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Breaking News Friday, July 27, 2012

Well, it's Friday again already! Getting ready to install kitchen cabinets so this will be short, sweet and to the point today.

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Peak Oil and Energy News
UPI: API sues over biofuel requirements
Philly: Court strikes down provisions in Pa. gas drilling law

Global Conflict
Guardian: Mitt Romney woos Israel by considering US strike against Iran
OpenChannel: Syria regime 'reeling, armed to the teeth' with chemical weapons
SeattleTimes: Raul Castro: Cuba willing to sit down with US
McClatchy: Congress told of growing threat to U.S. from al-Qaida in Iraq

Hosted: Syrian defector wants to help unify opposition
Reuters: US fears Syria preparing for massacre in Aleppo
Guardian: US fears Aleppo 'massacre' as troops gather
Reuters: Exclusive: Secret Turkish nerve center leads aid to Syria rebels

CBSNews: Wounded Syrian refugees "the lucky ones"
Reuters: American pleads guilty to trying to export missile parts to Iran
SeattleTimes: Navy chief says Russia wants naval bases abroad - Russia is talking to Cuba, Vietnam and the Indian Ocean island country of Seychelles about housing Russian navy ships, the nation's navy chief said in remarks reported Friday.
UPI: AC/DC' virus hits Iranian nuclear plants - A Web site monitoring spyware said statements from Iran suggest nuclear plants were hit by a virus causing computers to play music from rock band AC/DC.
SeattlePI: 19 killed as Iraqi forces clash with militants

Alternet: Did the NYPD Break International Law in Suppressing Protest?

Domestic Financial News
WSJ: Facebook Growth Slows Again; Shares Fall 10%
Reuters: Estate tax debate heats up in US tax fight
MSNBC: Capitol One to pay $12M in case on servicemen 

CalculatedRisk: Record Low Mortgage Rates and Increasing Refinance Activity
Businessweek: Facebook Belly Flops Into its First Earnings Report 
CNN: Amazon profit drops 96% 

Creditslips: Latest Visa Fraud - The callers do not ask for your card number; they already have it. By understanding how the VISA & MasterCard telephone Credit Card Scam works, you can avoid this one.
Time: Exxon Profit Jumps 49 Percent, Helped by Asset Sales
WSJ: Bank of America Sketches Out Fed ‘Nuclear Options’

Reuters: Wary consumers, trade curb US growth in Q2

CNNMoney: Dow hits 13,000 as stocks rally
WashingtonPost: US economic growth slowed to 1.5 pct. annual rate in Q2 as consumer spending ...

Creditslips: Online Payday Lenders Seek More Respect and Less Oversight: Call Them What You Like, They are Still 1,000% Long-term Loans -- On-line lenders who are not tribal or offshore claim that they need the same lack of oversight that the tribal and onshore on-line lenders are getting. Otherwise, it isn’t fair to them. Hmmm…..

CNBC: New Crop of Foreclosures Is Coming 
EconomyWatch: TARP watchdog says Washington favors Wall Street over Main Street
CNBC: Dodd: Sandy Weill Wrong, ‘Simplistic’ to Break Up Banks

FT: How to Turn a Tax Increase into a Tax Cut
DetroitNews: U.S. jobless claims drop by 35,000 to 353,000
DetroitNews: Europe's crisis hits Ford profits

Global Financial News
NBC: Report: Deadly gas leak at Apple supplier's plant in China
Spiegel: Economists Warn EU on 'Threshold of Catastrophe
'Renault Profit Declines 37% in First Half

Businessweek: Euro Strengthens as Draghi Promises to Preserve It; Rand Climbs
WSJ: ‘Whatever It Takes’ Is Familiar Refrain From Europe
Guardian: EU trade reforms 'will hurt developing countries'

Businessweek: Pound Rises to Five-Week High Versus Dollar on Europe Optimism
'Spiegel: Germans Should Be Afraid' of Economic Collapse
VOA: Greece Finalizes $14 Billion in Cuts

ETFDaily: Gerald Celente Will ‘Go Postal’ When He Hears About This

FinancialSense: Gold & Silver Jump to 3-Week Highs
CommodityOnline: Silver prices to rise in second half of 2012 2013: BNP Paribas

