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It's Hump Day!!! Hooray! I hope everyone is having a good week so far. I've had creepy weird computer trouble this a.m.
first, my old laptop that I like best,  just would not turn on. it's little lights would flash but no boot up. So, I go get this newer one. Supposed to be better but I liked the old on best but, what can you do right?
So, it comes on, I'm doing my blog thing, turn away from the screen for a min. and turn back and the screen is black, it's disconnected itself from the interwebs and nothing on it would work so I had to shut it down and restart it. It's kind of "twitchy and sticky" acting too. Don't know what it's problem is so i'll have to see if hub will look at it and maybe fix my old one that, did i mention, I like better anyway.
Here's something cool from RJ this morning to start us off.
MarketWatch666: punk economics (lesson 1)

Just in case you missed it in the comments section, check out what Ben wrote! :D
When I want to catch up on the news,
pammie’s blog is the one that I choose;
It’s there I peruse
Doom’s cutting edge views
As we’re rowed on our Styx river cruise.
you rock Ben! 
You can find Ben rhyming away at Limericks of Doom!

As always, sincerest thanks to RJ at the Global Glass Onion and the Ozarker at Conflicted Doomer for their help today!
Also, if you haven't visited the forums lately, you should check them out! They are HOPPIN'!
this is from hubberts arms, thought it looked important so I'll stick it up here.
HubbertsArms: Fake WW3 Alert - Trojan - 60,0000 Facebook users already victims
oh, and one more thing, this is hysterical!
Cryptogon: Britain: Undercover Police Officer Chased Himself Round the Streets for 20 Minutes After a CCTV Operator Mistook Him for Suspect

DesdemonaDespair: Extremely high levels of radioactive cesium found in earthworm castings from Fukushima soil
ENENews: No. 2 temp “seems to be close to peaking out” 

Global Conflict
ExtinctionProtocol: D-Day 2: U.S. marines and 8 countries to stage mock-invasion exercise on U.S. east coast - February 7, 2012 – NORTH CAROLINA – With beach landings, 25 naval ships and an air assault, the United States and eight other countries are staging a major amphibious exercise on the US East Coast this week, fighting a fictional enemy that bears more than a passing resemblance to Iran.
UPI: Assad told how to 'manipulate' Americans
 Syrian President Bashar Assad was told how to manipulate Americans before his December interview with ABC News, e-mails leaked by Anonymous reveal.

Telegraph: Syria: Turkey plans fresh initiative  - Turkey's prime minister on Tuesday said he was preparing a “new initiative” against the Syrian regime, amid growing speculation that Ankara and Washington are considering the creation of an enclave and no-fly zone to protect Syrian rebel groups. JerusalemPost: Iran: US, Israel highly susceptible to retaliatory attack
BBC: New Maldives leader Waheed Hassan denies coup claim
CNN: 'No negotiations' on Falklands, Britain vows
CNN: No Libya play for the West in SyriaNYT: As Russia Pushes Diplomacy, Syrian Forces Are Said to Pound Homs
MSNBC: Group: Militia 'slaughtered' 3 families in Syria's Homs
MSNBC: Turkey may move as Syria presses assault in Homs
Reuters: Iran feels sanctions pinch as Asia traders cut ties
PopSci: UK Report Suggests Soldiers Could One Day Plug Their Weapons Right Into Their Brains
Cryptogon: Putin’s Internet Troll Army
Arstechnica: Anonymous exposes e-mails of Syrian presidential aides
RawStory: China issues ultimatum to bloggers and blog commenters
CBSNews: U.S. grasps for way to "help" in Syria
PeakOil: Iran deploys 15,000 troops to help Syria’s Assad
CNN: Party: Former Maldives president beaten
CNN: U.S.-Egypt relations tested in latest crisis
MSNBC: Iran envoy: We could hit US forces anywhere in world if attacked
Reported remarks by ambassador to Russia come as sanctions tighten financial noose on Iran
CNN: Threat of proxy war times two in Syria
UPI: Iran oil minister: Sanctions ineffective
IBTimes: In Reversal, U.S. will Shrink Massive Iraq EmbassyCBS: Too many SEAL secrets being revealed?

TruthDig: The Cancer in Occupy - Chris Hedges - The Black Bloc anarchists, who have been active on the streets in Oakland and other cities, are the cancer of the Occupy movement. The presence of Black Bloc anarchists—so named because they dress in black, obscure their faces, move as a unified mass, seek physical confrontations with police and destroy property—is a gift from heaven to the security and surveillance state.
JDeanIcite: To Be Fair, He Is a Journalist: A Short Response to Chris Hedges on the Black Bloc - Some of this is personal to me, in the interest of full disclosure. I have friends in Oakland. They’re brave and awesome. Seeing them stand up to police repression and attempt to take an empty building while people sleep in the streets was exciting and invigorating for me. It was a welcome sight in today’s age of non-violent fundamentalism, where so many are beset with the crippling belief that if we just get beat up badly enough we’ll attract “the masses” with our moral superiority and somehow the wealthy and powerful will recognize the error of their ways and give us the world back that they’ve so successfully turned into their nightmarish, authoritarian, and wasted playground. My friends were gassed, beaten, given broken faces, broken dreams, and locked in cages for their bravery. And now they’re being denounced by a comfortable journalist who wasn’t there who refers to them as a “cancer”. I don’t want to suggest that they shouldn’t be critiqued. Self-critique is important for any improvement of practice—if it’s honest. But here I feel betrayed. When Hedges wrote about the Greeks, notorious for their black blocs, he praised them for “getting it.” Indeed, according to Hedges, they knew what to do.
PlutocracyFiles: Anonymous Message to Black Bloc - video
Alternet: Goodbye Press Freedoms: More Journalists Arrested Covering Occupy, Occupy Tweets Subpoenaed

