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Good stuff from CounterPunch this morning!
The outright nonsense that floats through the political culture now is a sign of a society in decline. Unable to offer real answers to social problems, the far right discovers political phantoms and then ramps up the hatred and hysteria against its targeted enemies. In the music world another recent enrollee in the school of the intellectually challenged is Megadeath singer Dave Mustaine, who accuses Obama of “staging” the recent mass murder incidents in Colorado and Wisconsin for the sake of a pro-gun control agenda. Then there is country musician Hank Williams, Jr., who this week told a crowd at the Iowa State Fair that Obama is indeed a Muslim who “hates the U.S.”
and, hat tip to Reality Zone for the next one. Bravo!

Much thanks to RJ at the Global Glass Onion and the Ozarker at Conflicted Doomer , and to Doug at 3Es News and David at ETF Daily.

Peak Oil and Energy News
Star-Telegram: Wind energy boom threatened by possible loss of tax subsidies
UPI: Chavez unveils $130 billion oil expansion

Global Conflict
Reuters: Military hits town near Damascus; 100 killed nationwide
CBSNews: Assad's Aleppo backers abandon him, some shift support, cash to rebels in risky gamble. 
Worldcrunch: US Drone Strikes Kill At Least 12 In Pakista
CSMonitor: US-Pakistan tensions: Time to stop pretending we are allies?

SeattleTimes: US: Missile defense for NKorea threat, not China
SeattlePI: Egypt president issues law to free news editor

Hacker News/Wikileaks
Counterpunch: Assange, Pinochet and Diplomatic Double-Dealing

Domestic Financial News
NYT: Mixed Picture in Durable-Goods Report
Zerohedge: Citi Hires Top Model Contestant To Sell Equity Derivatives

CalculatedRisk: BLS: Displaced Workers Summary
FDL: CBO: Fiscal Cliff Would Cause Recession, But Punting Fiscal Cliff Would Lead to Stagnant Economy, Too 

Time: As the Fiscal Cliff Nears, Will Anyone Swerve?
TeemingBrain: Our global Ayn Rand moment 

Economix: Big Income Losses for Those Near Retirement
Reuters: U.S. Republicans eye return to fixed value for dollar

BusinessInsider: The End Of US Economic Growth
FT: Trade Gap with China: 2.7M American Jobs Lost

FDL: Short Sales Would Be Subject to Taxation, Too, If Congress Doesn’t Act
CapitalSpectator: Durable Goods Orders Rise In July, But Business Investment Slumps Again

Global Financial News
WSJ: U.K. GDP Less Gloomy
Zerohedge: For Marc Faber The Iron 'Ore' Lady Has Sung
WSJ: Markets Shudder on Global Weakening 

TheStreet: Iceland Was Right, We Were Wrong: The IMF
NYT: Europeans to Debate Further Aid for Greece
NYT: China Confronts Mounting Piles of Unsold Goods

Guardian: Eurozone crisis live: Merkel and Hollande tell Greece to keep reforming; euro recession looms - as it happened

Bloomberg: ECB Said to Await German ESM Ruling Before Settling Plan

Mineweb: Uranium prices set to spike in 2013 
MaxKeiser: Precious Metals ‘Perfect Storm’ As MSGM Risks Align 
ETFDailyNews: Peter Schiff: Major Development In Metals; “The Time To Buy Cheap Will Soon Be Gone” (GLD, SLV, IAU, AGQ) 
CommodityOnline: The last chance to invest in Gold and Silver: Now

M 2.9, 56km S of Deltana, Alaska
M 4.4, 6km W of Bhinga, India
ExtinctionProtocol: Four quakes rock Nepal in past 12 hours
DemocratHerald: Isaac lashes Caribbean, new storm also forms
OilVoice: Evidence of fracking risks grow in Texas and other states
GlobeAndMail: Texas family vows to fight on after court rules for TransCanada

