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Breaking News Monday July 30, 2012

What a way to start out the week, this just makes me mad.
This latest round of 'kissing up' is so vulgar, it almost qualifies as porn.
Guardian: Mitt Romney: Israel's economic success over Palestinians 'due to providence'

SeattlePI: Romney declares Jerusalem to be Israel's capital

Guardian: Mitt Romney would support Israeli military strike against Iran, says aide - US presidential candidate to say in speech in Israel that stopping Iran's nuclear arms capability must be 'highest priority'

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going to post a bit early today as I have a lot to do! Gotta move a water tank! LOL
see you all tomorrow, have a great day!

Peak Oil and Energy News
EarlyWarning: June Oil Supply Confirmed Down
CNBC: US Oil May Retest $100 as 'Stimulus Drums' Beat Louder 

ScienceDaily: Scientists Use Microbes to Make ‘Clean’ Methane
Guardian: Is the gas industry buying academics? 
CNBC: Fracking 'Doomed'
Betting on natural-gas fracking? One report says you shouldn't—and lists 10 reasons why not.

TimesOfIndia: Worst blackout in decade leaves 300m without power - A massive grid failure in Delhi and much of northern India left more than 300 million people without electricity on Monday in one of the worst blackouts to hit the country in more than a decade.

Global Conflict
SeattleTimes: US sees Israel, tight Mideast ally, as spy threat - The CIA station chief opened the locked box containing the sensitive equipment he used from his home in Tel Aviv, Israel, to communicate with CIA headquarters in Virginia, only to find that someone had tampered with it. He sent word to his superiors about the break-in.
Reuters: Israel denies report Obama aide shared Iran war plan
SeattleTimes: Iran's power struggle rivalries heat up courts

Reuters: Shellfire hits Aleppo after army says retook rebel area
Reuters: Amid the ruins in Aleppo, Syrian rebels say victory is near
Reuters: Syrian air force joins battle for Aleppo

VOA: Panetta: Violence in Aleppo is Nail in Assad's Coffin
NYT: Syrian Says Foreign Plot Is to Blame For Violence
AFP: US Air Force looks to train pilots for hi-tech threats

USAToday: Advisor: Romney would back Israeli strike on Iran 
WashingtonPost: In Israel, Romney tries not to make new policy on Iran; backpedals from advisor's comments
JPost: Panetta kicks off ME tour, touts Israel-US ties

Haaretz: Former top IDF officials worry that Netanyahu is bent on an Iran strike 

NakedCapitalism: Israel, The Bulgaria Bombings, and Iran

FDL: Grand Juries & the FBI’s Targeting of Anarchists in the Occupy Movement
NOC: 5,000 People Unite in DC to Protest Fracking

LAT: Anaheim police block protesters from Disneyland; 9 arrested

Hacker/Wikileaks News
DissenterFDL: Bradley Manning to Testify on ‘Unlawful Pretrial Punishment’ He Endured

Domestic Financial News
Time: Former TARP Official: Both Parties are Captive to the Big Banks
CNNMoney: How to avoid 'lunatic' fiscal cliff

Time: The Not-So-Mighty Mississippi: How the River’s Low Water Levels Are Impacting the Economy
CNNMoney: SAVE YOUR WAY TO RICHES - Research shows that people who practice so-called burst saving are far more likely to sock away enough money for a comfortable retirement than those who don't.
NYT: Why Can’t We End Poverty in America? - RONALD REAGAN famously said, “We fought a war on poverty and poverty won.” With 46 million Americans — 15 percent of the population — now counted as poor, it’s tempting to think he may have been right. Look a little deeper and the temptation grows.

Mish: JCPenney to Eliminate All Checkout Clerks, Instead Using RFID Chips and Self-Checkout; End of JCPenny? How Many Jobs At Risk?
BusinessInsider: The Deficit Debate Is Being Driven By The Wealthy

NYT: A Big Banker’s Belated Apology - Last week, in a CNBC interview, Sanford I. Weill, the former chairman of Citigroup, said that America should separate investment banking from commercial banking. This separation, of course, was the prime purpose of the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933, a piece of legislation that Mr. Weill and other bankers had successfully watered down, with Alan Greenspan’s support, before Mr. Weill helped engineer its official demise in 1999. Now, Mr. Weill, the creator of what was once the largest financial conglomerate in the world, suggests that Citigroup and others should be broken up.

