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Peak Oil and Energy News
OilPrice: Is 2012 The Next 2008? - There is some economic hope in the new government in Greece, but if oil prices are any sort of barometer, the global economy has a long way to go before 2008 is in the rear-view mirror.

WSJ: Oil, Gas Producers Look to Arctic 
Economist: American oil - FOR decades, American politicians have bemoaned their economy's dependence on foreign oil and failed utterly at doing anything about it. Now, two key developments—soaring prices and new technologies—are beginning to accomplish what politicians couldn't.

Reuters: As Congress looks away, U.S. tiptoes toward exporting a gas bounty (Reuters) - In a bitterly divided U.S. political environment, there's at least one thing Republicans and Democrats can agree on: Avoid a public showdown on natural gas exports, arguably the most important energy policy decision in recent memory.

TheOilDrum: Drumbeat: June 27, 2012
OilVoice: Vietnam says South China Sea oil bid illegal

Global Conflict
Reuters: Assad says Syria at war as battle reaches capital 
NYT: As Rebels Attack Elite Guards, Assad Talks of 'State of War'

LAT: Turkey won't strike back at Syria, for now 
McClatchy: Turkey warns Syria: ‘No more Mr. Nice Guy’

NYT: Gunmen Attack TV Station in Syria as Assad Talks of War
NYT: Conflicting Reports After Attack on Syrian Broadcaster

LAT: Egypt court strikes down martial law decree 
McClatchy: Privately, Israeli officials wary of Morsi presidency in Egypt 

Reuters: West worried by China-Pakistan atomic ties: sources 
BBC: Iconic images from the Northern Ireland peace process

DavidDegraw: Occupy Evolver >> Time to Flip the Protest Script - Despite the mainstream media eulogies / lack of coverage, the Occupy movement is still very active. The organizing activity currently happening is a thousand times more than it was one year ago.

Domestic Financial News
Time: Google Maps: Now Helping Your Boss Track Your Every Move - The next time you try to disguise an extended lunch break as a business meeting, your boss might know about it, thanks to a new Google Maps app that lets your employer track your every move.

WSJ; Forecasts Hint Fed Might Change Rate Guidance - As regional Federal Reserve bank presidents return to the speaking circuit this week, many investors will be scrounging for clues as to whether the central bank plans to launch a third major bond-buying program later this summer.

Reuters: California's Stockton seen at brink of bankruptcy filing
WSJL A Look at Case-Shiller, by Metro Area - Home prices showed fresh signs of stabilization in April, according to the S&P/Case-Shiller indexes.

CBSNews: Economists say Stockton, Calif. won't be last US city to go bankrupt
Mish: Chris Martenson Discusses Shadow Bank Runs With Lauren Lyster on Capital Account 

BusinessInsider: Look What Citigroup Employees Got For The Bank's 200th Birthday
MaxKeiser: Computers (HFT) can move prices up or down on various markets for virtually zero cost.
BusinessInsider: Dollar General Has Discovered A Bunch Of New Ways To Increase Sales
Zerohedge: Chile Is Latest Country To Launch Renminbi Swaps And Settlement - The dollar exclusion list is becoming bigger and bigger with every passing day as China gets ready.

Bloomberg: Biggest U.S. Banks Curb Loans as Regional Firms Fill Gap - The biggest U.S. banks are extending less credit amid a faltering economic recovery as regional lenders step in to fill the gap.
BlacklistedNews: Where Does Money Come From? - The Giant Federal Reserve Scam That Most Americans Do Not Understand

TheAtlantic: How State Spending Cuts Are Killing the Economy 
MyBudget360: The burden of unsupportable debt. - US debt-to-GDP growing at a pace rivaling certain European nations – The dramatic problems of peak debt in 2012.

