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Something from our good friend BenjaminTheDonkey

LimericksOfDoom: Irradiated Genes

Our future’s going to be terrible,
Extinction means life is unbearable;
Just check it out, dude:
Life on earth is now screwed—
The damage we’ve done’s not repairable.

And ok, here's something that is just plain...weird.
PARIS -- There's a metaphor in here somewhere: As spanking-new French President Francois Hollande headed to Germany on Tuesday for a possibly contentious meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel to discuss how to save the Eurozone, his plane was struck by lightning. Less than an hour after being sworn in at the Elysee Palace in Paris, the heavens opened for an afternoon of clouds, heavy rain, hail and even snow in some parts of France.

Shortly after Hollande left for his very first international engagement, his Falcon 7X plane was forced to turn around and return to the Villacoublay military base in France.
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Peak Oil and Energy News
EnergyBulletin: Updating world deepwater oil & gas discovery

TED: Amory Lovins: A 50-year plan for energy - In this intimate talk filmed at TED's offices, energy theorist Amory Lovins lays out the steps we must take to end the world's dependence on oil (before we run out). Some changes are already happening -- like lighter-weight cars and smarter trucks -- but some require a bigger vision.

CalculatedRisk: Oil and Gasoline Prices, and the Reversal of Seaway Pipeline

NYT: Saudi Arabia Seeks Union of Monarchies in Region
Guardian: Oil prices could double by 2022, IMF warned

OilPrice: Saudi Arabia Plan $109 Billion Solar Energy Project to Reduce Oil Consumption - If Saudi Arabia doesn’t develop an efficient, renewable energy infrastructure soon, it could burn 850 million barrels of oil each year until 2030; 30% of its total production.

OilPrice: Dual Fuel Vehicles that can Run on Gasoline or Natural Gas - Not flex fuel – dual fuel. Flex fuel is a system that can use similar fuels in the same system such as pure gasoline to 85% ethanol. Dual fuel will use two different fuels that will feed two systems. Sounds expensive, but natural gas at such low prices is driving a market.  
GlobeAndMail: Shell says oil theft costs it 43,000 barrels a day in Nigeria 

Guardian: North Dakota oil boom: thousands pin their dreams on striking it rich - Business is booming and salaries are high in this tiny patch of the US, but the exhausting toil is more than many bargain for

CalculatedRisk: Update on Gasoline Prices: West Coast Refinery Problems

Global Conflict
RealityZone: Panetta, Barak to Announce More US Military Aid to Israel 'Special Package' of $680 Million to Be Announced in DCWorldCrunch: Underestimate Europe's Extremist Movements At Your Peril
Reuters: Rebels kill 23 Syrian soldiers, opposition snubs Arab talks
LAT: Palestinian prisoners to end hunger strike after deal with Israel

BBC: Iran hangs 'Israel spy' over nuclear scientist killing - A man convicted of killing an Iranian nuclear scientist in Tehran two years ago has been hanged, Iran's state media report.

LAT: Afghan police units tangled in criminal activity

A U.S.-backed program to recruit police has failed to significantly stem the insurgency, with some units becoming deeply entangled in criminal activity, including bribe-taking and extortion, a Pentagon-funded study finds.

RealityZone: Karzai Exclusive: 'No Blackwater mercs in Afghanistan in 10 years'
TheTap: War Not Started Yet. Globalists Get Desperate. No One Believes Them Any More

eXiled: Israeli Supremacist Watch: Criminalizing History in the Holy Land 

SeattleTimes: IAEA, Iran begin new nuke talks - A senior U.N. nuclear agency official urged Iran on Monday to allow access to sites, people and documents it seeks in its probe of suspicions that Tehran conducted secret research into nuclear weapons development.

