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Telegraph: US election: Republican convention guests call black woman 'an animal'
The Republican Party was in damage control mode on Wednesday after two of its convention guests allegedly threw peanuts at a black camerawoman and jeered: “this is how we feed animals”.

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Peak Oil and Energy News
ENENews: U.S. denies reactor license — Only 2nd time in history 
A three judge Nuclear Regulatory Commission Atomic Safety and Licensing Board (ASLB) today denied a license for the proposed Calvert Cliffs-3 nuclear reactor on the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland.
In a 29-page decision, the ASLB agreed with intervenors that the Calvert Cliffs-3 project would be in violation of the Atomic Energy Act’s prohibition against foreign ownership, control or domination, and that the project’s owner, UniStar Nuclear, is eligible neither to receive a license nor to even apply for a license. UniStar is 100% owned by the French government’s Electricite de France.
GlobeAndMail: Kuwait closes in on Athabasca deal
ClimateCrocks: The Irrational Exuberance of Fracking 
Reuters: U.S. to allow Shell to begin prep work for drilling in Arctic  

BusinessInsider: The Path Is Clearing For The First US Oil Sands Project
FuelFix: Americans hate oil companies more than the government, poll finds US crude oil supplies grow by 3.8 million barrels
NYT: Japan Strives to Go Nuclear-Free

Global Conflict
Much thanks to RJ for the following story!
Iron Triangle: The Carlyle Group | Watch Free Documentary Online: The Bush family, the Saudi Royal family, Osama Bin Laden’s family and Donald Rumsfeld’s inner circle – these are just some of the high profile figures who have played a direct role in the rise of one of the most powerful and influential and secretive firms in Washington. The company is called The Carlyle Group. 

BlacklistedNews: U.S. intelligence community draft report says Dump Israel!

MediaBistro: For SEAL Interview, CBS News Protects Identity With a Little Hollywood Magic
MSNBC: Pentagon threatens ex-SEAL over bin Laden book

Hosted: Defiant Iran doubles capacity at key nuclear site
Telegraph: Iran diplomatic coup backfires as Ban Ki-Moon attacks Holocaust denial

TimesOfIndia: Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei spells out Iran's N-ambitions
Reuters: * UN watchdog sets up team to handle Iran investigation
TheWorldLink: Govt won't bring charges over CIA interrogations

EuroNews: Iran rejects IAEA nuclear report as “political move”
JPost: Dempsey does not want to be 'complicit' in Iran strike
AFP: UN ups pressure on Iran over nuclear activities

Guardian: Syria crisis: Turkey calls for 'safe haven' – live updates
VOA: Syria’s Neighbors: Refugee Crisis Unsustainable 

GlobeAndMail: Arctic diplomacy is not enough 
NBC: Egypt's Morsi calls for intervention to end 'oppressive' Syria regime
SeattlePI: Egypt president in Iran for first visit in decades
NYT: Karzai Is Said to Consider Divisive Figures for Top Cabinet Posts

Telegraph: Mohammed Morsi vows to respect Egypt-Israel peace treatyVOA: White House Not Surprised by IAEA Report on Iran

SeattleTimes: Convention protesters try to arrest Condi Rice
Police in Tampa stopped a dozen anti-war protesters from entering an event attended by former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice after the group said it intended to arrest her for war crimes.

Hacker News/Wikileaks

BusinessInsider: 'US Withheld Hundreds Of Emails In The Bradley Manning Case' - Lawyers for the US soldier charged with passing a trove of classified documents to WikiLeaks accused the military on Tuesday of withholding hundreds of emails over fears of a publicity nightmare.

Domestic Financial News
BusinessInsider: STOCKS FALL AHEAD OF BERNANKE'S BIG SPEECH: Here's What You Need To Know
TimeBusiness: Bernanke Speech May Offer Clues to Fed’s Next Step 
Zerohedge: Chart Of The Day: With All Of QE3 Priced In, The Only Way Is Down Should Bernanke Disappoint 

Telegraph: Coca-Cola 'cracks' North Korea - Coca-Cola appears to have got a foothold in the North Korean market, leaving Cuba as the only country on the planet where a drink synonymous with Americana is not available.
BusinessInsider: JACKSON HOLE: Where Central Bankers Head For Some Amazing Fly-Fishing 

DailyFinance: My Inflation Isn't Like Your Inflation 

Krugman: The Medicare Killers - Paul Ryan’s speech Wednesday night may have accomplished one good thing: It finally may have dispelled the myth that he is a Serious, Honest Conservative. Indeed, Mr. Ryan’s brazen dishonesty left even his critics breathless. Mr. Ryan’s big lie — and, yes, it deserves that designation — was his claim that “a Romney-Ryan administration will protect and strengthen Medicare.”
FT: Come on Bernanke, fire up the helicopter engines 

AdvisorPerspective: Two Measures of Inflation: New Update  

NYT: Shedding Student Loans in Bankruptcy Is an Uphill Battle

Guardian: Apple’s rot starts with its Samsung lawsuit win
Mish: Reader Questions On Hyperinflation; Would Printing $50 Trillion Tomorrow Do Anything?