SoberLook: LIBOR manipulation: "dude, you’re killing us" News Release: State Personal Income: First Quarter 2012

Global Financial News
(thanks RJ, I'd often wondered who came up with the euro, now I know.)
Guardian: Robert Mundell, evil genius of the euro - The idea that the euro has "failed" is dangerously naive. The euro is doing exactly what its progenitor – and the wealthy 1%-ers who adopted it – predicted and planned for it to do. That progenitor is former University of Chicago economist Robert Mundell. The architect of "supply-side economics" is now a professor at Columbia University, but I knew him through his connection to my Chicago professor, Milton Friedman, back before Mundell's research on currencies and exchange rates had produced the blueprint for European monetary union and a common European currency.  Professor Mundell, who has both a Nobel Prize and an ancient villa in Tuscany, told me, incensed: "They won't even let me have a toilet. They've got rules that tell me I can't have a toilet in this room! Can you imagine?" But Mundell, a can-do Canadian-American, intended to do something about it: come up with a weapon that would blow away government rules and labor regulations. (He really hated the union plumbers who charged a bundle to move his throne.) "It's very hard to fire workers in Europe," he complained. His answer: the euro.

ETFDaily: Can Europe Pull Germany From Fantasy Land? (EWI, EWP, EWG, VGK, INDEXSP:.INX)

WashingtonPost: Germany's Merkel brushes aside latest European push for debt-pooling, says no quick crisis fix

Solari: Iceland De-zombifies-While Americans Fork Over $14 billion a Year for JPMorgan Salaries - Hooray for Iceland. The nation has effectively purged an entire class of zombies.

PS: Banking Disunion - The line of credit to Spain from fellow eurozone governments may help to stabilize a fragile banking system, at least in the short term, but it is a missed opportunity.
SoberLook: Eurozone's banking union will not be credible; FDIC-type fund seems out of reach

NYT: Spanish Officials Hailed Banks as Crisis Built - As Spain edged closer to a real estate and banking crisis that led to its recent bank bailout, Spanish financial leaders in influential positions mostly played down concerns that something might go terribly wrong.

FT: Monti lashes out at Germany ahead of summit - Mario Monti has set the stage for a tough fight with Germany at the EU summit this week, insisting that he will continue to push Italy’s proposal to use eurozone bailout funds in an attempt to stabilise financial markets.
NakedCapitalism: The European Summit is a Write Off
Rawstory: Four presidents propose power of eurozone authorities over national governments

Zerohedge: Italy Pays More For 6 Month Debt Than America Pays For 30 Year, As LTRO Claims Its First Bank Insolvency

Mineweb: Global steel glut could trigger mini-trade wars
ETFDailyNews: 4 Little Known Factors Driving The Price Of Platinum (PPLT, PGM, PTD, PTM)
ETFDaily: While Banks Crumble, The Next Leg Up For Gold Prices Draws Near

M 4.5, South of the Fiji Islands
M 2.8, 108km N of Manley Hot Springs, Alaska
MSNBC: Debby's deluge: 2 feet of rain, thousands flee floods
WashingtonPost: Record heat in Colorado, elsewhere in West hampering efforts to fight wildfires

USAToday: More than 32000 ordered to flee Colorado wildfire

CBSNews: 32K ordered to flee as Colorado blaze doubles in size
ClimateCrocks: Powder River Coal – Huge Coal Giveaways Have Made Coal Artificially Cheap, and Subsidized China

CleanTech: Fossil Fuel Subsidies Are 5 Times Larger than Wind Energy Subsidies (12 Times Larger than Renewable Energy Subsidies) - CleanTechnica: Ah, FOX News and GOP politicians at the federal level will harp on clean energy subsidies all day… but won’t drop fossil fuel subsidies for anything (note: many local- and state-level Republicans are actually supporting clean energy industries). But the fact remains: fossil fuel subsidies are much larger than clean energy subsidies.

24/7WallSt.: Are the Bahamas at Risk as Oil Companies Start Drilling in the Area?

MotherJones: And You Thought That Heat Wave Was Bad? - Purdue University climatologist Matthew Huber gets plenty of death threats, but that hasn't stopped him from exploring the outer limits of just how much global warming human beings can tolerate.

