

Reuters: Judge to lead Greece to fateful June 17 voteHosted: Court official to be appointed Greek interim PM
CNNMoney: European leaders scramble to contain Greek debt crisis

Zerohedge: Majority Of Neo-Normal Greek Cops Vote Neo-Nazi 
In a somewhat stunning revelation, especially after our earlier note on the Golden Dawn leader's 'position' on the issues of the day, GreekReporter notes via the news paper To Vima, that more than half of all police officers in Greece voted for pro-Nazi party Golden Dawn in the elections of May 6th. It's not really for us to judge (well maybe it is) but when some polling stations report Golden Dawn receiving 19-24% of the votes, things are going from the dismal to the horrific (and potentially chaotic) very fast.
Guardian: Greece to hold fresh elections as unity talks fail
Against a backdrop of division, despondency and despair, debt-stricken Greeks head back to the polls next month amid fears the new election will do the very thing it is supposed to stop: hasten the country's economic collapse and exit from the eurozone.
Telegraph: 'Britain must copy hard-working South Korea' - Britain must copy hard-working and highly-educated countries like South Korea to rebuild the economy avoid international decline, a Foreign Office minister will say today.

ExtinctionProtocol: More countries in Asia falling under the shadow of debt- Indonesia facing crisis
CreditWritedowns: Will the Greek exit be voluntary or involuntary?
CNN: Merkel on Greece: 'Sacrifices had to be made'

Krugman: Sweden - Sweden!!! - as Conservative Icon - I learn from Ezra Klein’s interview with Tom Coburn that Sweden, of all places, has become the new right-wing icon. I thought Europe’s woes were all about collapsing welfare states?
Economist: Going, going, gone? - SO MUCH of modern finance is a confidence game. Banks borrow short and lend long. A perfectly solvent bank can therefore go bust if depositors panic and rush to pull money out.  European leaders have been playing their game with Greece like confidence doesn't matter. They have behaved as if an adjustment is necessary, and the only question at issue is which side will bear its costs. But confidence matters.

CuriousCapitalist: Spain’s Prime Minister Warns Country Is in Danger of Being Shut Out of Markets
WSJ: Draghi: Greece Should Stay In Euro Zone
LAT: 'Grexit': Are Greece's euro fears causing a $1-billion bank run?

IBTimes: 'It Would Be Messy': IMF Chief Lagarde Talks Of Potential Greek Euro Exit
Minyanville: National Bank of Greece: It's Over
Midh: Capital Flight From Greece Accelerates, €5bn in May, Exodus Even Hits Time Deposits; Fed, ECB, BOE, BOJ Balance Sheet Comparison 

WorldCrunch: How Swiss Bank Client Info Was Passed To Tax Cops By Whistleblowers - For Cash

CommodityOnline: Silver Institute to release China Silver market report in Oct
ETFDaily: Three Major Reasons Why Silver Prices Will Rally (SLV, AGQ, GLD, ZSL, PSLV, SIVR)
CommodityOnline: Tin prices could rise to $30 000 tonne by 2012 end: Barclays

ETFDaily: Gold Market Hysteria/Propaganda Approaches Wartime Pitch (GLD, IAU, DZZ, SLV, AGQ)

M 4.6, 12km S of Anchorage, Alaska
M 2.6, 28km W of Delta, Mexico 

WorldCrunch: In Nigeria, Toxic Ship Cemetery Poses Grave Environmental Threat
Fairwinds: San Onofre: Bad Vibrations
IcedlandVolcano/EarthquakeBlog: Earthquakes in Katla volcano. Earthquake swarm continues close to Herðubreið. Other earthquake activity

Grist: Ecology of the undead: Life and death in the age of mass extinction
Treehugger: Fewer Americans Believe Climate Change Is Not Happening Than We Think

The latest of Yale University's surveys on American attitudes towards climate change also shows that two-thirds of people now believe the planet is warming, but fewer attribute it to human activity.
MSNBC: Yikes! 'Great white' shark attacks angler's kayak - A shark believed to be a 15-foot great white lifts a California man's kayak out of the water in an attack witnessed by other kayakers.

ENENews: Japanese Diplomat: Deploy military to Fukushima Daiichi? If not “it may be too late” 
Rawstory: China, Japan, U.S. to witness ‘ring’ solar eclipse 
CNNiReport: Gladiator Fire in Arizona Continues To Burn
USAToday: Study: Many mammals won't be able to outrun climate change - Hundreds of species of mammals in the Western Hemisphere may not be able to migrate with the projected speed of climate change, according to a new study released Monday.
CCP: Arctic methane at Barrow, Alaska, hits 2500 ppbv
CCP: Robert Spielhagen: 2,000 year water temperature high underlines Arctic threat
DesdimonaDespair: Japan grapples with post-tsunami suicides

Guardian: Total gas leak operation begins at Elgin North Sea platform - The oil company Total started pumping heavy mud down its leaking well in the North Sea on Tuesday in an attempt to stop an escape of gas that has lasted nearly eight weeks and could deprive Britain of nearly 6% of its supply this summer.