CalculatedRisk: Unofficial Problem Bank list declines to 900 Institutions - This is an unofficial list of Problem Banks compiled only from public sources.LAT: CEOs and bankers driving the 'deficit-reduction' debate

AdvisorPerspectives: Real GDP Per Capita: Another Perspective on the EconomyCNNMoney: Will births come back with the economy? - The number of births in the U.S. has been on the decline since 2007, but there are signs that that trend is about to reverse.

CNBC: Big Banks Are Getting Tough With Hedge-Fund Clients

CapitalismWithoutFailure: Corrupt Government Officials Should Be In Jail … Alongside Corrupt Banksters
AngryBear: Tax evaders (and those who aide them), not regulatory complexities, cause tax evasion -- The July 24 New York Times Magazine carries an article by Adam D entitled My Big Fat Belizean, Singaporean Bank Account. The author shows how easy it was for him to establish a secret offshore bank account that would allow him to evade US (and other nation's) taxes with ease. It only cost around a thousand dollars, and the firms that do this for a living can set you up with a fake corporation in one tax haven and a real bank account in another, both of them sworn to secrecy about your identity as a US citizen and complicit in aiding wealthy taxpayers in avoiding required reporting to the IRS. And that means a lot of moolah gets stashed abroad, and a lot of taxes remain unpaid.

CalculatedRisk: Lawler: Expect "significant" upward revisions for Q2 New Home Sales
Bloomberg: Fed Weighs Cutting Interest on Banks’ Reserves After ECB Move
HuffingtonPost: Social Media Bubble: Investors See More Signs That It’s Popping

USAToday: Recovery's pace may depend on worried wealthy - The shaky economic recovery may depend on wealthy consumers to keep spending — and they may not have the confidence to do the job.
MarketDay: Corporate earnings return to the bad old days
PilotOnline: HSBC says sorry as it takes $700 million hit

Global Financial News
Reuters: British bank RBS braced for Libor rigging fine - CEO

WSJ: Spain's Economy Contracts More Sharply
NYT: Spain’s Jobless Rely on Family, a Frail Crutch - As the effects of years of recession pile up here, more and more Spanish families — with unemployment checks running out and stuck with mortgages they cannot pay — are leaning hard on their elderly relatives. And there is little relief in sight.
CNBC: Spain Recession Deepens, New Austerity to Take Effect

EconomistsView: The Euromess Continues, by Tim Duy: Excitement is almost guaranteed this week, with both the Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank pondering their next moves.
ProjectSyndicate: Dos and Don’ts for the European Central Bank - Recent statements by European Central Bank President Mario Draghi and Bank Governor Ewald Nowotny have reopened the debate about the desirable limits to ECB policy.

CuriousCapitalist: Why a Euro Zone Crisis Can’t Be Avoided Very Much Longer
FT: China keeps up block on Bloomberg website

NakedCapitalism: Germans Getting Even More Opposed to Being in the Eurozone - Over the weekend, the newspaper Bild released the results of a new poll on German sentiment on the Euro. It found that 51% thought Germany would do better by leaving the Eurozone with 29% saying Germany would fare worse. In addition, 71% of the respondents said Greece should be expelled from the Eurozone if it could not live up to its austerity commitments.

CuriousCapitalist: Europe’s Debt Crisis Seems Bad? Look at Its Car Industry

Bloomberg: U.K. Mortgage Approvals Decline to Lowest Level in 18 Months
CNBC: Germany and US Are Divided as Geithner Heads to Berlin

Bloomberg: Japan’s Production Unexpectedly Falls as Korean Confidence Sinks
ChinaScopeFinancial: The Scale of China's Internet Economy Reaches CNY 94.34 Bn in Q2
BBC: Japanese industrial output in unexpected fall - Industrial production in Japan unexpectedly fell for the third straight month, prompting renewed fears the economy is losing steam.
Forbes: Chinese Auto Makers May Be Forced Into Bankruptcy

M 2.7, 12km S of Volcano, Hawaii
M 3.0, 10km SE of Prague, Oklahoma

ArcticNews: Greenland is melting at incredible rate 
ENENews: Head of internal medicine at Japan hospital astonished by Fukushima thyroid exams - Immediate evacuation required in high contamination areas  “A violation of human rights for those exposed”

