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Breaking News Tues. Sept. 11, 2012

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Peak Oil and Energy News
ENENews: US University develops wind turbines that generate about 5 TIMES as much energy as usual (PHOTO)
ArabNews: High oil price not justified: Al-Naimi
USAToday: Study: Wind could power the world
GlobeAndMail: President of Royal Dutch Shell Canadian division urges carbon price

Global Conflict
NYT: The Deafness Before the Storm 
WashingtonPost: Al-Qaeda affiliate's No. 2 leader reportedly killed in Yemen
CBSNews: Preview: Panetta angry at ex-SEAL's bin Laden book

LAT: US rebuffs Israel on 'red lines' over Iran nuclear program
NYT: Communist Leader's Absence Sets Off Rumor Mills in China

Haaretz: In secret visit to Israel, UK officials warn Netanyahu against unilateral attack on Iran
WSJ: Palestinian Protests Fan Fears of Revolt  

Telegraph: Xi Jinping mystery deepens amid speculation over health of China's next president
JPost: Panetta: US has a year if Iran decides on a nuclear bomb

WashingtonPost: Suicide bomber throws hand grenade, blows himself up at entrance to Turkish police station

NYT: UN Details Flows of Syrian Refugees

Telegraph: Israel 'could drop threat of imminent Iran attack' - Israel could drop its threat of an imminent attack on Iran after Benjamin Netanyahu confirmed that discussions with the United States about setting Tehran a "red line" over its nuclear programme are under way.
Reuters: Gaddafi-era officials go on trial accused over Lockerbie case

Hacker News/Wikileaks
NBC: EXCLUSIVE: The real source of Apple device IDs leaked by Anonymous last week
TechnoLog: GoDaddy says sites are down; hacker claims responsibility

Domestic Financial News
Reuters: Treasury sells big chunk of AIG stock at a profit
IBTimes: AIG Bailout Will Earn $12.4B Profit For US, Treasury Says
Politico: Fiscal cliff: All talk, no deal-making

NYT: As low rates depress savers, governments reap benefits  - Countries enjoy cheaper borrowing costs, but individual consumers lose
CNN: Why wages aren't rising
TimeBusiness: Will the Stock Market Keep On Rising?

CapitalGainsAndGames: Stop The Sequester Madness - I want to say this as directly as possible: The sequester - the Jan. 2 across-the-board spending cut that was triggered when the anything-but-super committee failed to agree on a deficit reduction plan last November - needs to be canceled. In case there's any doubt about what I mean, note that I said "canceled" rather than postponed, delayed, kicked down the road, modified, revised or anything else short of completely stopping the sequester from happening.

Reuters: Small Business Confidence Rises In August

Global Financial News
CommonDreams: Greek Anger, Protests After Fresh Austerity Cuts - Thousands of Greeks took to the streets throughout the country today after Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras announced a final round of austerity measures containing deep cuts to the public budget.The new round of austerity measures in the country included large cuts to pension funds and public sector wages. According to Irish Times, "Of the spending cuts targeted in this latest round of belt-tightening, €4.6 billion is earmarked from reduced pensions, €1.4 billion from health, €1.3 billion from state salaries and €1.27 billion from public administration. However, the country, which spends the most on arms per capita in Europe, will only cut €517 million from its military budget under the proposals."

Alphaville: German domino theory and book-cooking  - There are two fairly important bits to this story in Der Spiegel. One, that Merkel wants to avoid a Grexit for the time being and two, that the upcoming Troika report might be massaged to make that a reality.

MarketWatch: Soros: Germany’s heading into depression
CNBC: Euro Zone Will Pay ‘Terrible Price’: Jim Rogers
EconomyWatch: Central bank money machines fail to spur global economy

CommodityOnline: Gold steady Palladium marks best run since 2008
ETFDaily: Gold Stocks: History Argues For More Upside
Mineweb: Why industrial commodities will continue to fail - Marc Faber

M 4.4, 64km S of Amukta Island, Alaska
M 4.7, Greenland Sea
WashingtonPost: Climate change challenges power plant operations

Spaceweather.com: EXPLOSION ON JUPITER: Amateur astronomers are reporting a bright fireball on Jupiter--apparently the result of a small asteroid hitting the planet during the early hours of Sept. 10th. As the fireball fades, attention turns to possible debris around the impact site. Observers will be monitoring the region in the nights ahead to see what surfaces. Check http://spaceweather.com for images and updates.

NBC: Report: Coral in Caribbean, Fla. in sharp decline

America in Decline
ThinkProgress: Defunding Planned Parenthood Caused Women’s Services To Drop By 93 Percent In Tennessee County

Food and Water
ThinkProgress: GOP Congressman Wants Junk Food Back In Schools: ‘Kids Are Starving’
NBC: China-US project allegedly tested genetically modified 'golden rice' on kids

Science and Technology
WSJ: GoDaddy Suffers Outage
ScienceDaily: Archaeological dig inches 'tantalizingly closer' to possible burial place of King Richard III

MSNBC: Mars rover peeks at what lies beneath 
NBCPhotoBlog: 'Do I look fat?' Curiosity rover checks its belly on Mars
CosmicLog: Galaxy Zoo adds to its menagerie

Telegraph: Painkillers 'raise risk of early death in heart attack survivors'
Common painkillers including ibuprofen can substantially raise the risk of an early death among heart attack survivors, academics are warning.
PopSci: Astronaut Frank Culbertson Watched the 9/11 Attacks From Space

Medical and Health
MSNBC: Modern medicine: Lab-grown genitals, spray-on skin
Advances in regenerative medicine may let patients grow own transplants
MSNBC: Dude, it's your junk! Pot linked to testicular cancer 
ScienceDaily: Stem cell researchers use gene therapy to restore immune systems in 'Bubble Boy' disease

Other News
MSNBC: 7-year-old survivor of Alps slayings speaks to police

SlashDot: Look-Alike Web Sites Hoodwink Republican Donors
MSNBC: Romney tries to make hay of Chicago teachers' strike

NYDaily: Obama and Romney freeze negative ads for Sept. 11 anniversary

Tinfoil Palace
The Oil Age
Hubberts Arms
Silent Country

Destiny Calls

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