Grist: Appeals court to EPA: you just keep on regulating greenhouse gas - This morning, a federal appeals court in Washington, D.C. upheld the Environmental Protection Agency’s first-of-its-kind greenhouse gas regulations, dismissing out of hand a variety of challenges

ArcticNews: When the sea ice is gone 
BBC: Dozens dead in Bangladesh rains - Heavy rains and multiple landslides over three days have killed at least 90 people in south-east Bangladesh, officials say.

LAT: Zoo visitors watch as baby chimpanzee killed by adult chimpanzee
 L.A. Zoo visitors watched in horror as a baby chimpanzee was killed Tuesday afternoon by an adult male chimpanzee.
"Chimpanzee behavior can sometimes be aggressive and violent, and the zoo is sorry that visitors had to be exposed to  this," the zoo said in a statement.

TheScientist: Saving the Vulture
 the following story is from the 11th but I thought it was a good one and wanted to share it anyway.
WitsEnd: Mysterious and Unexpected
A "mysterious" sudden haze has descended in China, frightening the nine million residents of the city of Wuhan and prompting them to hastily don masks.
The article also states that a study released yesterday reveals that China's CO2 emissions may be 20% higher than previously believed.  If so, then their emissions of ozone precursors are almost certainly also significantly worse.
Reuters: Hundred dead, 250,000 stranded in Bangladesh floods

Food and Water
MotherJones: China's Other Sleeping Giant Is the Other White Meat
Grist: 200 naked Germans buying groceries - When a grocery store in Süderlügum, Germany offered $276 in free groceries to anyone willing to shop naked, they expected maybe 10 brave souls. They got more like 250...
24/7WallSt.: Hot Weather Threatening US Corn Crop (CF, POT, MOS, AGU, SYT, CORN)
ShanghaiDaily: Drought leaves 4.3m people short of drinking water
SEVERE drought has been plaguing areas along the Yellow and Huaihe rivers due to a lack of rain and high temperatures.

Temperature rising to over 35 degrees Celsius in some areas will make the drought worse, the meteorological center said.

Some 4.28 million people and 4.85 million livestock are said to be suffering from a shortage of drinking water in parts of Henan, Anhui, Shandong, Yunnan and Hubei provinces and Inner Mongolia. In Hubei alone, 813,000 people are short of water in about 30 cities, where reservoirs hold 22 percent less than last year.
BigPictureAgriculture: The Ag Hot Five No. 12
ScienceDaily: Kids who cook are hungrier for healthy food choices 

GlobeAndMail: What corkscrew works best on synthetic corks? 
MiamiHerald: Florida beaches rank high in water quality, escape nation's dirtiest list

Science and Technology
ScientificAmerican: What Happens to Consciousness When We Die

UniverseToday: Gas Cloud Will Collide with our Galaxy’s Black Hole in 2013 
Scientists have determined a giant gas cloud is on a collision course with the black hole in the center of our galaxy, and the two will be close enough by mid-2013 to provide a unique opportunity to observe how a super massive black hole sucks in material, in real time. This will give astronomers more information on how matter behaves near a black hole.

TreeHugger: 10 Electricity-Free iPhone Speakers  - The epitome of minimalist, eco-friendly speakers, the iBamboo is literally just a piece of bamboo with an iPhone-sized hole cut in the top. Best of all? It really works!
(You gotta admit, that's pretty darn smart.)
ArsTechnica: Will the Americans with Disabilities Act tear a hole in Internet law?

BigThink: How Humans Could Get to Mars in Weeks, Rather than Months 
Rawstory: Google teaching computers to mimic human brain 

UniverseToday: New Mineral Found in Meteorite is From Solar System’s Beginnings 
LAT: 59% of Young People Say the Internet Is Shaping Who They Are 

PopSci: How Astronauts Train at the Bottom of the Sea 
PopSci: Video: Robot Hand Beats Humans at Rock-Paper-Scissors One Hundred Percent of the Time 

ScientificAmerican: Anticlotting Compounds Shown to Protect Mice from Radiation Poisoning 

Smithsonian: Prepare to Go Underground - Upside down skyscrapers. Vacuum tubes whisking away trash. Welcome to the future of cities as they begin exploring the next urban frontier.

