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Baby steps, baby steps.
OverheadBin: TSA eases airport screening for elderly travelers

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Peak Oil and Energy News
NPR: To Tap Arctic Oil, Russia Partners With Exxon Mobil
CNN: Farmers hit the jackpot in Kansas oil boom
EnergyBulletin: Drill, Baby, Drill! More drilling doesn't necessarily mean more oil
ETFDaily: High Oil Prices: Worries Escalate Over $200 Oil and $6 Gas (USO, XLE, SU, XOM, CVX, DVN, COP)

BigNewsNetwork: Iraq acquiring drones from US to guard oil installations
UPI: Oil and corn don't mix: Ethanol reports fuel gasoline debate

Global Conflict
Hosted: Iran to build new nuclear plant by early 2014: TV
NYT: Iran Won't Halt Production of Higher Grade Uranium
Guardian: Syria joins roll call of civilian slaughter

JPoste: Netanyahu 'revolted' by Assad's massacre of 116 in Houla
KSPRO: McCain: Don't count on Russia to force out Assad
Guardian: US defence secretary Leon Panetta criticises Pakistan for doctor's sentence

RobertReich: Memorial Day Thoughts on National Defense - Robert Reich - The United States spends more on our military than do China, Russia, Britain, France, Japan, and Germany put together. With the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, the cost of fighting wars is projected to drop – but the “base” defense budget (the annual cost of paying troops and buying planes, ships, and tanks – not including the costs of actually fighting wars) is scheduled to rise.

NakedCapitalism: War document: General William Tecumseh Sherman to the Mayor and Councilmen of Atlanta
MSNBC: Syria blames 'terrorists' for civilian massacre
Wired: Jamming Tripoli: Inside Moammar Gadhafi’s Secret Surveillance Network

VOA: Is Jordanian Uprising a Threat to King Abdullah's Rule?
SMH: Child massacre outrage 
WSJ: Iran Plans a Nuclear Expansion
IBTimes: Iran Closes Door On Inspectors, Promises To Continue Uranium Enrichment
Hosted: Russia distances itself from Syrian regimeMcClatchy: Egyptians ask why a Mubarak holdover like Shafik did so well 

Guardian: Bradley Manning defence team says US military is withholding key evidence
Military's delay in searching through files and handing them over is denying Manning a fair trial, defence attorney argues

NYT: West Point split on the fate of approach to war 

SeattlePI: Officials: Iraq bomb injures 24 Pakistani pilgrims
MSNBC: No end to drug traffic in sight as US nears Afghanistan exit
Even this year's terrible poppy harvest isn't good news -- opium prices might skyrocket
WashingtonTimes: U.S. officials among the targets of Iran-linked assassination plots - U.S. and Middle Eastern officials now see the attempts as part of a broader campaign by Iranian-linked operatives to kill foreign diplomats in at least seven countries over a span of 13 months.

Reuters: Moscow police arrest dozens at Occupy-style rally
NOC: Planting Evidence to Sow Fear: Chicago Cops are the Terrorists

Hacker News
Telegraph: Tony Blair: I only had a working relationship with Rupert Murdoch while Prime Minister

Domestic Financial News
Mish: April New Home Sales: The Hype vs. The Reality
NYT: California Farmworkers’ Community Hurt by Budget Crisis 
CapitalGainsAndGames: CNBC Blows It On Bowles-Simpson

TAE: Mammon is Hungry: Husband's Suicide One Day, Wells Fargo to Evict Wife The Next
CalculatedRisk: Unofficial Problem Bank list increases to 931 Institutions

here's a good one from "Englisher was La Curée" Thank you!
Mish: Greece Public Finances Face Collapse as Money Stuffed in Mattresses; Swiss Eye Capital Controls as Money Pours into Switzerland; Understatement of the Month
NOC: Fox Mangles Data to Claim “The Poor” are Getting “Richer”

and about the following story from the Ozarker, like she says, "I hope, I hope, I hope! hehehe"
Time: Are We Witnessing the Death of the Big-Box Store?
GlobeAndMail: Why do we keep falling for economic bubbles – and will we ever learn?
FiscalTimes: Profits, Not Wages, Rising in This Recovery

McClatchy: Facebook's stock debut shows not all investors are equal

Global Financial News
BusinessInsider: The British Government Is Forcing People To Work For Free Or Lose Their Unemployment Benefits 
Spiegel: Six-Point Growth Plan: Merkel Prepares to Strike Back Against Hollande

Telegraph: Lloyd's of London preparing for euro collapse - The chief executive of the multi-billion pound Lloyd's of London has publicly admitted that the world's leading insurance market is prepared for a collapse in the single currency and has reduced its exposure "as much as possible" to the crisis-ridden continent.

