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Peak Oil and Energy News
Businessweek: Saudi Arabia May Become Oil Importer by 2030, Citigroup Says
ETFDaily: Jim Rogers: When and Why You Should Buy Crude Oil

EconoSpeak: Are Lower Gasoline Prices Worth More Pollution? - Apparently Paul Ryan thinks so: 
Bloomberg: Obama Officials Met Oil Analysts Amid Concerns Prices May Rise
OilVoice: China's August oil demand dips
NBC: In Arctic oil battle, Shell starts preliminary drilling

CNN: The little green bean in big demand
WSJ: OIL FUTURES: Crude Edges Lower As Traders Weigh Fed Action

Global Conflict
JPost: 'World must follow Canada's lead, cut Iran ties'
ABCNews: Clinton: Deep Differences With Russia on Syria
CNN: Attacks targeting Iraqi police, army leave dozens dead

Reuters: Fugitive Iraqi VP gets death sentence as bombs kill 80
CSMonitor: Widespread insurgent attacks kill at least 44 in Iraq (+video)
ABCNews: Iraqi VP Says Innocent, Terror Trial a Sham

NPR: U.S. Hands Over Control Of Bagram Prison To Kabul
WorldCrunch: Israel Retaliates, Threatens Large-Scale Military Operation After Rocket Attack

WashingtonPost: Navy SEAL: Osama bin Laden killing 'not like the movies'
ABCNews: Navy SEAL: Why We Shot Osama Bin Laden on Sight

NYT: Syria Criticizes France for Supporting Rebels, as Fears Grow of Islamist Infiltration
NBC: Top US officer visits Israel amid rift over whether to attack Iran

Guardian: Sections of Taliban ready to accept US presence in Afghanistan – report  - Moderates say they can see no prospect of victory so are prepared to negotiate – but not with the Karzai government

ForeignPolicy: The Boom Economy - Why 2012 is a great year to be in the arms business.
BlacklistedNews: America's refusal to extradite Bolivia's ex-president to face genocide charges

Reuters: Chicago teachers to strike for first time in 25 years
NakedCapitalism: Sheila Bair Visits Occupy Wall Street - Sheila Bair, the former FDIC chairman who heads the Systemic Risk Council, and Ricardo Delfina, a fellow Systemic Risk Council member, met on Sunday with members of several Occupy Wall Street working groups

GlobeAndMail: A year later, Occupy did little – and inequality only gets worse - It flashed through our lives like a comet in the sky, illuminating the most insidious development of our time. Then just as suddenly it flamed out and died. Or at least disappeared.

WSJ: Strike Spreads at Gold Fields

Domestic Financial News
BusinessInsider: Student Loans: Debt for Life
WSJ: Market Fever Runs High for Fed Action

Krugman: Government Employment - During today’s round table on ABC, Rand Paul seemed shocked at my claim that government employment is down under Obama. Of course, it is. But maybe he’s thinking of the fact that since govt employment rose under Bush, we’re still at higher absolute levels than we were a decade ago.

Zerohedge: The Reason Why The Unemployment Rate Dropped: The Labor Participation Rate Is At Fresh 31 Year Lows

BusinessInsider: The Bailout Numbers Every American Voter Needs To Know
GlobeAndMail: With no rebound in sight, there’s never been a slump like this 
Businessweek: US to Become Minority AIG Shareholder With $18B Sale

BlacklistedNews: US debt collectors cash in on $1 trillion in student loans 
TimeBusiness: No Sale? Retailers Try to Avoid Deep Discounting Without Losing Shoppers 
MSNBC: GM losing as much as $49,000 per Volt sold 

MyBudget360: The swan song of stagflation – Gas prices up over 100 percent from 2005 and incomes are stagnant. Ignoring a $16 trillion debt headline and repackaging food to hide stagnant incomes.

Global Financial News
WSJ: Asian Shares Mixed; China Data Offset Stimulus Hopes

Marketwatch: Stubborn politicians threaten ECB-inspired rally — Stubborn politicians could quickly undo the sharp fall in Spanish and Italian bond yields that has accompanied the formulation of the European Central Bank’s latest bond-buying plan, strategists said Friday.