Medical and Health
MSNBC: SCOTUS will uphold Health Care Law

MSNBC: Bone marrow donors soon may be compensated
NewsDay: Possible outcomes in pending health care law case

VOA: Fistula Surgery Changes Nigerian Women's Lives 
Wired: Speech Algorithm Could Detect Early Parkinson's Symptoms 

io9: Food porn is making you fat 
PhysOrg: A step toward minute factories that produce medicine inside the body 

ScienceDaily: Post-anesthesia dementia, like Alzheimer's, looks micro-'tubular' 
ScientificAmerican: Forgetfulness Accompanies Menopause

Doomsteading, Gardening, Urban Farming
TheCometCamper: Interior Floor Demolition!
JustInCaseBook: coupons and thrift 

WaldenEffect: How to harvest kale seeds 
ModernSurvival: Dehydration – More Common Than You Think 

PreppingToSurvive: Survival Myth: You Can Get Poison Ivy from Scratching

Other News
Economix: The Old and Uneducated Watch the Most TV - Older Americans and high school dropouts spend the most time watching TV, according to new Labor Department data.

SmokingGun: FBI Seizes NAMBLA List During Search - Man/boy membership roster in hands of federal agents
NBCNewYork: Massive Response at NJ Port After Stowaways Suspected in Cargo Container

Rawstory: Rebel nun: Jesus ‘spent more time with poor people than anybody else’
Tuesday night on Current TV’s “The Young Turks,” host Cenk welcomed Sister Diane Donoghue of #NunsOnTheBus, a group of progressive Catholic nuns who are traveling coast-to-coast by bus. The women are bucking the Catholic church’s male hierarchy and spreading what they hope is a message of social and economic justice by protesting the slew of federal cuts to programs for the needy proposed in the Republican budget outlined by Wisconsin Congressman Rep. Paul Ryan (R).

Their plan has sparked an uproar among conservatives, who are accustomed to the Catholic Church and its adherents being staunchly on their side. Right wing AM radio host Jan Mickelson asked Rep. Tom Latham (R-IA) in an interview if there was a plan in place “to pull the nuns on the bus over and pistol whip them?”
SmokingGun: "Anti-Semitic Elmo" Handcuffed, Removed By Ambulance From New York's Central Park- The unidentified costumed man has alternately posed for photos with tourists, screamed curses, and launched into diatribes about assorted Jewish conspiracies.

Wired: Top CIA Spy Accused of Being a Mafia Hitman
Spiegel: Parents Vs. the State: Muslims and Jews Outraged by Circumcision Ruling

NYT: Obama Calls Romney Possible 'Outsourcer in Chief'
DailyKos: Americans still blame Bush for economy 

MotherJones: An Interactive Map of the Dark-Money Universe
DailyKos: Joe Biden finally gives Mitt Romney some credit: 'He's been very good at creating jobs. Overseas.'

eXiled: Mitt Romney & The Curse Of Joseph Smith: “It’s The End Of The World As We Know It, And I Feel Gentile

WSJ: Hispanic Support for Obama Surges in New Poll
SFGate: Romney Poised to Claim Victory Regardless of Health Ruling
TinfoilPalace: Guilty until proven innocent: Families will have to pay £20 to show they DIDN'T illegally download music under new law
TinfoilPalace: Marines Prepare for Zombie Attack!

TheOilAge: Anti-austerity protests in Sudan
TheOilAge: Laziness, Greed, Entitlement - Baby Boomers Defined

HubbertsArms: New loo turns poo into power
HubbertsArms: German group to finally dispose of the Bhopal chemicals mess.

SilentCountry: Drug Assisted Zombie Apocalypse
SilentCountry: Greece Under Collapse - News from Ground Zero

DestinyCalls: Heaven & Hell nightclubs of 1890s Paris
DestinyCalls: Gematria Calculator

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