CommonDreams: Five Reasons Drone Assassinations Are Illegal

Grist: Farm interrupted: Berkeley’s Occupy the Farm ends in arrests
SFGate: U.C. police clear out Albany Occupy protest
Alternet: Occupy Isn't About Electing Democrats--It's About Exposing a Broken System

Truthout: Why the Occupy Movement Frightens the Corporate Elite 

Hacker News
CNN: Murdoch insider Rebekah Brooks charged over phone-hacking probe

Domestic Financial News
Salon: Let’s put Jamie Dimon on trial

Reuters: Exclusive: Over 55 and jobless, Americans face tough hunt
USAToday: Survey finds consumers still pessimistic
CBSNews: White House: JPMorgan shows need for strong Wall St. rules
MSNBC: Degrees of debt: Soaring college costs hobble a generation  - Rise of student loans resembles mortgage crisis, some experts warn

ETFDailyNews: More and More Recessionary Market Signs 
Time: What Happens When the Next Too-Big-to-Fail Bank Goes Under?
ACloserLook: Capitalists and Other Psychopaths

LAT: Jerry Brown's plea to voters: 'Please increase taxes temporarily'
WSJ: Contagion Fears Hit Markets
CBSNews: Half of college grads can't find full-time jobs

Zerohedge: Banana Republic of California 
WSJ: J.P. Morgan Moves to Protect Dimon 
NYT: Warnings Said to Go Unheeded by Chase Bosses 

Zerohedge: Rogers: "Volume Is Not Going To Come Back. We've Had A Great 30 Years. That's Finished!" 
EconomyWatch: JPMorgan losses revive worries that Washington is unable to regulate Wall Street

VOA: US Hiring Disappoints, but Jobless Rate Ticks Lower
FiscalTimes: House Bill Backs Weapons of Mass Delusion
BusinessInsider: MARK CUBAN: The Student Debt Crisis Is The Biggest Economic Problem In America

Time: Report: Housing Market Recovery Has Officially Begun 
CNNMoney: Dimon faces JPMorgan shareholders
LAT: JPMorgan's Dimon keeps his chairman job in shareholder vote

BusinessInsider: Gary Shilling: Don't Believe What They Say Home Prices Are High Compared To Rents
DealbookNYT: Red Flags Said to Go Unheeded by Chase Bosses 

MyBudget360: The curious calculus of the US employment numbers – Decline of 2.4 million in extended and emergency unemployment benefits coincides with 2.2 million rise in disability benefits. Last time we had 8.1 percent unemployment rate we had 14,000,000 fewer Americans on food stamps.
DealbookNYT: In Washington, Mixed Messages Over Tighter Rules for Wall St.
Salon: Big Idea: To Fight Inequality, Link Worker Pay to Corporate Taxes 

Global Financial News
WSJ: Greek Depositors Withdrew $898 Million From Banks Monday

Reuters: FOREX-Euro drops to near 4-month low on Greek deadlock
EuroNews: Germany's NRW's new muscle
Zerohedge: Moody's Downgrades 26 Italian Banks: Full Report 

WSJ: Greece Weighs Technocrat Government 
BlacklistedNews: ‘Greece is screwed, there are no jobs and it has been run by crooks.’
NewEconomicPerspective: The Merkel Myths that are Devastating Europe 

Reuters: How Europe can force Greece to exit the euro - The word on everybody’s lips these days is Grexit
Telegraph: British consumers among the gloomiest in the world  - Britons are among the gloomiest people in the developed world about the prospects for economic recovery over the next few years, a new survey shows.
Telegraph: Merkel tells Greece to back cuts or face euro exit
Greece may be forced to leave the euro if the country refuses to implement spending cuts agreed with the European Union, Angela Merkel warned.  

Spiegel: Time to Admit Defeat Greece Can No Longer Delay Euro Zone Exit
WSJ: France's Hollande Appoints Jean-Marc Ayrault As Prime Minister
NYT: Risk of Greek Euro Exit Rattles Markets, but Hints of More Talks Emerge

WSJ: Companies Aim to Start Spending Trillions They're Hoarding - Corporations around the globe are finally planning to spend some of the nearly $8 trillion in emergency cash they’ve amassed. According to the latest American Express/CFO Research Global Business & Spending Monitor, released today, 45% of the world’s chief financial officers and other executives say they’re likely to switch from hoarding cash to spending their reserves in the course of 2012. Only 34% say they’re sticking with a strategy of building rainy-day funds.

Bloomberg: Greece Gets Hint of Leeway From Euro Officials - European governments hinted at giving Greece extra time to meet budget-cut targets, as long as the financially stricken country’s feuding politicians put together a ruling coalition committed to austerity.

