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Hope everyone is having a good day today and a good week so far. It's cooler here today, highs in the low 80's but supposed to be 104 come Friday.
I don't know, seems kind of hot to me. Maybe it won't get so bad.
At any rate, I hope you are all staying nice a cool and that your gardens are doing good.
just now grilling some squash and onions for my supper!

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Peak Oil and Energy News
EarlyWarning: May Iranian Oil Production
FuelFix: Power demand sets June record
Texans cranking air conditioners to deal with triple-digit temperatures Monday sent electricity demand to a record for June, the state’s main grid operator reported.

CNBC: Big Users Bet on More Oil Price Falls
WashingtonPost: Cheap oil won’t save the world’s economy

Reuters: UPDATE 1-U.S. "tight oil" output to double by 2035-EIA

UPI: Professors argue against fracking
Hydraulic fracturing to access natural gas should be slowed and eventually stopped, two Cornell University professors said during briefings for U.S. lawmakers.
Reuters: Saudi Arabia keeps oil tap on for world growth, Russia hurts
MJPerry: No Peak Oil in Sight: We've Got an Unprecedented Upsurge in Global Oil Production Underway - . Contrary to what most people believe, oil is not in short supply and oil supply capacity is growing worldwide at such an unprecedented level that it might outpace consumption.

Global Conflict
Telegraph: Arab Spring provided new breeding ground for British terrorists – spy chief

SeattlePI: Iran: Crisis-hit EU must rethink Iran oil embargo
NYT: A Weapon We Can’t Control

NYT: Turkey Warns Syrian Forces Not to Approach Border
Reuters: Syrian forces fire at second Turkish plane -Turkey
ANKARA/BEIRUT, June 25 (Reuters) - Turkey said on Monday Syrian forces had fired towards a Turkish military transport plane involved in a search for an F-4 reconnaissance jet shot down by Syria last week, but the second aircraft was not brought down.
NYT: Turkish Border Is Crucial Link In Syrian Fight
Independent: Wave of Syrian defections piles pressure on Assad
WSJ: Turkey Says Syria Is a Threat to Security 

Counterpunch: The Craziness of the Cuban Economic Blockade
Reuters: South Korea says to halt Iran oil imports from July 1 

Telegraph: 7/7 widow Samantha Lewthwaite 'suspected in Kenya attack'
WorldNews: Turkey to help 'liberate the Syrians from dictatorship'

WSJ: Israel Reacts With Caution After Islamist Wins in Egypt
NYT: Turkey Says It May Target Any Syrian Forces Nearing Border

NationalPost: On Morsi’s to-do list: Defang the military, fix economy, reassure Israel and the U.S.
MSNBC: Netanyahu urges action on Iran after meeting Putin
Telegraph: A collapse of eurozone could spark extremism, head of MI5 warns
The intelligence services and police are preparing for a potential backlash from extremists and even lone-wolf terrorists should the Eurozone collapse, it has emerged.

NYT: Putin Rules Out Intervention to Stop the Syrian Rebellion

SeattleTimes: Iran warns EU oil embargo to impact nuclear talks
Iran says the EU embargo on its oil sales will have "a negative impact" on Tehran's negotiations with world powers over its controversial nuclear program.

NPR: FBI Tracking 100 Suspected Extremists In MilitaryGuardian: Syria crisis: Erdogan threatens military retaliation - live updates

Domestic Financial News
ETFDaily: Why I Don’t Watch CNBC 
ChrisMartenson: Steve Keen: Why 2012 is Shaping Up to be a Particularly Ugly Year

CNBC: The American Dream Is Now a Myth: Joseph Stiglitz
 DailyFinance: 401(k) Fees: What You're About to Learn Will Shock You
Arstechnica: The Growing Myth about Federal Student Loans 

Eurekalert: Economist shows the value of moving back with mom and dad
Zerohedge: On The Verge Of A Historic Inversion In Shadow Banking

HuffingtonPost: The Regulation Monster
AngryBear: Lost Output Over $3 Trillion And Rising

Slate: Why It's Unlikely That a Big GOP Win Will Lead to Deficit Reduction in One Chart

Reuters: New home sales race to two-year high in May
CNBC: Forget Europe, It’s US That Poses Bigger Threat: O’Neill

FinancialPost: Is this 1931 all over again? Paul Krugman, Nouriel Roubini, Niall Ferguson and more think so

CNBC: Consumer Confidence Hits Lowest Level Since January

Global Financial News
NYT: Cyprus Becomes 5th Euro Zone Member to Seek Rescue 
WSJ: Global Trade Confidence Stable Despite Worries - Given turmoil in Europe, slowdowns in China, India and Brazil, and lackluster growth in the U.S., one might expect trade-oriented businesses globally to be dour about the future. Well, not quite yet. 

