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Guardian: Film highlights the temptations and perils of blind obedience to authority - Based on real-life events that took place in 2004 at a McDonalds in Kentucky, the film dramatizes a prank telephone call in which a man posing as a police officer manipulates a supervisor to abuse an employee with increasing amounts of cruelty and sadism, ultimately culminating in sexual assault – all by insisting that the abuse is necessary to aid an official police investigation into petty crimes. 

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SeattleTimes: 4 soldiers linked to terror plot; alleged leader tied to Washington  
Atlantic: Prosecutors: U.S. Soldiers Plotted to Kill President Obama

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Peak Oil and Energy News
OilPrice: The Underlying Causes of Oil Price Fluctuations 
Reuters: UPDATE 5-Venezuela refinery blaze spreads, fuel prices jump

ForeignPolicy: America's Real Strategic Petroleum Reserve

NYT: Military Spending on Biofuels Draws Fire 
SeattleTimes: U.S: 78 pct. of Gulf oil production shut by storm

Global Conflict
LAT: Israeli court rules US activist Rachel Corrie's death an accident
Telegraph: Rachel Corrie death: Israel rejects all blame 

WashingtonPost: Administrative punishments for US soldiers in Quran burning
Reuters: Warplane attacks on Damascus suburbs kill 60 -activists
LAT: Turkey calls for international assistance to aid Syrian refugees

RFERL: UN Envoy Says Iran 'Will Never Stop' Enrichment
SeattleTimes: Iran's military chief suing US over sanctions - A news agency reports that Iran's top military commander is suing the U.S. for putting his name on its sanctions list.

WashingtonPost: China’s arms exports flooding sub-Saharan Africa 
NBC: Pakistani Christians live in fear after girl's blasphemy arrest
Reuters: Three killed in Kenya's Mombasa riots after cleric shot dead

Here's something today sent in by our excellent friend Tube! Thanks Tube!
DissidentVoice: Pussy Riot, the CIA, and Cultural Terrorism

Domestic Financial News
LAT: Blame a dysfunctional patent system for Apple vs. Samsung verdict

Soberlook: Deposits at US commercial banks approaching $9 trillion - Here is another reason QE3 will do little to change bank behavior or encourage lending. US commercial banks are awash with liquidity these days as deposits hit a new high (approaching $9 trillion).
BottomLine: America's most hated industries
Fortune: Where's all that government spending really going?

FP: If U.S. enters depression, ‘world will follow’, former World Bank economist warns
Boston.com: Study finds 401k matches back at pre-crisis levelWSJ: Peek Into a Fed Hawk’s Case Against QE3
Counterpunch: Why Cheaters Prosper 
Cryptogon: Laid-Off US Workers Are Taking Huge Pay Cuts At Their New Jobs 

Global Financial News
CNBC: Budget Hole Undermines Spain’s Plans
Reuters: Japan cuts economic assessment as global slowdown bitesSeattleTimes: Ford to sell luxury Lincoln brand in China  
ETFDaily: “Market Shock” Coming This Fall: UK Telegraph Sources
Counterpunch: Fast-Tracking Evictions in Spain

CommodityOnline: Three reasons why China wants citizens to own Precious Metals
Mineweb: Turkey's gold reserves jump by almost a fifth 
ETFDaily: Why Platinum Is A Screaming Buy

M 4.5, 58km ESE of Healy, Alaska
M 4.8, 1km NNE of La Ligua, Chile
WashingtonPost: Isaac: Storm nears hurricane strength as it moves toward New Orleans
CCP: George Monbiot: The Heat of the Moment - Climate breakdown is right here, right now. There are no comparisons to be made. This is not like war or plague or a stockmarket crash. We are ill-equipped, historically and psychologically, to understand it, which is one of the reasons why so many refuse to accept that it is happening. What we are seeing, here and now, is the transformation of the atmospheric physics of this planet.

ClimateCrocks: World Turning its Eyes to the Ice
CCP: Arctic sea ice extent breaks 2007 record low: NSIDC Report for August 27, 2012 - Arctic sea ice appears to have broken the 2007 record daily extent and is now the lowest in the satellite era.

