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Well, looks like things are ready to pop over in the ME again. Keep yourselves informed and keep prepping. Have a good weekend and see you all again on Monday!

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Peak Oil and Energy News
WorldCrunch: Japan To Say Sayonara To Nuclear Power - Will It Crank Up World Energy Prices?
ArabNews: US refiners hunting for heavy sour crude
UPI: Iran oil exports up, IEA says
TechReview: Japan approves nuclear phase-out by 2040
TimeBusiness: Oil Breaks $100 after Fed Vows Action on Economy 
WSJ: South Sudan Shakes Up Oil Sector 

FinancialPost: Wild gas price swings 'the new norm'

Global Conflict
WashingtonPost: More protests break out in Muslim world as US appeals for calm
MSNBC: Tensions rise as China surveillance ships enter waters claimed by Japan
Reuters: Pope calls weapons imports to Syria a "grave sin"

CNN: US embassies tighten security as protests rage over anti-Islam film  
WorldCrunch: US Steps Up Security As Rage Against Anti-Islam Film Continues Into Fourth Day 
Independent: British, German and US embassies targeted as protests against anti-Islam film continue to spread throughout Muslim world
McClatchy: No protest before Benghazi attack, wounded Libyan guard says
NPR: Ben Bernanke, Unemployment, And Self-Fulfilling Prophecies

Independent: Revealed: inside story of US envoy's assassination 
CNN: 4 killed as Yemeni police, demonstrators clash at U.S. Embassy 
Guardian: Anti-islamic film search leads to coptic Christian in California - Nakoula Basseley Nakoula claims role in the Innocence of Muslims saying it was intended as a provocative statement

IndependentVoices: The murder of US ambassador Christopher Stevens proves the Arab Spring was never what it seemed - Bloody violence in Libya and protests in Egypt should dispel any notion that these revolutions were a vote in favour of Western ideals.
AtlanticWire: State Department Denies Having Advanced Warning of an Attack
UPI: Netanyahu: Not trying to help Romney

OilPrice: Libya: Doomed From Day One - People often ask me why the West doesn’t attempt a Libya-style intervention in Syria. After all, things are going so well in Libya. Oil production is up. But oil production is merely a mirage, as is security in Libya, which was doomed from the day one PG (post-Gaddafi) because of the way it was “liberated”.

Hacker News/Wikileaks
Alternet: Julian Assange: Hunted by America's Violent Empire
About the state, though, there must be no illusions. A nation that goes to war on fraud, that insists “We don’t torture” when evidence to the contrary abounds, that kidnaps foreign nationals and puts them on planes to be delivered to dungeons, that spies on its people, asserts its right to lock them up indefinitely and lets documented CIA torturers off the hook of accountability because they were only following orders: that nation will plot, and it will double-cross, and it will kill. Sweden participated in the US program of extraordinary rendition. The United Kingdom has threatened to storm Ecuador’s embassy. The United States now says it does not recognize the historic right of persons to seek diplomatic asylum. Assange’s lawyers have said that he will go to Sweden if he gets an absolutely firm guarantee from the Obama administration that it will not arrest him. Such a guarantee is impossible in an empire of lies.

Domestic Financial News
Reuters: The Fed's QE3: how does it work and what are the risks? - The U.S. central bank on Thursday said it will launch a fresh round of bond-buying to stimulate the economy, purchasing $40 billion of mortgage debt each month until the outlook for jobs improves substantially.
WashingtonPost: Wonkbook: Everything you need to know about the Fed's big move

Hosted: Gas prices, cars push US retail sales up 0.9 pct.
BusinessInsider: BIG MISS: Initial Jobless Claims Jump 15K To 382K
McClatchy: Federal Reserve announces steps to jolt economy

NPR: Ben Bernanke, Unemployment, And Self-Fulfilling Prophecies
Reuters: U.S. financial risk council could use more sunlight: GAO
USAToday: Factory output plunges, gas costs boost inflation, retail sales
TheAtantic: Why Is the GOP So Furious at Ben Bernanke?  

WashingtonPost: How the government fights poverty, in one chart

WSJ: How Quantitative Easing Works -  The Fed launched a major new bond-buying program Thursday. The following graphic outlines how the central bank expects its quantitative easing to boost the economy.

OrangeCountyRegister: Fewer U.S. homes underwater as prices rise - Lansner on Real Estate - More than 1.3 million U.S. homeowners who owed more on their mortgages than their homes were worth have regained equity this year, Santa Ana-based data firm CoreLogic says. 

TimeBusiness: Money Talking: Is the Stock Market Entering Another Bubble?
Zerohedge: Is $4 Gas Capping Bernanke's Dow-20k Dreams? 

