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Global Conflict
CNN: World seeks next step on Syria as deaths mount
BlacklistedNews: Independent Report Contradicts Western Portrait of Syria 
LAT: Israel misguided on Iran [The conversation]
NYT: Obama Imposes Freeze on Iran Property in US
VOA: Syria's Assad Learns Lessons from Arab Spring, Recent History 
Time: Obama Seeks to Cool War Fever While Keeping Up Pressure on Iran 
BlacklistedNews: Iran’s Middle Class on Edge as World Presses In
(next story was posted by mtlouie at Tinfoil Palace. Really well worth reading.)
UTNE: It Can’t Happen Here

BlacklistedNews: 24 Signs That We Are Getting Dangerously Close To A Major War In The Middle East
Atlantic: Ayatollah Khamenei: 'Now I'm Really Angry'

FuelFix: Russian foreign minister arrives in Syria
Time: Russians Rally for and Against Putin, Despite an Icy Day
Reuters: Iran shrugs off latest U.S. sanctions, trade suffers
MSNBC: Trouble in paradise: Cops mutiny in Maldives
Salon: Top official: drone critics are Al Qaeda enablers
CNNSecurityBlogs: Why leave Syria - One telltale sign a country is on the verge of collapse is when the U.S. embassy shutters its doors and gets out of Dodge. That threshold has now been crossed in Syria.
CSMonitor: Reports on Afghanistan war too rosy? Army officer, others say yes. - An Army officer sets the Pentagon, Capitol Hill buzzing with a published complaint that US military leaders are not being honest about slow progress in the Afghanistan war. He's not the only doubter.
PostGazette: U.S. Sending Commander to Repair Ties With Pakistan
VancouverSun: U.S. closes embassy in Syria, vows further pressure - But U.S. makes clear no appetite for military action

ABCNews: 2nd Wave of Evictions Is Sweeping Away Occupiers
CNNiReport: Park Police closing in on Occupy DC 
(check out the propaganda costumes!)

Domestic Financial News
ETFDailyNews: Conflict of Interest: Are Federal Reserve Presidents Gaming The System? (SPY, GLD, AAPL, BA, XOM, KO, ORCL, GE)

CalculatedRisk: Existing Home Inventory declines 21% year-over-year in early February
BlacklistedNews: Will Big Banks Get Free Pass in Robo-Signing Mortgage Mess?
MyBudget360; Federal Reserve continues shadow bailout of banking industry – $947 billion of overpaid and low demand mortgage backed securities sit on the massive $2.8 trillion Fed balance sheet. The price of this hidden bailout will hit all Americans.
NakedCapitalism: Is the Mortgage Settlement Deal Starting to Unravel? (Updated) 
WashingtonPost: Unemployment drop still leaves low skill workers behind

Global Financial News
BusinessInsider: Portugal Freakout Stopped For Now?
Atlantic: Why France Might Copy America's New Deal, in a Very French Way
Time: Between Lots of Rocks and Hard Places: Greece's Bad Options 
Zereohedge: When Greece Defaults, the Credit Default Swap Dominoes Fall
Mish: New Merkozy Proposal "I will Give You Money If You Give It Right Back"; Mathematical Scam to Prevent CDS Triggers
FT: Corporate defaults set to jump in Europe
MacroBusiness: IMF takes its gloom to China - Here’s the detail of the IMF’s overnight call that China would be in the direct line of fire in the event of a European credit event:
Should  such a tail risk of financial volatility emanating from Europe be realized, it would drag China’s growth lower.  The channels of contagion would be felt mainly through trade, with knock-on effects to domestic demand. In the downside scenario outlined in the WEO Update—which  would see global growth falling by 1¾ percentage points relative to the baseline—China’s  growth  would fall by around 4 percentage points (Box 1). The risks to China from Europe are, therefore, both large and tangible.
From 8.25% to 4.25% that is:
LAT: Brazil's poor seem left behind in growth spurt, observers say
ETFDailyNews: China Is Now As Cheap As Turkey; What More Of A Signal Do You Need? (YAO, TUR, EEM, EFA, FXI)
BOTC: Tinkerbell Economics—The Confidence Fairy, Pixie Dust, and a Sleeping Dragon
Brookings: The Renminbi’s Role in the Global Monetary System
CNNMoney:  Greece on the brink
TheStar: Default looms as Greece lets another deadline slip
NYT: Greece to Eliminate 15,000 Government Jobs
CNN: Greek unions set to strike over new austerity demands