TestosteronePit: Germany Walks Away From Greece
WSJ: Swiss Prepare Plans in Case of Euro's Demise

IanWelsh: Let’s Talk Turkey About Greece - When Greece exits the Euro it will be punished severely by the monetary authorities. They intend to let Greeks starve. They will cut off food supplies, and Greeks will not be able to afford food. Oil is also going to be a problem. Greeks will probably not be able to flee to other countries. 4) Greece is going to have get hardcore and creative about creating a new economy. Since the monetary authorities intend to starve them and deprive them of oil, they must retaliate hard. Greece has a number of options, and this is what Greece should do. You don’t play nice with people who are trying to cause a famine in your country.

Economist: Europe’s biggest fear: A run they cannot stop
WSJ: Spain Bails Out Its Third-Largest Bank
Zerohedge: Complete European Calendar Of Events: May - July

BusinessInsider: A Very-Useful Chart To Prepare You For The Next Greece Election Chart from Credit Suisse - Yes, this is a photograph of a printed out chart from Credit Suisse. Sorry, that's the form we got it in. That being said, it provides a fairly useful odds-based approach to what might happen in the June 17 election.

Mish: Harsh Language from Lagarde: "IMF Has No Intention of Softening Terms"; From Head of Deutsche Bank: "Greece is a Failed Corrupt State"; Purposely Inflammatory Statements to Force Greece Exit

Guardian: It's payback time: don't expect sympathy – Lagarde to Greeks
BBC: China looks to boost private-sector investment in banks
Guardian: Christine Lagarde's Greek comments provoke fury

Mineweb: Gold and silver stocks - how to profit from the disconnect

M 5.0, South of the Fiji Islands
M 6.7, 37km ESE of Suncho Corral, Argentina
MSNBC: Giant New Mexico fire nears historic mining town
WRAL: New Mexico fire grows, forces evacuation
WashingtonPost: Barnyard animals attacked at Fairfax Co. farm park

DesdemonaDespair: Graph of the Day: Most Endangered U.S. Rivers, 2012
ScienceDaily: It took Earth ten million years to recover from greatest mass extinction

ENENews: Fukushima Daiichi Worker: I think all reactors will be in crisis after major aftershock — We don’t have enough people to settle down No. 4 fuel pool and other reactors
ENENews: AP: Tepco rejects growing calls to let outside experts inspect Fukushima plant

TulsaWorld: Scientist: Discoveries will soon put evolution debate to rest
ExtinctionProtocol: Fukushima: a disaster nightmare rapidly spiraling out of control Tropical Storm Beryl strengthens, nears US coast
MSNBC: Tropical Storm Beryl moves ashore in northeast Florida

and another good read from "Englisher was La Curée" Thank you again!
Cringely: The next Japanese nuclear accident (it’s inevitable) will be even worse

SeattleTimes: 50 years on, fire still burns underneath Pa. town Truthout: Humans Are Not Like Slowly Boiling Frogs … We Are Like Slowly Boiling Brainless Frogs

America in Decline
Krugman: The New Political Correctness - Krugman - Remember the furor over liberal political correctness? Yes, some of it was over the top — but it was mainly silly, not something that actually warped our national discussion. Today, however, the big threat to our discourse is right-wing political correctness, which — unlike the liberal version — has lots of power and money behind it. And the goal is very much the kind of thing Orwell tried to convey with his notion of Newspeak: to make it impossible to talk, and possibly even think, about ideas that challenge the established order.