CNN: Tropical Storm Isaac sets eye on Haiti

Food and Water
USFoodPolicy: House Agriculture Committee to propose deep cuts to SNAP 

Independent: We'll make a killing out of food crisis, Glencore trading boss Chris Mahoney boasts
Drought is good for business, says world's largest commodities trading company

Science and Technology
Wired: From Bug Drones to Disease Assassins, Super Weapons Rule US War Game
A quiet man wearing a dark suit stands and the room grows silent. In clinical terms he describes a new technology, previously unknown to most of the cabal, that could disrupt the rogue state’s bio-terror scheme — but at a cost. If the Pentagon unleashes this weapon now, it will forever alter the strategic landscape, with unpredictable results. The new system, the man says, is a “game changer.” Like the atom bomb.
UniverseToday: What Are The Radiation Belts?

NBCNews: Robot learns to track itself and the world through a mirror
CosmicLog: Discover Hubble's hidden treasures

Medical and Health
WNYC: As West Nile Virus Spreads Across the US, Cases Hold Steady in Metro Area
BostonHerald: State raises threat level after Cambridge man contracts West Nile
LAT: LA County reports five West Nile virus cases so far this year

NYT: The Widespread Problem Of Doctor Burnout - A senior doctor at a local clinic diagnosed a pinched nerve and prescribed a muscle relaxant. Two weeks later, only more incapacitated, the patient went to another clinic, where a younger doctor made the right diagnosis: A malignant tumor in his chest was pressing against a nerve to his arm. “That first doctor couldn’t be bothered by what I was trying to say,” the patient said. He was now receiving chemotherapy and was hopeful his cancer had been caught early enough, but the near miss still haunted him. “He acted like he just didn’t want to be there with me. Or with any patient.”

TheScientist: Could Drugs be Plumping up Kids? 
CNN: Pairing 'angels' with cancer patients 
CNN: Researchers identify rare adult immune disease in Asia
BodyOdd: How far back can you remember? When earliest memories occur

Doomsteading, Gardening, Urban Farming
WaldenEffect: Anna: Uses for crumbly bricks
PreppingToSurvive: Wind Turbines: Producing Electricity for Off Grid Survival

Other News
MontereyHerald: SEAL who wrote bin Laden raid book identified
Reuters: Navy SEAL who wrote book on bin Laden raid could face probe

LAT: Colorado theater shooting: New details emerge on James E. Holmes
CNN: LL Cool J broke burglary suspect's nose, jaw, ribs

USAToday: Lance Armstrong: Enough is enough, won't fight doping charges
USAToday: USADA says it will ban Lance Armstrong, strip 7 Tour titles

Guardian: Rodney King drowned accidentally while intoxicated, coroner rules 
Guardian: Rembrandt etching lost in the post 

Time: What Counts as “Legitimate Rape”? Let This Song Be Your Guide
WashingtonPost: Breivik deemed sane, sentenced to prison for bomb and gun attacks he calls anti-Muslim crusade

Yahoo: Man Bites Snake to Death in Revenge

USAToday: Up to 10 hurt in shooting near Empire State Bldg; gunman dead
ChicagoTribune: Two people killed in Empire State shooting: New York police source

BehindTheWall: As she nears death, Chinese hail woman who saved 30 babies from trash

Slate: Todd Akin's Secret Trip To Tampa To Meet With Evangelical Powerbrokers
DailyCaller: Akin's 'family campaign' model deserves some blame

Star-Telegram: Romney vows to expand offshore drilling
Newsday: Mitt Romney nomination pushed up on concerns about storm, Ron Paul

CounterPunch: The Neo-Gothic Politics of the Deep South
CBS: Romney: "Big business is doing fine"

Atlantic: Huckabee Says He and a 'Quiet Army' Back Akin
VancouverSun: Photos: Republican politicians and the bands who hate them

WMUR: Sheriff candidate says he wouldn't reject deadly force to stop abortions
DailyKos: Ryan joins McCain in mocking the 'health of the mother'

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