LAT: Koch-funded climate change skeptic reverses course
Guardian: Climate change study forces sceptical scientists to change minds
ChicagoTribune: Enbridge races to clean up Wisconsin oil spill, restart lineNYT: A Dust Bowl Gathers in Southern Indiana

Scientists warn it’s the ‘new norm’ after worst drought in 800 years
CNN: More damage expected after floods in North Korea kill dozens

ENN: Study Reveals Caffeinated Waters Off of Oregon Coast - Researchers along the Pacific coastline say that the water has elevated levels of caffeine in the ocean. According to a new study out of Portland State University, researchers tested multiple sites on the Oregon shores of the Pacific Ocean to study caffeine pollution in the waters close to the shoreline.

EpochTimes: Bloated ‘Monster’ Washes Up in New York
The swollen carcass of a hairless as yet unidentified animal was discovered under the Brooklyn Bridge last weekend.
ENN: Dozens of elephants massacred in Chad 

Rawstory: Canadian intelligence report sees threat from ‘radicalized environmentalist faction’ - An intelligence assessment from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police that describes environmental activsts as posing a significant threat of violence has drawn an immediate rebuttal from Greenpeace Canada, which is cited by name in the assessment. 
ENENews: Gundersen: Powdered nuclear fuel lying outside containment vessel at Reactor No. 2 (VIDEO)

NYT: The Sound of a Damaged Habitat


America in Decline
BusinessInsider: After 224 Years In Business, America's Oldest Store Is Saying Goodbye
SFGate: Congress preparing for a cashless society

FDL: Yes, It’s 2012: Black Couple Denied Wedding in the Predominantly White Church That They Attend
Charles and Te’Andrea Wilson were looking forward to saying “I do” in the First Baptist Church of Crystal Springs, Miss. on July 21. But the day before their Big Day, their pastor [Dr. Stan Weatherford] told them their wedding had been cancelled.

Fox 6 in Alabama reports that the couple had booked the church and distributed invitations only to find out that the church’s congregation had decided that the Wilsons, an African American couple, could not tie the knot in their church.

“The church congregation had decided no black could be married at that church, and that if he went on to marry her, then they would vote [the pastor] out the church,” Charles Wilson told Fox.

Krugman: All Things Bright and Beautiful - Brad DeLong revisits Tyler Cowen’s remarkable defense of lack of social mobility.
The rich man in his castle,
The poor man at his gate,
God made them high and lowly,
And ordered their estate.

True, Cowen isn’t advocating a complete caste society — but it’s actually not clear why, since he is suggesting that we’ll be happier as a society if people stay comfortably in the class into which they were born.

There was a time when that sort of sentiment would have been considered anti-American. But I guess that was a different country.

Food and Water
CattleNetwork: Cattle Outlook: Weekly cattle slaughter down 4% from year ago 
CattleNetwork: Missouri governor adds $5 million to give livestock water access 

CivilEats: How the London Olympics Will Revolutionize Food
NOC: Top 10 GMO Foods to Avoid

MotherJones: Should You Buy Beef To Help US Ranchers Survive the Drought?

CNNMoney; Get ready to pay more for your steak 

Vitals: Arthur Dogswell recalls cat chicken jerky treats, FDA says

Privacy News
WashingtonTimes: Just a face in a crowd? Scans pick up ID, personal data - As you scan the face on that giant billboard, it may just be scanning your face right back.
Slashdot: NSA Official Disputes Chief's Claim That Agency Doesn't Collect American Data

NBC: NYPD to unveil terrorist tracking system, Commissioner Kelly says

Science and Technology
SeattleTimes: Sex with early mystery species of humans seen in DNA, UW researcher says

MSNBC: Singing the blues: August will be a blue moon month
When two full moons occur within a calendar month, the second full moon is called a 'blue moon'NBC: NASA rover closing in on Mars to hunt for life clues
Curiosity has been careening toward Mars since its launch in November

NYT: Talk to Me, One Machine Said to the Other - Berg Insight, a research firm in Goteborg, Sweden, says the number of machine-to-machine devices using the world’s wireless networks reached 108 million in 2011 and will at least triple that by 2017.