NJOnline: Latest U.S. veterans claim to be most medically, mentally troubled generation of troops in history
UPI: Spying on the American public  - The U.S. Supreme Court should hear argument in a case central to the law that allows spying on U.S. citizens without a warrant in the name of counter-terrorism, just as a partisan Congress decides whether to renew the law later this year.
BusinessInsider: The Words Federal Agents Are Looking For On Your Facebook Page Will Surprise You

DailyCensored: San Antonio, Texas students to be tracked via RFID in their IDs
Bloomberg (hat tip DC): Dental Abuse Seen Driven by Private Equity Investments
NYT: Plantations, Prisons and Profits

RepublicReport: Congressmen Fulfill Lobbyist Request, File Letter Requesting Carcinogenic Chemicals In Their Own Buildings
Rawstory: Judge sends honor student to jail for missing school

Food and Water
ResiliantCommunities: What Superweeds Can Teach You
BioFortified: Major Scientific Conference Convened to Review The Safety Of GMO Crops

Internet and Online Privacy News
NYT: Google Privacy Inquiries Get Little Cooperation

Science and Technology
Smithsonian: The Rise of the Bionic Human
CosmicLog: Scenes from a SpaceX spectacular

Medical and Health
CNN: Flesh-eating bacteria patient speaks 
Phys.Org: Manufacturing genes to attack flu virus 
CNN: The danger of fearing cancer
MSNBC: Military women and suicide: Home safe but not sound - Rising suicide rates among female veterans show how deep the emotional wounds can be

MSNBC: After poisonings, P&G to make detergent pods safer
Vitals: Kidney stone rate doubles in last 16 years

Doomsteading, Gardening, Urban Farming
SabreDancing: Ok, got the shaft…

Other News
MSNBC: Australia teen dies after 'Final Goodbye' video
MiamiHerald: Investigation continues into savage attack on the MacArthur Causeway ...
An unidentified man savagely attacked by another on the pedestrian walkway of the MacArthur Causeway remained in intensive care on Sunday at Ryder Trauma Center in Miami.

The man, whose name has not been released, was said to have suffered severe facial injuries from an attacker who witnesses said chewed at the victim’s face and eyes in the walkway on the west end of the causeway. Both men were naked.

When police arrived, the attacker refused to stop biting the other man and was shot dead by a Miami police officer.
Hosted: Miami police kill naked man who bit off victim's face
Police said an overdose of a powerful new form of LSD could have prompted the attack.
"Whenever we see that a person has taken all of his clothes off and has become violent, it's indicative of this excited delirium that's caused by an overdose of drugs," Armando Aguilar of the Miami Fraternal Order of Police, told WSVN-Fox 7.
"What's happening is inside their body their organs are burning up alive."
Hosted: Final voyage: USS Iowa on way to S. Calif. home
NYCBSLocal: Report: FBI Unconvinced That Pedro Hernandez Is Responsible For Death Of Etan Patz
BBC: Stray dog completes 1700km China race
NPR: Pope's Butler Vows To Help Vatican Scandal Probe

Telegraph: The UFO sighting that convinced a Government minister - One of the most tantalising ever accounts of an apparent encounter with a UFO – deemed so credible it apparently convinced a British minister – can be told for the first time.

CNN: Vatican insists no cardinal suspected of leak
Guardian: Qatar shopping centre fire kills children in nursery

Rawstory: Gillespie defends Romney only doing Fox News: He spoke ‘to schoolchildren last week’ 
McClatchy: Think Congress is sophomoric? A study says you're right

CNN: TRENDING: GOP outspends Dems to run ads in Wisconsin recall

MSNBC: Kansas governor signs 'Shariah bill' to ban Islamic law
CNN: Taxes, end Obamacare: House Republicans unveil summer wish list

TinfoilPalace: How NOT to BBQ
TinfoilPalace: The vitamin pills that actually work! How some supplements can work wonders for certain ailments

TheOilAge: Serious Consequences In The Gulf Of Mexico

HubbertsArms: Reclaiming our Spirit World
HubbertsArms: Japan & China to Drop Dollar, Begin Trading Directly in June

SilentCountry: Subtropical Storm Beryl
SilentCountry: Has the Zombie Apocalypse begun???

DestinyCalls: Mexican mother arrested after son's eyes gouged out
DestinyCalls: Mom accused of trying to drown son was ranting, witnesses say

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