Hosted: Francois Hollande takes the helm in France
Guardian: European leaders and financial markets braced for Greece exit from euro
Telegraph: If Greece has to leave the euro, it will be because of the reckless decision to bail it out in the first place 

Zerohedge: Guest Post: The New European Serfdom - So let’s assume Greece is going to leave the Eurozone and suffer the consequences of default, exit, capital controls, a deposit freeze, the drachmatization of euro claims, and depreciation. It’s going to be a painful time for the Greek people. But what about for Greece’s highly-leveraged creditors, who must now bite the bullet of a disorderly default?

Zerohedge: An Ex-LTCM Trader Will Be Overseeing $70 Trillion In Derivatives - We wish to welcome former LTCM trader, and current TBAC chairman, Matt Zames to his new post as head of the world's biggest, government backstopped prop trading desk, with a hearty and sincere "good luck." Because an ex-LTCMer in charge of ~$70 trillion in derivatives? Why, what can possibly go wrong...

WSJ: Moody's Downgrades 26 Italian Banks - Moody's Investors Service kicked off its long-awaited downgrades of European and global banks by docking the credit ratings of 26 Italian lenders, a move that could ratchet up the continent's banking woes at a critical time for the currency union.

ETFDailyNews: Gold Bugs: Everything You Need to Know About Gold Prices 
CommodityOnline: Palladium shortage to be 714 000 ounces in 2012: UBS

CommodityOnline: IMF stresses need to increase reserves due to rising credit risk
*** This is an updated and corrected version. The IMF has NOT stated that it plans to buy $2.3 billion of gold as reserves. INSTEAD, the IMF has only stated that it plans to increase its reserves
Mineweb: We are at a major bottom in gold and gold shares - Bob Moriarty

M 4.5, off the west coast of northern Sumatra
M 2.9, 100km N of Charlotte Amalie, U.S. Virgin Islands

IcelandVolcano/EarthquakeBlog: Minor earthquake swarm close to Herðubreið
Weather.com: Rare Solar Eclipse to Occur Sunday  - On Sunday the sun is going to turn into a ring of fire. It's an annular solar eclipse, the first one in the United States in almost 18 years.
 The annular solar eclipse as it appeared Jan. 15, 2010 in Qingdao, Shandong Province of China. During the annular eclipse, the moon passes directly in front of the sun, leaving a spectacular ring of fire.

CNN: Fighting threatens gorillas in the Democratic Republic of Congo
CSMonitor: How a humongous garbage patch in the Pacific breeds new bugs (+video)

OrionMagazine: Letter from Alaska

In 2002, whalers hunted on the melting sea ice as warming weather brought risk, uncertainty, and a fearful recognition that climate change was here and a threat. A decade later, the whalers’ courage and ingenuity have helped them to adapt to the shifting ice, but the process of change itself has overtaken them.
CSMonitor: Giant manta rays are restless travelers, says satellite study
Reuters: Arizona wildfires scorch thousands of acres 
RedditScience: Plastic-Eating Fungi Found in the Amazon May Aid World’s Waste Problem 

ScienceDaily: Nearly one-tenth of hemisphere's mammals unlikely to outrun climate change 
GuyMcpherson: Fukushima, denial, and the ethics of extinction 
Smithsonian: Ten Extremely Rare Seeds on the Brink of Extinction 

ExtinctionProtocol: First tropical storm system of the season forms in the Eastern Pacific 
ClimateCrocks: Is There Something in that Tea? More Billboard Insanity. 
VOA: WWF: Earth Biodiversity Is Declining Rapidly 

MSNBC: Report: Global biodiversity down 30 percent in 40 years
Freshwater tropical species hardest hit, says World Wildlife Fund
ClimateCentral: LONG-RANGE ICE PROJECTIONS: IT COULD GET GRIM - If the best projections scientists can give today turn out to be an underestimate, we may be in for catastrophe …

Guardian: Heartland Institute grows isolated as three more donors disassociate 
Ultra-conservative climate sceptic thinktank continues to lose mainstream support, damaging its prospects of expansion
NYT: Dead Dolphins and Birds Are Causing Alarm in Peru
CNN: Earth 'going downhill' as consumption rises
MSNBC: Snakes, mine shafts challenge Ariz. fire crews 

ClimateCentral: A Tour of Drought as it Unfolds Across the U.S.