Global Financial News
Spiegel: Pension Armageddon: Germans Fear Poverty Even After Life of WorkTimeBusiness: India Agrees to Let in Foreign Retailers, Again

VOA:  World Stock Indexes Jump on US Economic Boost

PIIE: China Economic Watch | Urbanization and Economic Growth…It’s an article of faith amongst many analysts that China’s rapid urbanization will inevitably suck up any excess housing supply and boost consumption as new urbanites enter the middle class.
24hgold: Germany Has Extracted Stealth Victory Over ECB

MarketWatch: Spain house prices see record quarterly drop -The decline of Spanish housing prices accelerated in the second quarter, posting the steepest drop on record as a housing bust undermines the country's fragile banking industry amid weak domestic demand and rising unemployment.

ETFDailyNews: Breaking: Historic Silver Panic In Progress, Says GATA Sources
CommodityOnline: Is there any deeper meaning to recent uptrend in Gold Silver

M 3.6, 41km ESE of Circle, Alaska
M 2.6, 126km NNW of Road Town, British Virgin Islands
CNN: Tens of thousands evacuated as 'Fire Volcano' erupts in Guatemala
UPI: Bird loss has island overrun with spiders
Telegraph: Tens of thousands of feral camels culled in Australian outback
Some 100,000 feral camels have been culled from the Australian outback, a key step towards controlling the troublesome animals that have destroyed infrastructure, contaminated water holes and ruined sacred Australian Aboriginal sites. Feds declare fishery disaster in New England
The U.S. Commerce Department on Thursday declared a national fishery disaster in New England, opening the door for tens of millions of dollars in relief funds for struggling fishermen and their ports.

Acting Commerce Secretary Rebecca Blank said the declaration comes amid ‘‘unexpectedly slow rebuilding of stocks,’’ which is forcing huge fishing cuts for 2013 that are jeopardizing the New England industry. Blank said her agency also determined the troubles with fish stocks have come even though fishermen are following rules designed to prevent overfishing.
MSNBC: 'Super typhoon' heading for Okinawa, South Korea
Rawstory: Researchers hope ‘bat cave’ will prevent deadly white-nose syndrome

America in Decline
Bottomline: Wealthy Americans get help from US to buy expensive homes
CommonDreams: Mind-Boggling (Again) --Fox Nation's ever-astute, finely nuanced headline after the Libyan violence: "Obama Calls Libyan President to Thank Him After U.S. Ambassador Murdered," followed by their own commentary, "Unbelievable." Yup.

ETFDaily: Why There’s No Jail Time For Wall Streeters
DailyCensored: Rahm Emanuel’s Privatize Chicago Plan

Food and Water
ABCNews: NYC Bans Big, Sugary Drinks at Restaurants
Grist: Pop culture: The industry forces behind New York’s soda war

SeattleTimes: Crop insurance losses begin to mount amid drought -  Thousands of farmers are filing insurance claims this year after drought and triple-digit temperatures burned up crops across the nation's Corn Belt, and some experts are predicting record insurance losses - exacerbated by changes that reduced some growers' premiums.

Science and Technology
ScienceDaily: X-rays unravel mysterious degradation of Van Gogh painting: Protective varnish caused discoloration

MSNBC: Elusive dark energy is real, study says - But substance itself that may be accelerating universe's expansion still a mystery ArsTechnica: Herd immunity: cow virus successfully targeted for extinction

Medical and Health
ScienceDaily: Protein linked to hunger also implicated in alcoholism

CNN: Tourists dying mysteriously in Asia
Vitals: Salmonella cantaloupe toll rises to 270

ScienceDaily: Obesity more common among rural residents than urban counterparts, study finds 
BlacklistedNews: Scientists Implant Short-Term Memories in Rat Brain tissue 
DailyCensored: Researchers study cannabis compound that can be used to treat epilepsy

Doomsteading, Gardening, Urban Farming
BigPictureAgriculture: Farming with Horses in Wisconsin 1943

Other News
NewYorkDaily: Homeless man arrested for vicious Central Park rape of 73-year-old woman
UPI: Woman finds ex from 12 years ago in attic

USAToday; Bomb threats clear Texas, N. Dakota state campuses 
The University of Texas at Austin and North Dakota State University have ordered campus buildings evacuated because of bomb threats.
"Immediately evacuate ALL buildings and get as far away as possible," the University of Texas at Austin says on its website.
Update at 11:56 a.m. ET: "We have emptied the buildings and we have told folks to stay far away," Tara Doolittle, a UT-Austin spokeswoman, tells USA TODAY's Sharon Jayson. "No decision has been made on whether to hold afternoon classes. We're working with local and federal law enforcementto ensure that the campus is secure.

LAT: Poll watch: Obama leads Romney in four swing states
NBC: Black pastor uses lynching photo to help get out the vote
WSJ: Romney Calls Fed Move ‘Sugar High’

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Silent Country

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