Peak Oil and Energy News
Mish: Huge Plunge In Petroleum and Gasoline Usage
FuelFix: Americans gaining energy independence
Bloomberg: Oil, Food, Water: Is Everything Past Its Peak?
FT: Winter weather sends Brent crude to six-month high
EnergyBulletin: Commentary: Businessweek gets it wrong - Everything you know about peak oil is NOT wrong
EnergyBulletin: Saudi Arabia Will Not Let Oil Go Above $100: Prince

CommodityOnline: Gartman swaps some of his gold position for copper

NewScientist: Patch of seagrass is world's oldest living organism
PopSci: Inside the Brand-New High-Tech Rainbow Warrior 

Forbes: "Global Warming Has Stopped:" How to Fool People Using "Cherry-Picked" Climate Data
The current favorite argument of those who argue that climate changes isn’t happening, or a problem, or worth dealing with, is that global warming has stopped. Therefore (they conclude) scientists must be wrong when they say that climate change is caused by humans, worsening, and ultimately a serious environmental problem that must be addressed by policy makers.
The problem with this argument is that it is false: global warming has not stopped and those who repeat this claim over and over are either lying, ignorant, or exhibiting a blatant disregard for the truth. Here is a tiny sample of the false claims, gleaned from various blogs, comments to my previous Forbes posts, op-eds in the Wall Street Journal, news stories, and statements from pundits who spread climate misinformation:
BBC: SeaWorld sued over ‘enslaved’ killer whales
MSNBC: Mountain lion attacks 6-year-old boy in Big Bend National Park 'Young lion in very poor condition' will be killed if it is found, official says 
Grist: Tar-sands development pushes Canada to poison wolves

Independent: More commuter misery as Britain's big freeze continues 
Reuters: BP preparing "vigorously" for oil spill lawsuits

America in Decline
CapitalGainsAndGames: Anyone Still Not Understand Why Congress' Approval Rating Is So Low? 
Salon: The shame and pride of joining food stamp nation - F**ked
Forbes: America's Most Miserable Cities
NYT: ‘We the People’ Loses Appeal With People Around the World - In 1987, on the Constitution’s bicentennial, Time magazine calculated1 that “of the 170 countries that exist today, more than 160 have written charters modeled directly or indirectly on the U.S. version.” A quarter-century later, the picture looks very different. “The U.S. Constitution appears to be losing its appeal as a model for constitutional drafters elsewhere,” according to a new study. The study, to be published in June in The New York University Law Review, bristles with data. Its authors coded and analyzed the provisions of 729 constitutions adopted by 188 countries from 1946 to 2006, and they considered 237 variables regarding various rights and ways to enforce them. “Among the world’s democracies,” Professors Law and Versteeg concluded, “constitutional similarity to the United States has clearly gone into free fall. Over the 1960s and 1970s, democratic constitutions as a whole became more similar to the U.S. Constitution, only to reverse course in the 1980s and 1990s.
Jacobin: Hipsters, Food Stamps, and the Politics of Resentment - Recently, a friend of mine became the object of the Internet’s daily Two Minutes’ Hate. An artist who’s been unemployed and down on his luck, he had the misfortune of appearing in a story which Salon.com decided to call “A Hipster on Food Stamps.” The article followed some college-educated but poor and underemployed people trying to eat tasty, nutritious meals while relying on food stamps. To me, it was a poignant commentary on both the failure of American capitalism and the deep pathologies of our food system. But what the article seemed to call forth in its readers was unending bile and rage directed at people deemed insufficiently deserving of a public benefit. The title certainly didn’t help.
eXiled: Thirty More Years of Hell
Rollingstone: One Town’s War on Gay Teens
Time: The New Upper Class and the Real Reason We Dislike Them
CNNMoney: Government assistance expands
TulsaWorld: Texas sonogram law must go forward, U.S. judge says