Reuters: Fed balance sheet shrinks on the week
Reuters: Consumer spending posts biggest rise in five months  

EconomyWatch: Economy runs neither hot nor cold, but not just right, either
EconomyWatch: Bernanke unlikely to tip Fed hand in Jackson Hole speech

Telegraph: US GDP revision is nothing to celebrate, say economists
America's economy expanded at a faster pace in the second quarter than first estimated, according to a government report that offered few signs it will be built on. Here's what economists said about the data.
CNBC: US Growth Inches Along With GDP Posting 1.7% Gain

LAT: SEC proposes that ban on advertising by hedge funds be eased
Hedge funds and other private investment vehicles have been barred from marketing to the public for more than 30 years, but regulators are proposing to ease that ban.

DealBook: Romney Colleagues Try to Fix Bain's Image

JOC: Trans-Pacific Spot Container Rates Fall 8.6 Percent

NYT: Majority of New Jobs Pay Low Wages, Study Finds

Global Financial News

WSJ: Tokyo Court Sides With Samsung
BusinessInsider: What To Expect From China's August Manufacturing Report

Mish: Japan Manufacturing PMI Hits 16 Month Low, New Orders Plunge 

Bloomberg: Spain Said to Consider Bankia Re-Capitalization Without EU Money

BusinessInsider: The Eurozone Unemployment Numbers Are In And They're Ugly
Forbes: Chinese Auto Factory Bows To Striking Workers' Demands
DealBook: Barclays Picks One of Its Own as Chief
Bloomberg: China's Plans for Its Own Car Brands Stall

ETFDaily: Why Commodities Are Looking At A New Bull Run? (GLD, GSG, GCC)
ETFDaily: Jackson Hole Puts Gold on Hold, But New U.S. Money-Printing “Not Yet Priced In” (GLD) 
CommodityOnline: Silver Gold expected to trade firm ahead of Bernanke speech 
Mineweb: South Africa's DRDGold trebles full-year earnings

M 4.8, 163km NNW of Bereeda, Somalia
M 3.5, 7km E of Brawley, California

SkepticalScience: Arctic Sea Ice Extent: We're gonna need a bigger graph 

ClimateCentral: Antarctic Methane: A New Factor in the Climate Equation

MSNBC: Evacuations continue as Isaac downgraded
Reuters: Flooding from Isaac forces evacuation of 60000
LandineMag: Flooding, tornadoes still a concern as Isaac heads toward Arkansas
CNN: Communities focus on clean up as Issac weakens  
NPR: Isaac Leaves Louisiana Sodden, Lacking Power
WashingtonPost: Isaac caught up to those who fled Katrina

VOA: Urbanization Growing Rapidly 
SeattleTimes: EPA grants Louisiana 10-day clean gas waiver 

Monibot: The Heat of the Moment
There are no comparisons to be made. This is not like war or plague or a stockmarket crash. We are ill-equipped, historically and psychologically, to understand it, which is one of the reasons why so many refuse to accept that it is happening.
VOA: Ice Age Melt Offers Future Climate Clues
CosmicLog: Boy finds a bonanza in whale vomit

America in Decline
GlobeAndMail: 5 Los Angeles police officers investigated in death of woman 
FT: The Beginning of the End of American Prosperity?

