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Back again! Boy howdy has this been one hell of a summer! LOL remind me to tell you all about it one day!
Hopefully things will straighten out some now and I can be more regular with the blog again.
Thanks for the comments asking about the blog.

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Peak Oil and Energy News
Time: Oil Rises to Near $94 on Israel-Iran Concerns
StarTribune: Little Falls ethanol plant suspends operations
WashingtonPost: The rise–and possible fall–of U.S. wind power
CNNMoney: Is there such a thing as bad gasoline?
Reuters: Brent up on supply worry, economic concerns check gain

McClatchy: Interior Secretary Ken Salazar slams Shell Oil for Arctic drilling delays

Global Conflict
CNN: Officials vote to suspend Syria from the Organization of Islamic Cooperation
WSJ: Ex-Syria PM Urges Defection

Reuters: China to protest after Japan arrests activists on disputed island
Guardian: Israel not about to attack Iran, says Leon Panetta – video 
SeattlePI: Israel plunged into unprecedented debate about war
SeattleTimes: Pentagon chiefs call Egypt's new military chiefs - Top Pentagon leaders say have talked by phone with their new Egyptian counterparts and are hoping to continue the longtime military relationship between Washington and Cairo.

BBC; Syria crisis: Blast near Damascus military compound
SeattlePI: 14 get death row in Egypt for Sinai police attacks

Hacker News
Guardian: Julian Assange will be granted asylum, says official - Ecuador's president Rafael Correa has agreed to give the WikiLeaks founder asylum, according to an official in Quito

Domestic Financial News
Hossted: Chinese companies pull out of US stock markets
WashingtonPost: Paul Ryan’s biggest cuts are to Medicaid, not Medicare - Paul Ryan’s Medicare overhaul may be the most controversial part of his budget.
S&P: Ben Bernanke May Have to Exchange "Opportunistic Disinflation" for Forced Reflation
TimeBusiness: Was the Social Media Tech IPO Boom a Big Scam?

CuriousCapitalist: Consumer Prices Remain Flat in July; 3rd Time in 4 Months
DailyFinance: FedEx Delivers Bad News on the U.S. Economy 

CBO: Long-Term Analysis of a Budget Proposal by Chairman Ryan
Reuters: Insight: Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac clamping down on banks

Zerohedge: In June Foreigners Bought Fewest US Securities Since December 2011; Biggest Corporate Bond Outflow Since January 2010

Economix: It's the Accounting, Stupid - The accounting systems we currently have in place are seriously flawed. 
Time: Is the Stock Market Really Dying? 

Telegraph: US retail sales rise for first time in four months
US retail sales rose in July for the first time in four months as demand climbed broadly for everything from cars to electronics, a sign that consumers could drive faster economic growth in the third quarter.
Reuters: Goldman executives win dismissal of mortgage, TARP lawsuit

CapitalSpectator: Another July Upside Surprise: Industrial Production 

EP: Long Term Unemployment is the Crisis of Our Time

Global Financial News
WSJ: Euro Zone Shrinking Again

Mish: Hollande's Honeymoon is Over; 54% of Voters Unhappy; Unions Promise "War" in September
WorldCrunch: Spanish Robin Hoods: Stealing From Supermarkets To Feed The Poor 
WSJ: Greek Auction Fends Off Default

Guardian: Why Germans love the enigmatic Angela Merkel
Businessweek: Nouriel Roubini on Threats to the Global Economy

CNN: European economy slumps in second quarter
Guardian: Spanish house prices drop 11.2% - July's fall is biggest since March last year in a property market which has lost 31% of its value since 2008
Spiegel: Slowdown in Second Quarter German Economy Is Running Out of Steam
Spiegel: Currency's Days Feared Numbered Investors Prepare for Euro Collapse

Reuters: Greece sinks again, more cuts to save bailout in store
Guardian: Japan's economic growth slows to 0.3% - Drop in consumer spending and knock-on effect of eurozone crisis may trigger further easing of monetary policy

CommodityOnline: Gold struggles to find support from physical market: Barclays
FinancialSense: Gold and the Middle East Crisis

M 2.8, 4km WSW of Alberto Oviedo Mota, Mexico
M 2.9, 49km SE of Boca de Yuma, Dominican Republic
Yahoo: Source of Mysterious Pumice 'Raft' in Pacific Found, NASA Says

UPI: Extinction rate for U.S. fish to rise
BlacklistedNews: Dozens of Dead Birds Fall From the Sky in NJ
ChicagoTribune: Wildfires rage in West, destroy 60 homes in Washington state
CNN: Wildfires blaze through Western states