InsideClimateNews: Public Demands Bigger Role in Deciding Fate of Troubled Calif. Nuke Plant

America in Decline
Wired: We Don’t Need No Stinking Warrant: The Disturbing, Unchecked Rise of the Administrative Subpoena
Kunstler: Male Energies 
Economix; Our Dis-Integrated Economy -  During Mitt Romney’s time at its helm, Bain Capital cleverly invested in, and made enormous profits from, companies that The Washington Post describes as “pioneers in the practice of shipping work from the United States to overseas call centers and factories making computer components.” Where pioneers have gone, settlers have followed. Today, outsourcing by the country’s largest multinational corporations has become routine. The consequences for American workers and taxpayers have become increasingly visible.

Pennlive: Pennsylvania Turnpike is billions of dollars in debt
GuyMcPherson'sBlog: How The American University was Killed, in Five Easy Steps

Food and Water
Mish: Food Stamp Usage up 64% in Last Four Years, Cost up 114% in Same Period; SNAP Charts, Facts and Figures - Here are a couple of charts from Tim Wallace on the food stamp program, now called "SNAP" to remove the stigma. SNAP stands for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. SNAP Facts and Figures:

Science and Technology
Hosted: Famous lost word in Armstrong's 'mankind' quote
CosmicLog: Tributes to Neil Armstrong dominate the Internet

Guardian: Curiosity Mars rover sends back high-resolution picture of Mount Sharp - Image shows the layered face of the mountain, giving more clues as to whether water once flowed on the planet's surface

CBS: Can Curiosity Mars mission inspire like Apollo?

Religion: Bill Nye slams creationism
NBC: Bizarre poodle moth fascinates ... and frightens ... the masses online 

SeattleTimes: Prehistoric tiny bugs found trapped in amber - Scientists have found three well preserved ancient insects frozen in amber - and time - in what is Earth's oldest bug trap.

Medical and Health
Krugman: Voucherizing Medicare - So there it is: the draft Republican platform says of Medicare and Medicaid, The first step is to move the two programs away from their current unsustainable defined-benefit entitlement model to a fiscally sound defined-contribution model. That means that instead of Medicare as we know it, which pays your medical bills, you’d get a lump sum which you can apply to private insurance — they’ll yell when we call it a voucher, but that’s what it is.

CNN: 1 more dead after contracting hantavirus at Yosemite National Park 
Today: Belly fat worse for your heart than obesity, study suggests

Doomsteading, Gardening, Urban Farming
Sabredancing: Had a couple of reasonable days…

Other News
Chron: Family of alleged shooter "horrified"
Reuters: Attempted murder charge for teen suspect in school shooting  

SeattleTimes: Toll court shows little mercy to Highway 520 drivers - A new court in Washington state hears from drivers who quickly rack up penalties after missing payments on Highway 520 bridge tolls.
StarTelegram: Van Cliburn diagnosed with advanced bone cancer

Here's a funny one sent in by the Ozarker! LOL Funny stuff!
TheOnion: RNC Builds Levee Out Of Poor People To Protect Convention Site
WashingtonPost: Tropical Storm Isaac intersects with Gulf Coast, GOP convention and painful past
WashingtonPost: Romney's absurd assertions
CNN: With eye on weather, GOP convention to formally nominate Romney

USNews: The Real Reason Republicans Can't Win Latinos and Women 
PewResearch: 42% - Independents Give Low Ratings to Ryan, But Are More Negative on Biden
MSNBC: Wagner: Romney's birther joke 'irresponsible,' 'truly pathetic'
NPR: App Answers: Who's Paying For That Political Ad?

SeattleTimes: FACT CHECK: Anti-Obama film muddy on facts - "2016: Obama's America," a new conservative film exploring the roots of President Barack Obama's political views, took in $6.2 million to make it one of the highest-grossing movies of last weekend. The film, written and narrated by conservative scholar Dinesh D'Souza, argues that Obama was heavily influenced by what D'Souza calls the "anti-colonial" beliefs of his father, Barack Obama Sr., a Kenyan academic who was largely absent from the president's life.
Atlantic: Report: Arlen Specter Is 'Battling for His Life'

Tinfoil Palace
The Oil Age
Hubberts Arms
Silent Country 
Destiny Calls

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