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Peak Oil and Energy News
SeattleTimes: EPA to approve grain sorghum for cleaner ethanol
UPI: BP may dump U.S. gulf assets

Global Conflict
LAT: Raid on air force base raises fears about Pakistan's nuclear arsenal security
NYT: Militants Attack Pakistani Air Force Base
SeattlePI: Israel sees monthlong war after Iran strike
JPost: Lebanon kidnappings spark fears of Syria spillover
SeattlePI: Wave of attacks in northern, central Iraq kill 22

Telegraph: At least 30 civilians killed in Syria as warplanes flatten homes
An air strike on a town held by Syrian rebels near the Turkish border killed at least 30 civilians on Wednesday, in the latest massacre inflicted by regime fighter jets.
NBCNews: Up to 25 Shiites dragged off bus and shot dead in Pakistan - ISLAMABAD – Up to 25 Shiites were dragged from passenger buses and killed early Thursday in a suspected sectarian attack, police and government officials said.

NYT: 11 Killed in American Copter Crash in South Afghanistan  
NYT: UN Observer Mission in Syria to End

Hacker/Wikileaks News
NYT: Ecuador Grants Asylum to Assange, Defying Britain
Reuters: UPDATE 3-Britain threatens to storm Ecuador embassy to get Assange
CNN: What's next for Assange's extradition battle?

Domestic Financial News
NakedCapitalism: Moe Tkacik: Student Debt – The Unconstitutional 40 Year War on Students  - Yves here. I’m featuring this post not simply because the student debt issue is coming to serve as a form of debt servitude, but also because the backstory is so ugly. Student debt is the only form of consumer lending where the obligation cannot be discharged in bankruptcy. This story chronicles how persistent bank lobbying, including disinformation portraying student borrowers as likely deadbeats, led to increasingly draconian treatment of student loans. A second reason for posting it is that due to technical difficulties at Reuters, the original ran without the hyperlinks, which are of interest to serious readers. 

AdvisorPerspective: Two Measures of Inflation: New Update - The BLS's Consumer Price Index for July, released yesterday, shows core inflation fractionally above the Federal Reserve's 2% target at 2.10%. Core PCE, at the end of last month, is below the target at 1.80%. The Fed is on record as using Core PCE as its inflation gauge: The Committee judges that inflation at the rate of 2 percent, as measured by the annual change in the price index for personal consumption expenditures, is most consistent over the longer run with the Federal Reserve's statutory mandate.

Reuters: Fed's Fisher says more policy easing won't help on jobs
Fortune: Forget Washington: Here's how we'd fix the economy
AZCentral: US economic recovery is weakest since World War II

Telegraph: Richard Branson attacks Government 'insanity' after Virgin Trains loses West Coast rail contract
Money: How Safe Is Your American Dream?

NYT: America’s Aversion to Taxes
WSJ: Facebook Shares Fall to New Low as Lockup Expirations Begin
MSNBC: Governments mull seizing underwater mortgages - With millions of homeowners still "under water," some local governments are considering a novel solution: condemning their mortgages through the power of eminent domain.

Global Financial News
MSNBC: Spain's 'Robin Hood' mayor begins 3-week march 
IBTimes: China Needs To Spend Almost $8 Trillion To Cope With Massive Migration Of Rural Peoples Into Cities
Telegraph: Debt crisis: Germany stands firm on Greek bail-out demands
The German government stands by demands made by international creditors in return for Greece's bail-out, Angela Merkel's spokesman said on Wednesday.
NYT: Brazil to Invest $66 Billion in Roads, Railways

Spiegel: Greece Before the Abyss Only Bankruptcy Can Help Now

CommodityOnline: Operation Twist helps Treasuries look attractive weakens Gold
ETFDaily: The Ultimate Investor Guide To Silver ETFs (SLV, SIVR, AGQ, ZSL)

M 5.3, Central Mid-Atlantic Ridge
M 5.0, 265km NNE of Ndoi Island, Fiji

ENENews: Japan Paper: Malformations in 10% of cotton worms from Fukushima town -Entomologist (PHOTO) 

