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happy Thursday to everyone!
Like the Ozarker mentioned this morning, things seem a bit quiet out there today don't they?
Quiet before the storm no doubt.
posting a bit early today so I can finish the little neighborhood greenhouse!
see you all tomorrow, take care of yourselves and keep prepping!

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LegitGov: Japan to allow 60-year reactor lifespan despite Fukushima
FriendSeat: You may soon be fired for being fat. - If you’re 40 or over and your waist line exceeds 33.5 inches, you’ve broken the law in Japan. In April 2008, the Japanese government passed legislation requiring all citizens over the age of 40 to have their waists measured annually. If a man’s waist is more than 33.5 inches and a woman’s more than 35.5 inches, they’re outlaws, referred to counseling and close government supervision, and placed on a government-regulated diet.

Global Conflict
CNN: Why aircraft carriers may be good for parking cars but not landing new jets
JerusalemPost: 'My duty is to warn world of Iran nuclear danger'  
USNews: GOP Lawmaker to Panetta: Don't Use Marines' Punishment to Appease Allies
Bloomberg: Closing Strait of Hormuz Is an Option: Iran -- Iran’s ambassador to the United Nations said closing the Strait of Hormuz, the passageway for about a fifth of the world’s oil trade, is an option if his country’s security is endangered. “There is no decision to block and close the Strait of Hormuz unless Iran is threatened seriously and somebody wants to tighten the noose,” Ambassador Mohammad Khazaee said on the Charlie Rose show, according to a transcript of the interview.
Reuters: Iran warns region against stance on Hormuz
TheAtlantic: The Mysterious Plane Crash that Explains U.S.-Egypt Mistrust  
BBC: Afghan suicide attack kills seven at Kandahar airport  

GlobalPublicSquare: The Arab Spring's balance sheet
Telegraph: Pakistan tells US special envoy to stay away  - Pakistan has told Washington's special envoy to keep away as fallout from a cross-border air raid that killed 24 Pakistani soldiers shows no sign of easing.
ArabNews: Wen defends Iran oil, warns on nuclear aims 
Russia: New sanctions against Iran too stifling  - A military attack on Iran would trigger a "chain reaction" that destabilizes the world, while new sanctions against Tehran over its disputed nuclear program would "stifle" the Iranian economy and hurt its people, Russia's foreign minister warned Wednesday.
Guardian: Iran oil embargo set to be agreed by EU ambassadors - Embargo could take effect on 1 July although Greece, which is heavily dependent on Iranian oil, could be a stumbling block
Reuters: OPEC president Iraq wants Hormuz assurance from Iran

Hacker News
Reuters: News Corp admits guilt, settles hacking claims

BBC: Sopa and Pipa protests not over, says Wikipedia - After a 24-hour blackout, Wikipedia has returned to full working order but declared: "We're not done yet."
LAT: The Internet flexes its muscles with blackout
CBSNews: SOPA and PIPA Internet blackout aftermath, staggering numbers
USNews: What the Internet Could Be Like if SOPA Passes
NYT: In Piracy Bill Fight, New Economy Rises Against Old
As a result, the legislative battle over two once-obscure bills to combat the piracy of American movies, music, books and writing on the World Wide Web may prove to be a turning point for the way business is done in Washington. It represented a moment when the new economy rose up against the old. 
Yahoo: Ron Paul only GOP Candidate to Publicly Denounce SOPA Professors’ Letter in Opposition to "Preventing Real Online Threats to Economic Creativity and Theft of Intellectual Property Act of 2011" (PROTECT-IP Act of 2011, S. 968) (pdf)
TheAtlantic: The Point of the SOPA Blackout
BlacklistedNews: SOPA – Don’t Just Protest – Get Even  
TechnoLog: What an Internet protest looks like
CNN: Lawmakers withdraw support of anti-piracy bills after online protest

