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Peak Oil and Energy News
WSJ: G-7 Calls for Lift In Oil Production 
CBSNews: Pirates seize tanker, kidnap 24 Russians - Analysts say recent tanker hijackings most likely work of single, sophisticated criminal gang after oil, not ransom

DetroitNews: Gas prices expected to jump above $4 today
Shutdowns of Ill. pipeline, refineries due to storm cited
CNBC: G7 Urges Oil Exporters to Increase Production
ETFDailyNews: Doug Casey Uncovers The Real Price of Peak Oil

Global Conflict
Guardian: Rachel Corrie lawsuit result 'dangerous precedent' say human rights groups
HindustaniTimes: Relief for Pak girl facing blasphemy charge

Guardian: Syria's worst massacre: Daraya death toll reaches 400 
CSMonitor: Assad says he needs more time to win war as refugees overwhelm Turkey, Jordan
WorldCrunch: As Death Toll Rises In Syria, Assad Says Things Are 'Better' 

CNN: Ex-FBI agent missing 2,000 days in Iran 
CNN: Iraq executes 21 in a day; 3 are women 
NYDaily: Osama was unarmed, almost dead, when 'killed', says book

NYT: Americans Shot in Mexico Were C.I.A. Operatives Aiding in Drug War
NBC: Unexploded WWII bomb disrupts Amsterdam Schiphol airport

Spiegel: World War II Bomb Detonated in Heart of Munich
 FinancialSense: The Endless War: Saudi Arabia Goes on the Offensive Against Iran
Rawstory: World of Warcraft players in Iran hit by U.S. sanctions

BlacklistedNews: Police outnumber convention protesters by 4-1 in Tampa 
BusinessInsider: Occupy Wall Street Is Planning A New Action On September 17, And Some Protesters Plan To Handcuff Bankers

Domestic Financial News
NOC: Add It Up: Taxes Avoided by the Rich Could Pay Off the Deficit
BlacklistedNews: It Is Not Just Your Imagination – American Families ARE Getting Poorer 
BusinessInsider: Vehicle Miles Driven Just Hit A New Post-Crisis Low
Forbes: What Downturn? Bank Profits Hit $34.5 Billion
BusinessInsider: The Incredibly Simple Reason That California Has The Hottest Jobs Market In America 

CharlesHughSmith: The Rot Runs Deep 1: The Federal Reserve Is a Parasitic Wealth Transfer Machine 
CharlesHughSmith: The Rot Runs Deep 2: Don't Call Out My Scam and I Won't Call Out Yours 

CNNMoney: Parents to college kids: Live at home, get a job Pessimism prevails: Consumer confidence drops most since October

BusinessInsider: Here's The Truth About What's Responsible For The Debt And Deficit ProblemMoneyUSNews: Is Our Aging Population Partly to Blame for the Slow Recovery? 
Soberlook: Consumers remain uncertain in spite of increased net worth - The weak consumer sentiment number today was a surprise.
AdvisorPerspective: QE3 Mechanism Is Broken 

Global Financial News
BlacklistedNews: Spain’s Jobless Turn to Barter System
BusinessInsider: China Got Slammed Again Last Night — Hits New Post Crisis Lows 
ChinaScopeFinancial: China’s Shipping Market Remains Sluggish 

Reuters: Volkswagen to invest 1 billion euros in Russia

UPI: Gold prices retreat slightly
Zerohedge: Euro Gold Technicals Look Near Perfect 
Time: The Strange Allure of the Gold Standard

M 5.1, 12km N of Port-Vila, Vanuatu
M 4.9, 284km NNW of Boroko, Indonesia

CNN: More than a half-million customers without electricity, utilities report

Reuters: Troops deployed as Hurricane Isaac targets New Orleans  
Telegraph: Hurricane Isaac breaches Louisiana levee on Katrina anniversary
BBC: Hantavirus warning to 1700 Yosemite campers
Reuters: Unusual earthquake swarm shakes Southern California 

ExtinctionProtocol: Jangled nerves in California, as scientist at a loss to explain present Southern California quake swarm

what could go wrong?
DominionPaper: "Green Bitumen?!": Nuclear reactors in the tar sands -—What do you get when you cross a nuclear reactor with a hydraulic shovel-full of tar sands? The answer, according to the Canadian Energy Research Institute, is "Green Bitumen." The brainchild of the nuclear industry, this novel concept of deploying small modular nuclear reactors (SMRs) to replace natural gas is being sold as a solution to the tar sands' reputation for producing the largest carbon footprint on the planet.