Zerohedge: A Bright Future For Greeks:"Now I Clean Swedish Shit" 

Telegraph: IMF chief Lagarde highlights perils of US fiscal cliff
Christine Lagarde has said the “US fiscal cliff” is one of the greatest threats to the global economy.
Telegraph: The euro crisis is not over and is about to get interesting

Hosted: Monti calls for EU summit to confront populism
Telegraph: George Soros: Germany should back growth or leave euro

Reuters: WRAPUP 3-China, Russia sound alarm on world economy at APEC summit
IBTimes: Europe's Car Industry Faces Worst Crisis in 18 YearsWSJ: Greek Factory Output Falls Again

Zerohedge: The “Bond King”: Buy Gold, Not Bonds
CommodityOnline: QE3 can drive Gold to $1800: Barclays
ETFDaily: Silver Prices At Multi-Month High

M 3.2, 44km ESE of The Entrance, Australia
CNN: Thousands evacuated after volcano in Nicaragua eruptsSeattlePI: NYC cleans up from 2 twisters after Eastern storms
BBC: Two tornadoes rip through New York City
MSNBC: Why China's Yangtze River is running red 

AlterNet: Thousands Mourn Keeper of the Mountain Larry Gibson, and the Appalachians He Defended from Mountaintop Removal
 Larry Gibson
MSNBC: Massive wildfire drives hundreds from homes in Idaho

America in Decline
FT: Seniors Turn to Risky ‘Reverse’ Mortgages for Cash

Food and Water
TriCities: Bananas: Newest industry for the area? - ABINGDON, Va. — In Southwest Virginia, the local foods movement has bred experiments with an unlikely crop for the relatively cool Appalachian climate: bananas.
BlacklistedNews: Leaked: US to Start ‘Trade Wars’ with Nations Opposed to Monsanto, GMO Crops

Privacy News
WorldCrunch: AppleLeaks: Is The FBI Spying On You With A Little Help From Apple?

Science and Technology
RedditScience: Hubble has spotted an ancient galaxy that shouldn't exist
CBS: NASA hoping that Mars rover won't find water

ArsTechnica: Most of what you read was wrong: how press releases rewrote scientific history 
ScienceDaily: Semiconductors grown on graphene could fundamentally change semiconductor industry

Medical and Health
MSNBC: Study: Depressed moms might have shorter kids
ScienceDaily: Older overweight children consume fewer calories than their healthy weight peers

Nature: Amino-acid deficiency underlies rare form of autism 
ScienceDaily: Marijuana use may increase risk of testicular cancer 

Smithsonian: Attack of the Superbugs

Doomsteading, Gardening, Urban Farming
Zerohedge: Guest Post: Matthew Stein Asks "How Prepared Are You?"
Zerohedge: Guest Post: How "Crazy Survivalists" Make The World A Better Place 

PeakProsperity: How to Build a Gypsy Caravan from Recycled Materials 
ResiliantCommunities: What You Can do to Prepare for an Israeli Attack on Iran this Fall

Other News
WashingtonPost: Police continue searching UK home of British-Iraqi couple killed in French Alps
Hosted: UK police evacuate homes of al-Hilli neighbors
Guardian: Girl injured in French Alps shootings emerges from coma 


LAT: What to expect if President Obama wins second term
DemocraticUnderground: HUGE: Obama's grassroots campaign outraised the Romney campaign in August!

Guardian: Barack Obama gets lift from pizza man's bear hug  
MSNBC: Obama motorcade cop hit by pickup truck, killed

CBSNews: Biden: Romney won't disclose tax loopholes he'll close

Krugman: Arms And The Mitt - A week ago I noted that Mitt Romney’s convention speech included a sudden lurch into weaponized Keynesianism, the doctrine that government spending destroys jobs unless it’s spending on defense contractors, in which case it’s the lifeblood of the economy. Well, in case you thought that this was some random line inserted into his speech, this theme — government spending is great as long as it’s for destructive purposes! — is now the theme of a massive ad blitz.
CNN: Congress has little motivation for compromise before election

Tinfoil Palace
The Oil Age
Hubberts Arms
Silent Country

Destiny Calls

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