Domestic Financial News
NYT: Eastman Kodak Files for Bankruptcy
USNews: Why You Should Care About the Volcker Rule  
MarketWatch: Living the American dream -- in Canada
MSNBC: Kodak files for bankruptcy, secures financing
LewRockwell: Mass Inflation Ahead Save Your Nickels! by James Wesley, RawlesWSJ: Four Deficit Myths and a Frightening Fact - Try to ignore the current shallowness in American politics, if you can, and assume that the federal budget deficit will be among the major issues of the 2012 campaign. I'd like to explode four myths now masquerading as facts.
Guardian; How the media lost the plot on US taxation - What hope does the public have of making informed choices about parties' tax policies when the press is not telling the story?
TruthOut: GOP Candidates' Tax Cuts for the Rich Are Up to 270 Times Larger Than Their Tax Cuts for the Middle Class - The 2012 Republican candidates are largely in lockstep when it comes to economic policy, wanting to give huge tax cuts to the rich and corporations while doing next to nothing to boost consumer demand or help the middle class and the unemployed who have been battered by the Great Recession.
BusinessInsider: December Housing Starts MISS Expectations In A Big Way
Reuters: Jobless claims near 4-year low, inflation muted
BlacklistedNews: Warning Signs That We Should Prepare For The Worst - Almost every single day there are more prominent voices in the financial world telling us that a massive economic crisis is coming and that we need to prepare for the worst. 
GlobeAndMail: U.S. factory output soars in December 
VancouverSun: Kodak files for bankruptcy, secures $950 million lifeline
CNNMoney: Why it's time to break up the 'too big to fail' banks - America is downsizing. Whether it's the food we eat, the cars we drive, or the houses we live in, Americans are concluding that smaller is better. So what about banks?
WashingtonPost: Romney’s tax plan would cut his own taxes by nearly half, new analysis finds  - The revelation that Mitt Romney pays a tax rate of around 15 percent opens the door to another question: How much would his own taxes fall under the tax plan he would pass if elected president?

Global Financial News
CreditWritedowns: News Links: ECB contemplates buying non-government debt as QE
The FP Survey: Follow the Money - What's wrong with the world economy? We asked top experts to fill in the blanks -- and they had a lot to tell us.
NakedCapitalism: So Why Has the IMF Asked for $500 Billion That it Probably Won’t Get? - Yves Smith - An odd development today was that Christine Lagarde, the head of the IMF, put forward the idea of having members pony up $500 billion for rescue loans, since the agency said it foresees demand of $1 trillion over the next two years and it has only $387 billion uncommitted.
CreditWritedowns: Market Tone Remains Upbeat after Euro Zone Auctions
ANN: Available for rent: The Acropolis of Athens
NYT: Hedge Funds May Sue Greece if It Tries to Force Loss - Hedge funds have been known to use hardball tactics to make money. Now they have come up with a new one: suing Greece in a human rights court to make good on its bond payments.
Telegraph: The euro is pushing Italy into depression -- Italy is being pushed into depression by monetary union Here is the latest money supply chart from the Banca d'Italia. . Just look at M3. Horrendous.
Zerohedge: Sliding Greek Bond Reality Challenges "Debt Deal" Hopium
Alternet: Vampire Hedge Funds Are Sucking Greece Dry 

Peak Oil and Energy News
LAT: Gas for 37 cents? Why fuel costs more or less elsewhere
Time: Pipeline Politics: Keystone Is Dead (For Now). What Happens Next? 
FT: Oil demand falls for first time since 2009 - Oil demand has fallen for the first time since the 2008-09 global financial crisis, a result of the weakening economy, a mild winter and high crude prices, according to new estimates from the International Energy Agency.  
DMarron: The Natural Gas Glut is Reshaping Electricity Markets  
Time: Major Oil Refinery to Close in U.S. Virgin Islands - One of the world’s largest oil refineries will close next month, the company announced Wednesday, stunning nearly 2,000 workers and threatening to upend the reeling economy of the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Spiegel: Solar Subsidy Sinkhole  - Re-Evaluating Germany's Blind Faith in the Sun
Bloomberg: Falkland Islands Oil Could Triple U.K. Reserves
GlobeAndMail: Oil demand falling as recession fears mount: IEA 

Mineweb: Gold heads for decisive day in New York


ScientificAmerican: Rainforest in Transition: Is the Amazon Transforming before Our Eyes?
Grist: Climate vigilantes: How to get real facts into media coverage of climate
AJC: Ice and floods follow snow and wind in Northwest
McClatchy: Are the snows of Kilimanjaro returning? Guide says yes
UniversityTimes: The Limits to Growth at forty: Is collapse now inevitable? 
PhysOrg: Climate and the statistics of extremes
WashingtonPost: Nearly 7 million bats may have died from white-nose fungus, officials say
ABCNews: Ice Storm Blankets Washington Day After Snowstorm

America in Decline
MSNBC: Arsonists torched black church after Obama's win
FloridaToday: Bill would OK secret privatization, outsourcing of Florida agency functions
WashingtonPost: A snapshot of our times - police overreach in the name of fighting terrorism.FiscalTimes: South Carolina: Poor, Jobless, and... Republican Ga. unemployment likely to remain high in 2012; new recession possible
CNN: As snow slows, roads get icy in Pacific Northwest

Read more here:
Food and Water
CNN: The human cost of chocolateGrist: A farm bill in 2012? Don’t hold your breath
ChinaDialog: China’s thirst for water transfer - Many Chinese provinces now divert water across river basins to meet urban demand. But while cities enjoy the extra supplies, the environment has paid a heavy price. Gong Jing and Cui Zheng report.
BlacklistedNews: Argentina says Monsanto contractor abuses workers
CNN: Sudan faces potential famine, U.S. envoy warns