M 3.1, 36km NW of Valdez, Alaska

CNN: Storms knock out power to tens of thousands from Plains to Northeast
NBCNews: Winds slam Midwest, Northeast; twister hits NY town
Study: Many U.S. cities unprepared for future heat waves
CNN: Storms knock out power as they rip through Northeast

CNN: Area in extreme drought increases by size of Texas, report says

NBCNews: 2 dead after winds slam Midwest, Northeast; twister hits NY town
NYT: Storms Threaten Ozone Layer Over U.S., Study Says

CNN: Smoking orangutan moves to island to kick habit
LightYears: Grand Canyon-sized valley found beneath Antarctica 

America in Decline
EconomyInCrisis: Growing Hunger and Homelessness in America - America’s most needy are largely abandoned by Washington.Millions of Americans now endure protracted Depression conditions at a time half the population is either poor or low income. Long-term unemployment is unprecedented, and federal aid is being cut, not increased.Two new reports highlight enormous depravation levels and human suffering, getting little or no major media attention.

Food and Water
TheStreet: Severe Drought Will Serve Up Severe Food Bill in 2013
MSNBC: Farmers in Western Tennessee hit hard by extreme drought
BigPictureAgriculture: My Letter to Harper’s Concerning their “Broken Heartland” Story 

Fortune: USDA backs off 'Meatless Monday' - After blowback from the meat lobby and ag-state politicians, the USDA declared that, contrary to an internal newsletter posted on its Web site, it doesn't support the idea of refraining from eating meat on Mondays.

Science and Technology
TechReview: Google Launches a Superfast Internet and TV Business 
ANN: French archaeologists unearth pharaoh boat
PopSci: A Working Assault Rifle Made With a 3-D Printer

TechReview: Scientists Control Monkeys' Brains with Light 
CBSNews: Twitter explains, apologizes for outage 
CNN: Fighting fire with data, spacecraft, drones

Medical and Health
BlacklistedNews: Millions of Birds Dead, Killed in Mexico Flu Outbreak 
CBSNews: Fake doctor charged in buttocks injection death
VancouverSun: New swine flu virus re-emerges in U.S. - Four people infected at county fair
VancouverSun: Study questions CT scans to rule out heart attacks
CNN: Colorado hospitals chip in for shooting victims' care
BodyOdd: Younger people can't read emotions on wrinkled faces

Doomsteading, Gardening, Urban Farming
ModernSurvivalBlog: Make Drinking Water Safe with Bleach
JustInCaseBook: The first rule of preparedness

Other News
BlacklistedNews: James Holmes Family Tied To DARPA And Mind Manipulation Work
CBS: Crimesider Lawyers release Sandusky voicemails to victim 1 of 9

MSNBC: Victim of alleged Nebraska hate crime speaks out for first time 

Crain's: Same-sex weddings boost NYC economy  - The nuptials have generated $259 million in economic impact for the city since the Marriage Equality Act was passed a year ago, a survey says.
ChicagoTribune: Convicted Arizona arsonist died by taking cyanide in court: coroner

BusinessInsider: RICK SANTORUM: Mayors Shunning Chick-Fil-A Reflects The 'Absolute Intolerance' Of The Left

Hoted: Poll: Few think Romney's faith resembles their own 
CBS: Conservatives more likely to think Obama is Muslim now than in 2008
WashingtonPost: Mitt Romney tries to steer around Olympics controversy in London meetings

MSNBC: Embattled postal service faces challenge on Election Day
Politico: Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos gives 2.5M for Washington gay marriage law
Guardian: David Cameron hits back at Mitt Romney over London 2012 doubts

VF: Mitt Romney’s London Trip Actually Could Not Be Going More Poorly

TinfoilPalace: This looks interesting....The Matrix Revealed Vol 1. CD by Jon Rappoport
TinfoilPalace: MUST READ: Remote Viewing and 2012 (FarSight Institute)

OilAge; 4th night of rioting in Anaheim after police shootings

HubbertsArms: Possible discovery of German U-boat in Canada
HubbertsArms: Major Insurer Says It Won't Cover Fracking-Related Claims

SilentCountry: Alabama's Debtor's Prisons
SilentCountry: Zynga takes axe to outlook, spooks Facebook investors

DestinyCalls: Hypnosis: Reaching Beyond Oneself
DestinyCalls: monoculars (half of one binocular)


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