FT: EU could rewrite eurozone budgets -- The EU would gain far-reaching powers to rewrite national budgets for eurozone countries that breach debt and deficit rules under proposals likely to be discussed at a summit this week, according to a draft report seen by the Financial Times.

Krugman: Deleveraging and the Depression Gang
FDL: JPMorgan’s Bigger Exposure Comes From a Euro Breakup -- According to the Financial Times, as of last week, JPMorgan Chase sold up to 70% of its position in the CDX.NA.IG.9 index, where the Fail Whale trades originated.

MSNBC: Anxiety rises and wealthy rush to Swiss banks
World's rich are stashing bank notes, cash and gold into Swiss safe-deposit boxes
WorldNews: Spain's economic crisis turns middle-class families into illegal squatters
SeattleTimes: European officials release grand vision for euro
A top EU official is calling for countries that use the euro to grant a European authority the power to demand changes to their national budgets as part of a grand vision to save the currency.
BBC: Spanish banks downgraded by Moody's
BBC: The unwanted - The 'baby box' for abandoned children returns to Europe
ETFDaily: U.S. Seeks War With China To Stiff Investors Of Treasuries (UUP, UDN, GLD, SLV, USO)

ETFDailyNews: Peter Schiff’s Latest Advice To Investors 
FinancialSense: Regulators to Classify Gold as Zero-Risk Asset

M 2.9, 94km ENE of Coldfoot, Alaska
M 3.5, 10km S of La Romana, Dominican Republic
PopSci: Sea Level Rising Rapidly on Both Coasts, Could Even Flood San Francisco Airport in a Decade 
CBSNews: Watch: Mama bear frees cub stuck in garage 

DesdemonaDespair: Indonesia rainforest burning covers Southeast Asia in haze
ClimateCrocks: Graph of the Day: The Latest Sea Ice from NSIDC 

MSNBC: Hundreds feared buried in mass landslides in Uganda

DeclineOfTheEmpire: Another Lame Attempt To Get Humans Off The Hook 
ENENews: Australian TV Report: Many fish caught off Fukushima contain dangerous levels of radioactive material — Japan TV: Fukushima seafood now on sale (VIDEOS)

RTTNews: Extremely High Radiation Detected on Floor Above Crippled Fukushima Reactor 15 Jun 2012 Extremely high level of radiation has been detected on a floor just above the No.2 reactor at the crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan, the plant operator said on Thursday. The Tokyo Electric Power Company (Tepco) said a reading of 880 millisieverts per hour of radiation was detected on the fifth floor, which is 4.5 meters above the reactor containment vessel. The reading was taken by a robot which the company deployed in the reactor building on Wednesday. Tepco suspects that radioactive substances leaked from the No.2 reactor moved through the location.

CBSNews: TS Debby relentless in soggy assault on Fla.
ClimateCrocks: Gettin Hot in Here – Denver
It’s that time of year to haul out the chart showing the annual number of days having a high temperature of 90+ degrees in Denver. Through today, June 25th, we have had 14 days of 90+. How many will we get this year? Well, the last day of 90+ ever recorded in Denver was on October 1st, 1892, so we really won’t know till fall. Fall sounds good about now.
ClimateCentral: Three New Studies on Sea Level Rise Bring New Concerns
Hosted: Floods cut part of I-10 as Debby storms over Fla.  

CNN: Wildfires burn across Colorado, Utah; force more than 10,000 from homes

America in Decline
UnderstandingSociety: Where is poverty in the national agenda? 

AddictingInfo: Louisiana Schools Teach That ‘Existence’ Of Loch Ness Monster Proves Creationism - You probably wouldn’t be surprised to learn that many schoolchildren in Louisiana are learning that evolution is a lie and creationism is real. What might surprise you is what their Christian curriculum is teaching to prove the theory of creationism – the Loch Ness Monster.