Medical and Health
WashingtonPost: Tennessee raises bar for some Medicaid coverage of nursing home care - In an experiment being watched nationally, Tennessee has revised its Medicaid long-term care options to make it harder for certain low-income elderly people to qualify for state-paid nursing home care.
Yahoo: Court lets Stockton, Calif. cut retiree health care

Bloomberg: AIDS Cure Quest Advances As Cancer Drug Finds Hidden HIV
TechReview: Cancer Genomes Let Drugmakers Get Personal
CNNMoney: Who covers health care for Texas' uninsured? Taxpayers
NYT: Doctor Shortage Likely to Worsen With Health Law - In the Inland Empire, an economically depressed region in Southern California, President Obama’s health care law is expected to extend insurance coverage to more than 300,000 people by 2014. But coverage will not necessarily translate into care: Local health experts doubt there will be enough doctors to meet the area’s needs. There are not enough now.
Guardian: Uganda Ebola outbreak confirmed  - Health officials say mysterious illness that has killed 14 people in western Ugandan district of Kibaale is Ebola virus

Doomsteading, Gardening, Urban Farming
TinyHouseTalk: Genius Backyard Micro Guesthouse in Seattle with Living Roof
USAToday: Scalia: Gun restrictions could be constitutional
Grist: Ask Umbra: Can I reuse the water from my dehumidifier?

Other News
NBCNews: Storm drain drama: 2 rescued after passerby hears screams
Reuters: Olympics-Empty seats overshadow Games, China dominates
CNN: Soldiers fill empty VIP seats - British soldiers will be asked to act as temporary placeholders in premium seating at Olympic events, as organizers attempt to avoid the spectacle of empty seats at venues.
Cracked: 5 Creepy Things London Did to Prepare for the Olympics
On July 27, the London Olympic Games begin, and for 17 long days everyone on Earth will pretend to be interested in track. And for some reason, LOCOG (the London Organizing Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games), normally responsible for ensuring that all the events start on time and all poles are properly vaulted, have instead seized their chance to change laws, build urban fortresses, revoke civil rights and swamp the streets with enough high-tech weaponry for an Iron Man sequel. It's all in the name of anti-terrorism and public safety, of course, but the London 2012 Olympics will be the most sinister sporting event ever held outside of Battle Royale, thanks to stuff like ...
HuffingtonPost: Robbers Drown Boy In Boiling Water
Hosted: Mass. father under extreme stress before shootings

CBSNews: India train fire kills scores, leaves passengers scrambling for only clear exit
MiamiHerald: Train fire kills 32 in southern India; dozens hurt

MSNBC: KSU student arrested for Twitter threat
ABCNews: NJ Girl Grabs Wheel When Grandfather Dies
MercuryNews: Riders rescued from Six Flags' Superman roller coaster

Guardian: Romney least liked candidate in recent history? Polling numbers say no 
Slate: Mitt Romney’s insults and mistakes while at the London Olympics aren’t gaffes as much as a fair representation of his worldview
Bloomberg: Romney Prays at Western Wall with Traveling Fundraisers

NakedCapitalism: Obama’s Second Term Agenda: Cutting Social Security, Medicare, and/or Medicaid - This is probably the least important Presidential election since the 1950s. As an experienced political hand told me, the two candidates are speaking not to the voters, but to the big money. They hold the same views, pursue the same policies, and are backed by similar interests. Mitt Romney implemented Obamacare in Massachusetts, or Obama implemented Romneycare nationally. Both are pro-choice or anti-choice as political needs change, both tend to be hawkish on foreign policy, both favor tax cuts for businesses, and both believe deeply in a corrupt technocratic establishment.
Businessweek: McCain Made 'Mistake' Picking Sarah Palin: Cheney

TinfoilPalace: On Compassion, Healing, and the Battle for Your Soul
TinfoilPalace: Are Hackers Peering Through Your Laptop Webcam?

OilAge: UK GDP down for 3rd quarter in a row
OilAge: Government Forcing Preppers Back On To The Grid

HubbertsArms: 17 Reasons Why Those Hoping For A Recession In 2012 Just Got Their Wish
HubbertsArms: T-Mobile forced to modify their cell tower because it looked like a giant..

SilentCountry: It's corporate greed, Plain and simple.
SilentCountry: Severe weather, tornado warnings

DestinyCalls: Heaven & Hell nightclubs of 1890s Paris
DestinyCalls: Astral Travel


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