CCP: 2012 -- The "Goliath" melting year [for Greenland's ice sheet] - Melting in Greenland set a new record before the end of the melting season. Over the past days, the cumulative melting index over the entire Greenland ice sheet (defined as the number of days when melting occurs times the area subject to melting) on August 8th exceeded the record value recently set in 2010 for the whole melting season (which usually ends around the beginning of or middle of September).The melting index is computed from passive microwave satellite measurements, and it can be viewed as a measure of the ‘strength’ of the melting season: the higher the index the more melting occurred.
ENENews: Lousiana TV: “Growth of the sinkhole was expected and could continue” Stickleback fish show initiative, personality and leadership 
Rawstory: Snow in August? It’s steamy now, but forecasters see a big winter coming.

TransitionVoice: Waste not, want not

Grist: Greenland’s ice melt is its worst ever — and there’s still a month to go

America in Decline
JonathanTurley: Dumb and Dum Dummer: NOAA Clarifies That It Is Not Buying Hollow Points For Weatherman . . . Just Fisheries Personnel
UPI: 75 percent unhappy with U.S. direction 
UPI: ATK producing ammo for Homeland Security
ThinkProgress: Ohio Limits Early Voting Hours In Democratic Counties, Expands In Republican Counties
MotherJones: 26 Corporations That Paid Their CEOs More Than Uncle Sam

Food and Water
Nature: Demand for water outstrips supply  - Groundwater use is unsustainable in many of the world's major agricultural zones.

CNN: Salt creeping up the Mississippi River - A drought in Louisiana has lowered the Mississippi River, leaving its southern tip awash in saline from the Gulf of Mexico and prompting health officials in Plaquemines Parish to issue a drinking water advisory.

Science and Technology
MSNBC: See Mercury and Venus reach orbit milestones
FutureOfTech: Living Earth Simulator to seek planet's future in its data
ANN: Hope still remains for Afghanistan’s Buddhas 

PopSci: 18-Foot-Wide Rideable Robot Named Stompy Gets Funded on Kickstarter

Medical and Health
UPI: Boy had toy stuck in nose for three years

SeattleTimes: The other Paul Ryan plan: $800B in Medicaid cuts  - Rep. Paul Ryan's plan for Medicare gets all the attention, but the GOP vice presidential candidate has proposed more fundamental changes to medical care for the poor and disabled. 
Rawstory: Researchers: Infant drug tests for marijuana are unreliable

BodyOdd: Sleepwalking writer uncovers the mysteries of slumber
MSNBC: Experimental pill adds months to lives of prostate cancer patients  - Drug helps men after other therapies fail
ScienceDaily: Finally, the promise of male birth control in a pill: Compound makes mice reversibly infertile

Doomsteading, Gardening, Urban Farming
ModernSurvivalOnline: Red Dawn 2012 update

Other News
CBSNews: $337M Powerball drawing: One winning ticket sold
WashingtonPost: Family Research Council guard shot by gunman in DC
CNN: Investigators examining motive in Family Research Council shooting

ChicagoTribune: Young immigrants seek to avoid deportation under new program
UPI: Women-only industrial city to be built

FoxNews: Brewer blocks undocumented immigrants from receiving public benefits
WashingtonPost: Undoing Obama Medicare cuts may backfire on Romney
FirstRead: Ryan meets with Vegas casino mogul as hundreds protest
FirstRead: Santorum says government forcing Catholics to sin
Politico: Mitt on taxes: I always paid over 13 percent

TinfoilPalace: DHS and US Military Make Final Preparations Before Announcing Martial Law
TinfoilPalace: More Internet Censorship by TPTB?

OilAge: Heinberg: our cooperative Darwinian moment
OilAge: Our oversized groundwater footprint

HubbertsArms: Israel Plans for Iran Strike, Citizens Fear Worst
HubbertsArms: Texas A&M shooting.

SilentCountry: Cyber Attack-Airports

SilentCountry: USDA Looks to Approve Monsanto's Drought-Tolerant Corn

DestinyCalls: Anthology on strange things in the simpson's cartoon 

DestintyCalls: Britain, America, The Bank of England, The Fed and Two World Wars

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