Monday, June 4, 2012

Still Working!

Just wanted to post a bit of a progress report.
Work is moving along on the doomstead and as often happens, what in your mind looked like an easy job, has turned into a monumental undertaking. LOL
I'll be back to the blog as soon as I can. In the meantime, please visit

RJ at The  Global Glass Onion, for weekly financial news wrap ups,
The Ozarker, at the Conflicted Doomer for some of the best essays you will find on the interwebs,
and Doug at 3Es News,  and David at ETF Daily!

I'll be back at the news as soon as I can, thanks everyone for being patient.



  1. Withdrawal, withdrawal, withdrawal....When are you coming back Pamela? LOL

  2. I'm hoping to get back to the blog soon! I miss it as well. LOL
    making good progress on the doomstead here and it won't be long till we're ready.

    1. I understand. Get your homestead in order first...We will wait for you!

  3. New post up at Hope all is well Pam!

  4. Hi Pamela, Googled the former site which shall not be named out of curiosity, saw your blog and had to say thanks for all the good prepper advice over the years. Wish you well with the doomstead!

  5. Hi Rain23! and thank you!
    Hoping to get back to blogging soon, I sure do miss it but have to get this project done.
    Again, thank you.


  6. Thanks Pam - check the tip jar!

    keep well,