CSM: Arctic ice shrinks to record low (+video) 
ClimateCrocks: World Turning its Eyes to the Ice 
DesdemonaDespair: Graph of the Day: Average Size of Largest Annual Rain or Snow Storm in the U.S., 1948-2011 
Wired: Plastic-Filled Albatrosses Are Pollution Canaries in New Doc 

Rawstory: ‘Penis-head’ fish discovered in Vietnam

America in Decline
BlacklistedNews: U.S. Soldiers Committed Murders, Stockpiled Guns And Bomb Materials, In Plot To Assassinate Obama And Overthrow Government 
CNN: Guy, 68, fired for 1963 prank 

DesdemonaDespair; Tax cuts, wars account for nearly half of U.S. public debt by 2019 
HipcrimeVocab: Corn-pone Nazis On The March

Food and Water
BigPictureAgriculture: Global Wheat Stocks and Price. Why Has the Wheat Price Skyrocketed? 
CattleNetwork: Storing grain? Protect it like a bin full of gold 

CSM: Pitcher irrigation brings vegetables to Pakistani desert 
DailyFinance: GMO: The Secret the Food Industry Is Spending Millions to Keep
UPI: Corn harvest gets rolling

Privacy News
ArsTechnica: Big Brother on a budget: How Internet surveillance got so cheap

Science and Technology
MSNBC: Listen to the first song sent from Mars 
BigThink: Bill Nye Isn't Dead, He's Gone Viral 
BusinessInsider: How This 12-Year-Old Has Already Created 98 Online Games 

MSNBC: Two alien planets found with twin sunsCNNMoney: Why Apple really sued Samsung

Medical and Health
MSNBC: Americans fret about health costs rather than reform
Yahoo: World's Oldest Person, Besse Cooper, Turns 116
SeattleTimes: Yosemite officials say 1,700 visitors risk disease 

CNNHealth: What tests you really need (and when)
Atlantic: How Health Care Payments Have Changed Since 1960
TheScientist: Second Victim of Hantavirus

ExtinctionProtocol: Mobile death: thief targets Ebola patient in Uganda, gets infected with the virus

Doomsteading, Gardening, Urban Farming
ModernSurvivalBlog: How Old Is Grandma? 
CanadianDoomer: Food Storage So Far This Season 

CivilEats: New Book Takes a Look at Urban Farms Across the U.S. 
Vitals: Drug ingredients made in China entering market with little oversight
WaldenEffect: Anna: How much honey does a Warre hive need for the winter?

Other News
AJC: Colo. theater victim families question fundraising
MSNBC: Sheriff: Drunk causes death of 70,000 chickens

BlacklistedNews: Big Sis Begins Releasing Biological Agents Into Boston Subway - The federal government Wednesday will begin releasing bacteria at Red Line MBTA stations in Cambridge and Somerville at set times to test sensors designed to detect biological agents that could be released in a terrorist attack.

Yahoo: U.N. to invade Texas? "Ridiculous," says world body
Rawstory: Time Traveling Journalism, Two Articles from 2014: Trickle Down Eatonomics & NRA Press Release

ABCLocal: Women rally against Romney
NewsInvestors: Let Ryan Milk Immigration For His Party

LAT: Obama bucks tradition, campaigns during GOP convention
NOC: GOP Platform Says ‘Impeachment’ Is a Solution to Judicial Decisions the GOP Opposes

Salon: “Hostile takeover”: Ron Paul’s fans react - Ron Paul's fans are furious, but Chuck Grassley, Ari Fleischer and Orrin Hatch aren't worried about his treatment

HuffingtonPost: Ann Romney's RNC Speech Will Be Televised in Blatant Pursuit of the Women Vote
Politico: Playbook: If Romney doesn't win ...
CBSNews: Ann Romney gave a great speech. But will we remember it in a day or two?

NYT: How the Republicans Built It
VancouverSun: Republicans formally nominate Romney as their hope to drive Obama from White House
NationalJournal: Court Throws Out Texas Congressional Map

Tinfoil Palace
The Oil Age
Hubberts Arms
Silent Country 
Destiny Calls

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