TreeHugger: Sea Shepherd's Paul Watson Arrested in Germany on 10 Year Old Warrant
AZCentral: Arizona 'tea party' anti-sustainability bill advancing

ENENews: “Radioactive black dust striking Tokyo Metropolitan area” — I’ve been told it’s everywhere in city, says reporter
May 15, 2012 report in the Nikkan Spa by Rei Shiva translated by EXSKF: It was this February when the super-radioactive and mysterious ‘black dust’ found in Minami Soma City in Fukushima Prefecture...
ENENews: Physicist: Unit 2 completely liquified, 100% liquification of uranium core — “We’ve never seen this before in the history of nuclear power” (VIDEO)

Rawstory: 2000 birds found dead on Chile beaches

America in Decline
MSNBC: Florida mother kills 4 children, then herself, deputies say
TheSmokingGun: Public Weighs In On Florida County's Decision To Ban "Fifty Shades of Grey" From Its Libraries
While one woman saluted public officials for "keeping porn out of our libraries," another correspondent wondered why "You even carry Mein Kampf, which promotes the extermination of a race, yet you ban a love book?"
DailyFinance: Shocking Way Electric Utilities Are Making Us Pay for the Smart Grid
Alternet: California Councilman: "I'm a Proud Racist"
RethinkingSchools: Shock Doctrine Comes to Philly Schools
Philadelphia teachers and parents—and educators throughout the country—were horrified a few weeks ago when Thomas Knudsen, the School District of Philadelphia’s chief recovery officer, unveiled a five-year plan to close 64 schools (25 percent of the system), move 40 percent of students into charters, slash the central office to 20 percent of its former capacity, and divide the rest of the district into “achievement networks” run by third-party operators.
Alternet: Productivity Doubled -- And The Middle Class Got Screwed. What Went Wrong? 
Salon: Another innocent executed? - The state of Texas killed Carlos DeLuna for a crime he appears not to have committed, according to a new report

TheSmokingGun: Prom Chaperones Sprayed Lysol On Dirty Dancers 
MAY 15--Two parent chaperones at a Colorado high school prom sprayed Lysol on students engaged in “dirty dancing” and called several teenage girls “sluts and whores” for making it appear “they were advertising butt sex,” according to cops.

Food and Water
DesdemonaDespair: Rising temperature to hit wheat production in India

Reuters: Super weeds no easy fix for US agriculture-experts (Reuters) - A fast-spreading plague of "super weeds" taking over U.S. farmland will not be stopped easily, and farmers and government officials need to change existing practices if food production is to be protected, industry experts said on Thursday.

Alternet: 'Last Call at the Oasis': Why Time Is Running Out to Save Our Drinking Water

Science and Technology
TechReview: Antimatter Propulsion Engine Redesigned Using CERN's Particle Physics Simulation Toolkit
MSNBC: Sun-watching space telescope bounces back from glitch
NASA, European Space Agency able to get craft out of 'safe' mode
 The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO), which is jointly managed by NASA and the European Space Agency, took this photo of the sun on May 11, 2012, after recovering from a technical glitch. The bright speck to the left of the center of the image is the planet Jupiter.

Rawstory: Earliest wall art is found in France
ScienceMag: Engravings of Female Genitalia May Be World's Oldest Cave Art
RedditScience: Humanity's Best Friend: How Dogs May Have Helped Humans Beat the Neanderthals

Arstechnica: Finnish court rules open WiFi network owner not liable for infringement
CNN: iPad gives voice to kids with autism

MSNBC: US-Russian crew blasts off, heading for space station
Trio sent into orbit after weeks of delay due to testing of Soyuz capsule
CNN: Couch surfing a cave in southern Jordan

Truthout: Why Aren't These Fraudulent Papers Retracted?
Martha Rosenberg, Truthout: "According to Science Times, the Tuesday science section in The New York Times, scientific retractions are on the rise because of a 'dysfunctional scientific climate' that has created a 'winner-take-all game with perverse incentives that lead scientists to cut corners and, in some cases, commit acts of misconduct.' But elsewhere, audacious, falsified research stands unretracted - including the work of authors who actually went to prison for fraud!"