ClimateChangePsychology: Greenland enters melt mode: Island-wide thaw is one for the record books - Greenland’s ice is on the hot seat again. A heat wave, possibly the biggest in a century, washed over the frozen island in mid-July. Around 97% of the surface ice melted temporarily. Slush even appeared at Greenland’s highest, coldest spot. The massive ice cap also darkened a lot this year, so it absorbs more of the sun’s energy and melts still faster. Overall, more of Greenland’s ice melted in June and July than in any previous year during the satellite era, says Marco Tedesco of the City University of New York.
MSNBC: Drought sends Mississippi into 'uncharted territory'

ENENews: Gundersen: “At this point my mind is changing” — Perhaps best to entomb reactors and come back in 300 years (AUDIO)
TheScientist: More Mutations in Fukushima Butterflies

Yahoo: Record-setting python found in Florida - At 17 feet, 7 inches (5.3 meters) in length, it is the largest snake of its kind found in the state and it was carrying a record 87 eggs.
MSNBC: Study: Brazil wildlife vanishing at 'staggering rate'
Wired: Arctic Coastlines Hitting Ecological Tipping Point

VOA: Asia Flood Disasters a Warning Signal for City Planners

America in Decline

Food and Water
MSNBC: Farm expands melon recall to honeydews - A North Carolina company that has recalled tens of thousands of cantaloupes because of potential food poisoning extended the recall to honeydew melons on Tuesday, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration said.

Privacy News
WallStreetOnParade: The Disappearing Line Between Surveillance and Social Control
Ad firm’s facial-recognition marketing brings ‘Minority Report’ into present

Science and Technology
LAT: Curiosity survives 'brain transplant,' to drive on Mars next week
WorldCrunch: Coming Soon: Islamic Facebook 
PopSci: Video: Indestructible Military Inchworm-Bot Survives Attack By Bootheels and Hammers 

ANN: Doubts about whether modern humans and Neanderthals interbred 
ScienceDaily: Asymmetric warfare between earwigs explored 
UniverseToday: “The Hobbit” Author Gets a Crater on Mercury 

Chron: Aircraft shoots to reach 3,600 mph for 5 minutes

Medical and Health
TechReview: The Hunt Is On for Biological Signs of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - A consortium of U.S. psychiatrists, neurobiologists, data scientists, and more will pool resources in an effort to find a better means of diagnosing and potentially treating post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), a condition that can lead to debilitating anxiety or depression as well as cardiovascular disease.
Star-Telegram: Fort Worth to begin ground spraying to combat West Nile
Slate: Most People Who Take Blood Pressure Medication Possibly Shouldn’t  - An independent analysis finds no real benefit for people with mild hypertension.Hosted: Some below poverty line don't qualify for Medicaid 

Doomsteading, Gardening, Urban Farming
Guardian: Poo power celebrated as solar toilet wins sanitation prize
TreeHugger: Tips for Finding and Eradicating Tomato Hornworms in Your Garden
CanadianDoomer: Alberta, Storms and .... Flour

Other News
Forbes: Man Arrested In Burglary Of Steve Jobs House In Palo Alto
WSJ: Toddler Dies in Explosion

Guardian: Most children in Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya fail literacy and numeracy tests 
HuffingtonPost: Betty Smithey Released: Nation's Longest Serving Female Inmate Free In Arizona ...

NYT: An Ex-Wrestling Executive Wins a GOP Primary
LAT: Biden's 'chains,' Romney's welfare sloths add race to campaign
Reuters: Special ops group attacks Obama over bin Laden bragging, leaks 
McClatchy: Congress' approval rating down to 10 percent
USAToday: This Congress could be least productive since 1947

USAToday: Does every vote count? Why some Americans don’t think so
A USA TODAY/Suffolk University Poll surveyed Americans who say there is a no better than 50-50 chance they will vote in the presidential race in November.
SFGate: Pennsylvania Voter ID Challengers Lose Bid to Block New Law

TinfoilPalace: Terminally ill children are being 'tortured' by desperate parents who are hoping for divine intervention, claims new study
TinfoilPalace: MUST READ: 2012 Forecast from "The Awareness"

TheOilAge: The Baltic Dry Index/Shipping
TheOilAge: Investments for Preppers...

HubbertsArms: DHS To Purchase Another 750 Million Rounds Of Ammo
HubbertsArms: 16 French police wounded in overnight clashes with youths

SilentCountry: US Navy ship collides with oil tanker in Gulf

SilentCountry: Drought Diaries

DestinyCalls? Timewave zero from june 2012

DestinyCalls: Maurice Cotterel


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