NBC: High court affirms corporations' right to political spending
LAActivist: Harsh Skid Row policies driven by business lobby, say advocates

LAT: Poland shaken by case alleging an illicit CIA prison there 21 Jun 2012 For years, the idea seemed unthinkable, absurd. A secret U.S. detention center in a remote corner of Poland, where 'Al Qaeda' suspects were brutally interrogated by the CIA? About as likely as "the Loch Ness monster," is how one Pole described it recently. That monster is now rearing its head.

Science and Technology
PopSci: Water Scarce After the Apocalypse? Install These Water-Conserving Cyborg Internal Organs 
Wired: Galileo to Turing: The Historical Persecution of Scientists
CosmicLog: Scientists set to show how they hacked into Stephen Hawking's brain

Technolog: Facebook pulls new 'Find Friends Nearby' feature
CNN: Facebook quietly unveils 'stalking app'

Medical and Health
Vitals: Swine flu outbreak 15 times deadlier than thought, study finds
Vitals: Listeria prompts recall of 1,000 cases of Dole bagged salads

TodayHealth: FDA questions what's creeping into your food, sunscreen
MSNBC: Panel: Docs should screen all patients for obesity 
io9: What causes brain freeze?

MSNBC: SCOTUS expected to rule Thursday on health care
TodayHealth: Mom challenges school sunscreen ban after daughters are severely burned

WSJ: Americans Divided on Health-Law Ruling
DailyMail: Bird flu virus is just THREE mutations away from making the leap into a deadly human pandemic --'Their work was highly controversial because they manipulated viruses in the lab to produce the new mutated strains.' 22 Jun 2012 After studying 15 years of data on bird flu viruses in the wild, researchers said some strains were already part way along the road to acquiring just thee more mutations needed to change into a form that could cause a devastating human pandemic. 'The remaining... mutations could evolve in a single human host, making a virus evolving in nature a potentially serious threat,'

Doomsteading, Gardening, Urban Farming
CanadianDoomer: The Paradox of Rural Life 
NoTechMagazine: Self-Watering Planter From Porous Earthenware 

PreppingToSurvive: Handy Knots: The Figure of Eight Knot

Other News
CBSNews: FBI: 79 rescued in child prostitution sweep
CBC.ca: Elliot Lake mall rescuers consider 'extreme measures' 

LAT: Arizona police see immigration law as enforcement headache
TheNation: Don’t Like Sports? Three Other Reasons to Be a Fan of Title IX

Telegraph: The Queen tells the Duchess of Cambridge to curtsy to the 'blood princesses’
(I'd love to see this one followed by a headline that read, "Duchess of Cambridge tells Queen to kiss her ass.")

MSNBC: NBC exclusive: Matt Sandusky details alleged sex abuse by his father
CNN: Analysis: Five things we learned from Supreme Court's immigration ruling

ChicagoTribune: US Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. takes medical leave of absence
LAT: Supreme Court ends Montana ban on corporate political spending

BusinessInsider: The Ron Paul Movement Is Already Breaking Down 
IBTimes: 60% of 79,200 Submissions Received by Senate Committee Favour Same-Sex Marriage 

CBSNews: Condoleezza Rice says "no way" to VP for Romney
MotherJones: Charts: The Supreme Court's Rightward Shift
Time: Edwards and Mistress Have Broken Up
WashingtonPost: GOP senators welcome steps to deter classified leaks but insist on special counsel

NOC: Why the Feds are Suing Florida for Allegedly Purging Voters
LAT: Brewer accuses Obama administration of telling Arizona to 'drop dead'

TinfoilPalace: Woman tries to bite cops wants ts to eat somebody
TinfoilPalace: Marines Prepare for Zombie Attack!

TheOilAge: 7 myths used to "debunk" PO, debunked
TheOilAge: The Kunstlers: tech and other illusions at Aspen eco-forum

HubbertsArms: Superbug vs. Monsanto: Nature rebels against biotech titan
HubbertsArms: Three cheers for oligarchy!

SilentCountry: Anyone here use Kaspersky Internet Security?
SilentCountry: Prometheus Movie Review

DestinyCalls: Tesla vs. Edison (viral cartoon), Forbes Response
DestinyCalls: Positive Lightning Strikes Intensify As Cosmic Rays Increase


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