Medical and Health
ABCNews: Girl With Flesh-Eating Disease Can't Remember Events
WashingtonPost: Flesh-eating bacteria cases occur about 750 times a year, but Georgia woman's especially rare

NYT: Losing More to Gain More: Amputees’ Once-Unthinkable Choice
BostonHerald: Student with flesh-eating bacteria infection mouths questions
TheChart: New laxative-free colonoscopy shows promise

BodyOdd: Sleepwalking more common than thought, research shows
BodyOdd: Talking with your hands is innate, study finds
MNN: When is a rash an emergency? 

Doomsteading, Gardening, Urban Farming
ModernSurvival: Nuclear Radiation Shielding Protection
Concha'sCauldron: Saw Mill Parts
CometCamper: Off-The-Grid COMET models

PreppingToSurvive: Skills Every Man Should Know? 
CanadianDoomer: Apple Molasses
PreppingToSurvive: The Outdoor Pharmacy: Basil 

TransitionVoice: Sustainability and Subsistence? Review of The Good Life - One person's hard working version of the good life might be another person's worst nightmare. How to bridge the gap?
Permaculture.co.uk: A Farm For the Future' - the full length film on peak oil, farming & permaculture

Alternet: Micro-Power Hydro: An Energy Alternative Whose Time Is Coming

Other News
ChicagoTribune: FAMU band to remain suspended
CSMonitor: North Korean women sold into 'slavery' in China
WorldCrunch: To Boost Test Scores, Chinese Students Hooked to IV Drips
Is this what happens when Tiger Moms (and dads and schools...) go berserk? They turn their children into livestock? A photo is circulating in China of a classroom of children preparing for a key exam with intravenous drip tubes, apparently feeding them amino acids.
SmokingGun: Cops: Parents Used Kids As Hood Ornaments: Indiana duo drove with four children strapped to Chevy

Kunstler: Still Standing Amid the Wreckage
Rawstory: Rush Limbaugh inducted into Hall of Famous Missourians during ‘secretive ceremony’ 

NYDailyNews: Illinois woman found slain in bathtub wearing wedding dress
SMH: Vatican mystery grows as body exhumed
TheClicker: 'Swamp People' star dies on Louisiana river

Truthout: Persecution Is Not a Right
Vincent Warren, Truthout: "'War is peace,' 'freedom is slavery,' 'ignorance is strength.' Thanks to the religious right, we can update these examples from '1984's' doublespeak to include the idea in 2012 that persecution is liberty. Religious liberty, to be exact, and nowhere is this claim more viciously - and absurdly - manifested than in the insistence by some US Christians that they are being oppressed when others try to keep them from bullying, discriminating against and sometimes literally hounding lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people to death."

LAT: Ron Paul effectively ending presidential campaign
Suntimes: Ron Paul: 'We will no longer spend resources' campaigning 
Rawstory: Virginia lawmaker vows to axe gay judicial nominee

MSNBC: Clyburn seeks 'national policy' legalizing same-sex marriages 
USAToday: John Edwards' eldest daughter to take the stand

MSNBC: Recommended: Judge rules out testimony on FEC audit that cleared money for John Edward's mistress
Hosted: Obama on gay marriage: 'Right thing to do'

LAT: Colorado House 'kill committee' rejects civil union legislation 
ABCNews: Obama Talks Gay Marriage, Politics and Pop Culture on 'The View' 
Rawstory: Gay top Romney donor pulls support and backs Obama over same sex marriage

CapitalGainsAndGames: Last Week's House "Reconciliation" Bill Was A Hoax - Unless the House decides to consider another makes-no-sense-and-has-no-
effect bill such as the “reconciliation” bill it passed last week, the fiscal 2013 budget process essentially is over and done with until after Americans go to the polls in November.  

TinfoiPalace: Are Chemtrails Real?
TinfoilPalace: periol's poetry hour

TheOilAge: London militarized for 2012 Olympics
TheOilAge: US-China tensions in SE Asia

HubbertsArms: U.S. Seeks Global Spec Ops Network

HubbertsArms: 'Attempted murder' probe: anti-whaling skipper faces deportation

SilentCountry: Chancellor Angela Merkel’s party suffers a stinging defeat

SilentCountry: Ruppert Calls it Quits

DestinyCalls: Mesmerizing: An excerpt from Antero Alli’s experimental film ‘The Greater Circul
DestinyCalls: Secrets in Plain Sight - architecture, urban design, geometry - long video


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