Science and Technology
PopSci: How Robots Will Do the Heavy Lifting in the Sahara and Antarctica
DigitalLife: Programming prodigy passes away at 16
Arfa Karim Randhawa, the computer programming prodigy who became the world’s youngest Microsoft Certified Professional at 9 years old, has passed away at the age of 16, according to reports out of her native Pakistan this weekend. 
Wired: Sci-Fi-Infused Videos Show Off Keiichi Matsuda's Vision of the Future
BBC: Dark matter galaxy under the lens
ScientificAmerican: Can Money Buy Self-Esteem?
RedditScience: Is This the Beginning of the End for Medical Research on Chimps? -- Backed by the NIH, a recent decision by the Institute of Medicine on controversial hepatitis C research could change practices in the lab.
ANN: X-ray of rare Shiva statue surprises museum
PhotoBlogMSNBC: 'Pillars of Creation' reloaded

Medical and Health
CNN: Mom claims in viral blog that disabled child denied transplant - Can a patient be rejected for a kidney transplant based on a developmental disability? A New Jersey mother alleges in her blog that this happened.
ScientificAmerican: Misery-inducing Norovirus Can Survive for Months — Perhaps Years — in Drinking Water
MSNBC: Abortion rates higher where it's illegal  - More abortions in countries where procedure illegal and largely unsafe, study finds  
CNN: Study: Fewer abortions worldwide; increase in unsafe abortions
TheChart: In denial: Why we’re still stressed
Vitals: Serious issues in disabled girl transplant case
LeftWingNutJob: It should be illegal..but it’s not. - The anti-choice idiots at OperationRescue have always released WANTED posters on Doctors that perform the legal medical procedure known as abortion. Those posters included the Doctors photos, full names, address, phone numbers, etc. Too many of those Doctors have been murdered or maimed as a result,(Dr. George Tiller was shot in both arms years before one of their wingnuts finally murdered him) yet our government considered them perfectly legal until there was a law passed in Congress to protect them and their clinics.OpRescue has now also organized under the name of Pro-Life Nation and compiled and released a nationwide database of all the doctors in the U.S. that provide this legal medical procedure, called which they refer to as -The Largest Collection of Data on America’s Abortion Cartel . From an anti-choice website that is giddy about this latest news:

Doomsteading, Gardening, Urban Farming
ModernSurvivalBlog: Grocery Store Sticker Shock: Make Your Own Mayonnaise
PreppingToSurvive: Ham Radio as a Prepping Skill
ModernSurvivalBlog: 22 Government Excuses For Your ID Implant  
CityFarmer: Raising Trashcan Tilapia is Latest Trend in Urban Farming

Other News
LAT: More body parts found near man's head in Hollywood Hills park
TheNewYorker: The Master from Flint Hill: Earl Scruggs 

DailyBeast: Romney Gave Stock to Mormon Church
MarketWatch: Romney was a businessman, not a job creator  
LAT: Newt Gingrich creeping up on Mitt Romney in a creepy way
BusinessInsider: Rick Perry Is Dropping Out 
CommonDreams: Sh*t Republican Candidates Say - After Iowa, we are left with a half-dozen halfwits who want to defeat Barack Obama and become leader of the free world. These are the Top Dogs, the Pick of the Kitty Litter, the Jewels in the Clown. So, how did these masterful hatesmen earn their coveted place in the Cream of the Crap? With their unwavering obsession with sex. All kinds of sex. Same sex, opposite sex, sex with animals. Oh, and Muslims. But not Muslim sex. Not yet, anyway. There is so much to talk about when it comes to gay sex that they probably just haven't gotten around to it. But they will. If they know nothing about something, they always make time to spout off about it. So, after watching 15 debates, I can't help but ask myself, "Is this the only time in their lives they are allowed talk about sex?" and "Why do guys with no access to my lady junk spend more time talking about it than guys that do?" If you haven't been following all the Republican pillow talk, good for you. You probably have access to better porn. Here are some highlights that stuck with me like a cactus vibrator.
ModeledBehavior: What difference will it make if Obama or Romney wins?

TinfoilPalace: Long Term Effects Of Child Sexual Abuse
TinfoilPalace: Poverty trap set at birth - study
TheOilAge: How Ireland's Richest Man Went From $6 Billion To -$3.5B 
TheOilAge: How Ireland's Richest Man Went From $6 Billion To -$3.5B 
HubbertsArms: Five Years in the American Gulag 
HubbertsArms: Baltic Dry Index (BDI)
SilentCountry: Newt's Ex-Wife Unloads
SilentCountry: Starting Seeds Early

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