Food and Water
CommmodyOnline: Vietnam faces difficulties in finding rice importers
Bloomberg: Farmers Plan Biggest U.S. Crop Boost Since 1984, Led by Corn: Commodities
MSNBC: Wal-Mart plans simple label to identify healthier foods

Internet and Online Privacy News  
Atlantic: How Digital Advertisers Track Your Every Move
TechnoBlog: Defending virtual borders in age of cyber war 

Science and Technology
PopSci: Augmented Reality Will Help Future Astronauts Perform Surgery on Each Other

NewScientist: Jurassic katydid sings out after 165 million years
(above link is supposed to have a sound but I couldn't hear it, could be my speakers aren't good enough so maybe you can hear it)
PopSci: MIT Scientist Offers $100,000 to Anyone Who Can Prove Quantum Computing Is Impossible
MSNBC: Flying cars roll a little closer to take off

LightyearsBlog: Mars may have had oceans

Medical and Health
NewScientist: 3D printer provides woman with a brand new jaw
RawStory: Solid ‘finger food’ may help babies avoid obesity
OrganicJar: Mysterious Honey Discovered That Kills All Bacteria Scientists Throw At It - Bees feeding off tea trees native to New Zealand, produce a type of honey that’s known as “Jelly Bush Honey” in Australia and “Mankuta Honey” in New Zealand.
NewScientist: Lack of human cadavers? Turn to papier-mâché medicine
UANews: Super Plants: Could Re-Wired Plants Be the New Cancer Killers?
MSNBC: Study: Child abuse bigger threat than SIDS  - 4,600 children hospitalized with serious injuries
Doomsteading, Gardening, Urban Farming
StrategicLiving: Prepping to Save Lives: Thoughts of an EMT
BackdoorSurvival: Preparedness Tips for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
CanadianDoomer: Where's winter? 
ModernSurvivalBlog: Recession Creates Preppers
TVBlogs: The Doomsday Preppers Blog Carnival

Other News
SeattleTimes: Grandparents: Powell boys didn't want to visit father
USAToday: Autopsies: Powell boys suffered hatchet wounds AJC: Police: Father planned deadly fire for some time
MSNBC: Video: Grandparents knew Powell ‘was capable of this’
MSNBC: Entire staff to be replaced at LA school where 2 teachers were arrested
Fox: Day care worker allegedly tapes toddler to mat for nap
LAT: Rabbi's 'Kosher Jesus' book is denounced as heresy 

DailyMail: Secretive oil billionaire brothers pledge $100million to oust Barack Obama ...
WashingtonPost: Warming or resigned to? Tea party activists starting to rally behind GOP front -runner Romney
WashingtonPost: Romney tries to beat back possible Santorum surge in trio of states
CBSNews: Tebow won't rule politics out of future 
Guardian: Obama campaign returns $200000 donation from fugitive's family
RawStory: LGBT activist interrupts Gingrich speech in Minnesota
Mediaite: Bill O’Reilly: ‘MSNBC Doesn’t Really Deal In Facts’ 
CBS: Controversial Artist Depicts Obama Trampling The Constitution 

TinfoilPalace: Army Officer Turned Whistleblower: How Many More Must Die?
TinfoilPalace: Offshore Everywhere: How Drones, Special Operations Forces and the US Navy Plan to End National Sovereignty as We Know It
TheOilAge: Kunstler: All Screaming Id, No Brains, No Honor 
TheOilAge: INtersting Post from Jay Hanson 
HubbertsArms: Alcohol ==> Cancer. 
HubbertsArms: Bed bag project 
SilentCountry: Guy McPherson at Transition Voice: Resources and
SilentCountry: Wave of dolphin beachings on Cape Cod now at 129

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