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American writer Tracy Kidder points out: "In order to go on with our lives, we are always capable of making the ominous into the merely strange." We ignore ominous warning signs at our own peril. But ignore them we will, and have. And we continue to call them strange, thus attempting to build a protective shell around our tender psyches, comforting ourselves with an amorphous web of blatant lies.

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Peak Oil and Energy News
EnergyBulletin: Don’t count on revolution in oil supply
IBTimes: Saudi Aramco Looks To Red Sea For Offshore Exploration
Reuters: TNK-BP's chief oil trader leaves, taking break

CNNMoney: Romney: Energy independence by 2020 
CNBC: Ethanol Waiver May Lower Corn But Raise Gas PricesUticaOD: Iran clings to Asian oil sales to buffer blows from Western sanctions 

SeattleTimes: US crude oil supplies drop by 5.4 million barrels 

Global Conflict
NYT: UN Visit Will Set Back a Push to Isolate Iran
VOA: Humanitarian Crisis Looms as Syria Fighting Intensifies 
MSNBC: Ex-ambassador: US, Pakistan should 'divorce'  

NBC: Not so fast: Ex-Israeli intelligence chief speaks out on Iran strikes
Iran clings to Asian oil sales to buffer blows from Western sanctions
NYT: Syrian Forces Renew Raids on Damascus Suburbs

NYT: UN chief heading to Iran despite US, Israeli objections - 'The secretary general is fully aware of the sensitivities of this visit,' spokesman says
NBC: Report: More foreign fighters join rebels in Syria as regional crisis deepens
NBC: Lebanon militia stands by Syria's Assad despite bloody crackdown

CSMonitor: Demonstrators protest alleged beating of black skateboarder by LA police

Domestic Financial News
CNNMoney: Hedge funds are betting on disaster

BusinessInsider: The CBO Outlines How The Fiscal Cliff Would Send The US Into A Recession  (Infographic)
WSJ: US Stock Futures Buoyed By Fed Stimulus Hopes
Mish: Fed to Deliver More Stimulus "Fairly Soon"; How Much Stimulus Does It Take?

CEPR: The Fiscal Cliff Is Not as Steep As It Seems
Zerohedge: The Awesome, Mind-Boggling Tale of Sam Israel and the Shadow Markets 

CSMonitor: Stock market erases losses on Fed signals 
The Stock Market Is an "Attractive Nuisance" and Should Be Closed 

Forbes: The Only Way Out Of The Great Stagnation
We have misunderstood our situation. We are not as well off as we thought we were.
LAT: Eroding middle class falls to 51%, survey finds
The core American belief that a large sector of the public enjoys economic and social mobility is not necessarily true anymore, a Pew study says.
MiamiHerald: Applications for US unemployment aid up slightly
Reuters: Jobless claims rise, labor market healing very slowly
FiscalTimes: Millions Now Stuck in the Rut of Self-Employment 
Forbes: Why The Fair Tax Will Fail

Global Financial News
Telegraph: Debt crisis: Greece in 'last chance' to meet its bail-out terms
BBC: Eurozone 'heading for recession'
Worldcrunch: Egypt's IMF Loan Opposed By Both Socialists And Islamists

Mish: China Flash Manufacturing PMI at 9-Month Low, New Export Orders Plunge at Sharpest Rate Since March 2009 - Adding to the grim news on global growth, the HSBC Flash China Manufacturing PMI shows new export business declines at sharpest rate since March 2009.
Zerohedge: China Flash PMI Plummets As New Export Orders Collapse To Lehman Lows 

BlacklistedNews: Citi Sees Greek Exit As Soon As September 
CSMonitor: Prospect of new wave of austerity looms over Britain 
DetroitNews: Demand for Audi, Mercedes, BMW down in Europe, China
NYT: In Vietnam, Growing Fears of an Economic Meltdown
Telegraph: Egypt asks IMF for $4.8bn in aid

Guardian: Russia's entry to WTO ends 19 years of negotiations - Kremlin hopes World Trade Organisation entry will provide sort of boost enjoyed by China after it was admitted in 2001
CNN: Greek cuts to be deeper than trailed