Food and Water
BigPictureAgriculture: Hot 5: Global Water Demand Chart. Cartoon Corner. Farmland Prices. DDGS is a Poor Product. Honey Uses. 
BlacklistedNews: 6 New GMO Crops that May Soon Hit Your Dinner Table 

CattleNetwork: U.S. soybeans hit record high as demand remains firm 
CattleNetwork: Agriculture, the Fed has been watching you 
CNN: Hot summer sends food prices soaring 

DesdemonaDespair: Rising food prices in North Canada spark protest 
NBC: Mango salmonella outbreak grows; 103 sick in US
Reuters: World food prices jumped 10 percent in July: World Bank

Science and Technology
Guardian: What is Reddit? And why does Obama care?
TechReview: The Counterintuitive Physics of Tarzan Swings  

Wired: In Search of the Living, Purring, Singing Heart of the Online Cat-Industrial Complex
UniverseToday: NASA Launches Twin Probes to Study Earth’s Radiation Belts

GlobeAndMail: Video: Tiny prehistoric bugs found trapped in amber
ClimateCentral: Scientists Suggest ‘Cloud Brightening’ To Halt Hurricanes

CNN: Social media becomes crime-fighting tool

CosmicLog: Liftoff! NASA launches probes to study Earth's radiation belts
NBCPhotoBlog: Seasons change, and so does Saturn

Medical and Health
ScienceDaily: Growing strong muscles without working out? 'Hulk' protein, Grb10, controls muscle growth 
ExtinctionProtocol: New ‘Heartland’ virus discovered in sick Missouri farmers - Two men in Missouri who became severely ill after sustaining tick bites were found to be infected with a new type of virus, according to a study from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Both men were admitted to hospitals after experiencing high fevers, fatigue, diarrhea and loss of appetite.

BusinessInsider: One In 100 Children Is A Psychopath, Experts Believes
CNNMoney: Rare diseases mean big profits for Alexion
CNN: Chocolate may lower men's stroke risk

CNN: West Nile cases rising; 66 dead
Vitals: Tiny mites on your face may cause rosacea
Vitals: Cluster of deadly hantavirus cases worries officials

Doomsteading, Gardening, Urban Farming
Treehugger: How to Store Fresh Tomatoes (Video)
Treehugger: Get Free Tomato Plants from Rooting Sucker Cuttings

Other News
Guardian: Breaking Bad doesn't show you the real drug war drama
...The stories being told by Sicilia and the caravan, those of the orphaned, widowed, displaced, maimed, missing and dead, are in competition with the aesthetic thrills of fictional works like Breaking Bad. While it would be unfair to frame Breaking Bad as DEA propaganda or somehow opposed to drug policy reform, its thematic scope fits neatly into the drug warrior's rhetoric of morality and personal choice.
ABCNews: LA Police Captain Loses His Command Over Body Slammed Nurse
Wired: Video: 'Dibbuk Box' Creeps Out a Family in <em>The Possession</em>  

Treehugger: Brazilian Town Gathers for the Funeral of a Kidnapped Chicken 
BusinessInsider: Lego For Girls Is A Gigantic Success Despite Huge Controversy 

Reuters: Several dead in shootout in New Jersey shopping plaza: report
Chron: Police: 100-year-old driver hits 14 near LA school
Telegraph: Gina Rinehart attacks 'jealous' poor
The world's richest woman has rebuked her poorer Australian countrymen, telling them to work harder and cut down their drinking, smoking and socialising.  

BigThink: Cliint Eastwood Stunt Misfires At RNC 
Picking an old white man who looked like he was on his last legs to be your mystery speaker was in a lot of ways emblematic of the Republican Party. The GOP has been beaming images from their convention hall of practically all white crowds of middle aged and elderly Americans into our homes every night this week. Mystery guest Clint Eastwood looked like he was doing an impression of Christopher Walken playing a doddering old man who has slipped away from the assisted living facility where he actually lives.

VancouverSun: Clintastrophe: Eastwood’s surreal speech at GOP convention didn’t make Mitt Romney’s day (With video)
NYT: Court Blocks Texas Voter ID Law, Citing Racial Impact
Salon: Neocons carry Bush's banner
MSNBC: Paul Ryan stokes passion among GOP, fact-checkers

USNews: Mitt Romney and the Mormon Machine
IrishCentral: Trust me, I'm a Republican - what will Mitt Romney's healthcare plan be?
WashingtonExaminer: Sharpton: Gingrich speech was as bad as a rap concert

ALTFG: Clint Eastwood Mystery Speaker RNC: What He'll NOT Say
BillingsGazette: Romney didn't build a business from scratch  

MSNBC: Eastwood surprises GOP convention — maybe in more ways than one 
Rawstory: Jon Stewart hammers Paul Ryan over lies and convenient truths 

Hosted: Not in Romney speech: Afghanistan, Social Security
McClatchy: S.C. residents say photo ID rule would keep them from voting  

Bloomberg: Christie’s New Jersey Record: Reality Check
Guardian: Obama wants to see Citizens United supreme court ruling overturned

Tinfoil Palace
The Oil Age
Hubberts Arms
Silent Country 
Destiny Calls

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