America in Decline
DailyFinance: Hollywood, Homeland Security Double Up Video Piracy Warnings - If you thought the unskippable FBI warning about piracy included on every DVD was annoying before, it's about to get even worse.
UPI: Cook County paying $600K in prison torture suit - CHICAGO, May 15 (UPI) -- Cook County, Ill., has agreed to pay $600,000 to settle its portion of a suit filed by a freed prison inmate who alleged he had been tortured by Chicago police.

RCP: Krauthammer On Drones Flying In US: "Stop It Here, Stop It Now"
"I'm going to go hard left on you here, I'm going ACLU," syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer said in opposition to the use of drones on the U.S. homeland. "I don't want regulations, I don't want restrictions, I want a ban on this. Drones are instruments of war.
Economix: Will You Be More Successful Than Your Parents? - If the American dream is doing better than your parents, only about half of recent college graduates think they will achieve it.

Food and Water
WSJ: Farmland Values Surge in Midwest 
Rodale: The Best & Worst States for Locally Grown Food 
Grist: In Argentina, factory farms replacing grass-fed beef

Internet and Online Privacy News
Cryptogon: DataKiller Instantly Obliterates Data on Magnetic Media 
RWW:Staying Off Facebook Won't Protect Your Privacy 

ThreatPost: Senator Seeks More Info On DOJ Location Tracking Practices | threatpost: Senator Al Franken (D-MN) is demanding answers to questions about the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) practice of gathering data from wireless providers in order to monitor individuals’ movements using mobile phone location data.

Science and Technology
BigThink: Attacking the Human Genome: Biological-Based Crimes
MSNBC: Scientists read a galaxy's entrails
FutureOfTech: Vision-restoring goggles could avoid troublesome retina implants

PopSci: Video: In Breakthrough Study, Paralyzed Patients Move a Robotic Arm With Their Own Thoughts

Medical and Health
GlobeAndMail: Do non-stick pans cause cancer?
USAToday: Study to test antibody crenezumab for preventing Alzheimer's
GlobeAndMail: 'Fat tax' would have to be a whopper to work, study says

Rodale: The Secret Source of Antibiotics in Your Food - It All Starts With Corn
CNN: Avoid sunscreens with potentially harmful ingredients, group warns
Vitals: Awakened: Immune cells revive woman in coma

Doomsteading, Gardening, Urban Farming
BlacklistedNews: Will Multinational Corporations Eventually Own Everyone’s Land?
PreppingToSurvive: Interesting Facts About Our Food Supply
TechReview: "Data Killer" Erases the Evidence - Need to wipe that hard drive fast?
Think of it as a paper shredder for the digital age. 

ExtinctionProtocol: Is the world about to unravel? Investor warns we are going to see bank runs happening all over Europe

Other News
Guardian: Dominique Strauss-Kahn files $1m countersuit against New York maid
Rawstory: Soap maker David Bronner: Hemp ban highlights absurdity of drug war
Telegraph: Man sets himself on fire outside Breivik trial

CNN: Mom kills her children, herself at Florida home
Guardian: Anders Behring Breivik trial: survivors tell of hiding under bodies

MSNBC: Physician: Zimmerman had broken nose, black eye
ABCNews: Groom Sought After Bride Slain in Ill. Apartment
CNN: Miss. police: Fake cop may be killer

VOA: Hardliners Say Lady Gaga 'Too Pornographic' for Indonesia
GlobeAndMail: Inside the undercover world of catching a pedophile
ABCNews: Husband of Slain Bathtub Bride On the Run in a Maserati 

IBTimes: Drunk, Gambling Buddhist Monks In South Korean Video Scandal Also Paid For Sex, Says Exiled Monk 
A secret video of Buddhist monks drinking, smoking and playing high-stakes poker circulated the Internet and Korean television networks, stirring controversy in South Korea where gambling is illegal and prompting six leaders from the Jogye Order to quit. However, new information emerged on Tuesday that two unidentified monks also paid for sex during a night of drunk follies.
TheSmokingGun: Cops: Pastor Hid Cameras In Church Bathroom

Rawstory: Virginia Democrats blast ‘bigoted’ Republican delegates
WashingtonPost: FACT CHECK: Romney ignores a huge recession and other causes of nation’s mounting debt

NYDaily: Chris Christie wouldn't be happy playing 'second fiddle' as Mitt's VP: poll
Rawstory: Romney wins Oregon, Nebraska primaries 
McClatchy: Rick Santorum's Texas GOP convention speech won't be public

HuffingtonPost: Campaign Finance Disclosure Decision Means Rove, Others Could Suddenly Have To Disclose Donors
CBSNews: John Edwards' defense team rests

TinfoilPalace: Days like today, I really miss "our Matts - Savinar and Simmons"
TinfoilPalace: The Latest from Benjamin Fulford

TheOilAge: US-China tensions in SE Asia
TheOilAge: Kent State, 42 years later! New evidence

HubbertsArms: GM Kills $10 Million Facebook Ad Campaign Because It Didn't Work
HubbertsArms: So, Willard Was An English Major

SilentCountry: It's official, the ELE is under way!!!

SilentCountry: Chancellor Angela Merkel’s party suffers a stinging defeat

DestinyCalls: Ure-after-Sheldrake World and The Science of Delusion
DestinyCalls: Walter Russell lots of interesting stuff

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