Reuters: Gold rises for seventh day after Fed stimulus surprise
CSF: China Likely to Start Purchasing and Storing Light Rare Earth in September

M 3.4, 82km N of Kodiak, Alaska
M 4.6, 81km S of Panguna, Papua New Guinea
CBSNews: Isaac eyes Dominican Republic, Haiti Residents urged to stay indoors during spraying

ProjectSyndicate: A Global Solutions Network - Great social change occurs in several ways....Our own generation urgently needs to spur another era of great social change. This time, we must act to save the planet from a human-induced environmental catastrophe.

ArcticNews: Record low sea ice area 
ArsTechnica: Arctic ice cap set for record-breaking summer melt session 
ENENews: Scientists fear increased genetic defects in humans from Fukushima disaster after results of butterfly study

ClimateCentral; Image of Day: Exotic Crops May Become the Norm in UK

Aljazeera: Gulf seafood deformities alarm scientists - Eyeless shrimp and fish with lesions are becoming common, with BP oil pollution believed to be the likely cause.

America in Decline
MSNBC: Many feel middle class life slipping away

Food and Water
BigPictureAgriculture: Are Big American Agribusinesses too Dominant?
MSNBC: Health officials warn: Don't eat black licorice - California health officials are warning fans of the popular Red Vines black licorice candy not to eat the treats because they tested positive for high levels of lead.

CSMonitor: Hay shortage sows distress among US livestock owners
CattleNetwork: Oil prices $8 per barrel higher in August 
CounterPunch: Is Your Child Eating Downer Cows?

Science and Technology
BusinessInsider: Rare Final Fantasy 2 Game On Sale For $50,000 
Lightyears: Mars rover passes first driving test

Medical and Health
TechReview: The Link Between a Father's Age and Autism
MSNBC: West Nile outbreak in U.S. surpasses 1,100 cases 

PopSci: FYI: Is There Any Way to Prevent Toe Cramps?
MSNBC: Studies: How antibiotics may help make you fat
ScienceDaily: Key to burning fat faster discovered

ScienceDaily: Roots of human self-awareness: New study points to a complex, diffuse patchwork of brain pathways 
NYDaily: Michigan girl mutilated by raccoon reveals new surgically-rebuilt nose
Charlotte Ponce’s biological parents left her unattended, giving the family’s pet raccoon the opportunity to crawl into her crib and attack the little girl when she was just 3 months old. 

Doomsteading, Gardening, Urban Farming
MSNBC: Mormons stash away for social safety net
CSMonitor: How to peel and seed tomatoes

Other News
TGI: 40 indicted in drug ring run from Indiana prisons
Guardian: Osama bin Laden killing book by Seal Team Six member raises eyebrows 
Telegraph: Elderly woman destroys 19th-century fresco with DIY restoration

MSNBC: Georgia cheer coach accused of having girls strip 
CSMonitor: Homeschooling: 5 stories from a mother who tried it

CSMonitor: Congress must reform immigration laws that send top STEM graduates to China
LAT: Lennon's killer denied parole for 7th time

AuburnJournal: Big Lies - Listen to a campaign speech by either Romney or Paul Ryan. Over 43 percent of what they say will be lies.
Imagine that; come November, tens of millions of people will cast a vote to make Romney-Ryan one of the most powerful duos in the world and nearly half that decision will be based on constantly repeated shameless lies.
HuffingtonPost: 'Legitimate' Rape: The Religious Roots Of Rep. Todd Akin's Remarks

MP: Potential "Hurricane Isaac" near Florida for RNC next week? GFS model upgrades
CSMonitor: Is Ron Paul getting a raw deal from the RNC?
WashingtonPost: 'No Easy Day' for Obama critics

FiscalTimes: Tea Party, Libertarians Win Big in GOP Platform
USAToday: Poll: Obama leads in Ohio, race tightens in Fla, Wis.
WashingtonPost: Obama: Akin must have 'missed science class'

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