Domestic Financial News
CapitalGainsAndGames: Bruce Bartlett On The GOP Attempt To Make Sure Tax Cuts Don't Count
WSJ: Credit-Card Borrowing Surged Over Holiday Period
CalculatedRisk: Goldman: No Labor Force Participation Rebound in Sight - In a research note released last night, Goldman Sachs economist Sven Jari Stehn looked at the population revisions from the 2010 Census and argued that there is "No Labor Force Participation Rebound in Sight". 

WSJ: Talks Bog Down on Extending Payroll-Tax Cut
Bloomberg: Bernanke: Labor Market ‘Long Way’ From Normal
Time: How 'Shadow Inventory' Is Killing the Housing Market
CharlesHughSmith: Has Derivatives Deleveraging Fueled the Stock Rally?
WSJ: Bernanke Cites Risks to Recovery
MacroMarketMusings: Can Raising Interest Rates Spark a Robust Recovery?
WSJ: Falling U.S. Share of Trade Not Due to Competitiveness Problems - New research published by the New York Fed Tuesday argues the U.S. isn’t suffering as badly on the trade front as many now believe
BusinessInsider: There Is No Housing Bottom In Sight
Reuters: U.S. January deficit fell sharply to $27 bln-CBO
CNNMoney: Wall Street needs to give up its bargain tax rates
Reuters: Bernanke urges Congress to address Bush tax cuts
NASDAQ: US Consumer Credit Surges Second Month In A Row
Time: Why the Future Depends on Today’s Discouraged Workers - Economists, investment advisors and political strategists are closely watching the unemployment rate. But few commentators acknowledge just how faulty the employment statistics are. One key problem is that a crucial group of people can’t be tracked and measured. These are the so-called discouraged workers, who have given up looking for employment. They are the economic equivalent of astrophysicists’ dark matter...
Zerohedge: Unadjusted Consumer Credit Soars By Most Since Peak Of Credit Bubble In August 2007, Third Highest Ever - As some may remember those long ago days of January, when the market was not still lost in the latest bout of QE-hopium induced euphoria, December sales missed expectations, following even more disappointing November sales, despite propaganda channel promises that the 2011 shopping season was the "strongest ever"... and yet, many were wondering where did the already cash-strapped US consumer procure the cash to shop as much as they did, even if it was well below a record level. Now we know: it was on credit.

Global Financial News
CreditWritedowns: The Elephant in the Room Is Spain, Not Italy
Zerohedge: Greek Economy Implodes: Budget Revenues Tumble 7% In January On Expectation Of 9% Rise
Zerohedge: Three Charts That Confirm Greece's Death Even After Restructuring 
RawStory: British cabinet member complains about ‘anti-business culture’  - Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne has vowed to fight an “anti-business culture” in Britain, warning that a row over executive pay and bonuses threatens the country’s fragile economic recovery. 
YorkshirePost: Fears of recession return as retail sales fall - RETAIL sales fell last month, making it the second-worst January since 1995 and raising fears that Britain is poised to return to recession.
Fortune: What's next for Europe? - The European Central Bank has thrown cold water on the sovereign debt crisis by injecting billions of euros into the banking system, but the embers of the crisis are still smoldering. S&P says the eurozone has a 40% chance of entering a severe recession this year, with the economy projected to shrink by as much as 2%.
Zerohedge: Goldman Explains Why The Market Has Gotten Ahead Of Itself In Its European Optimism Again
IBTimes: Nokia to Cut 4,000 Jobs
Independent: Greece: 'There's no more left to cut' - Thousands of Greeks protest over the 'asphyxiating pressure' from foreign creditors
 Telegraph: Israel hit by general strike - - Half a million Israeli public and private sector workers began a general strike on Wednesday after talks over the rights of contract workers broke down, public radio reported.
Cryptogon: GlaxoSmithKline Clears Cash From Eurozone On A Daily Basis

Peak Oil and Energy News
OilDrum: Gas Boom Goes Bust
CommodityOnline: Bio diesel production hike to keep Veg oil strong during 2012  
OilDrum: After The Gold Rush: A Perspective on Future U.S. Natural Gas Supply and Price
FuelFix: Geoscientists call for honest dialogue on fracking
Atlantic: Pennsylvania Set to Approve Fracking Regulations
Time: Why Energy Efficiency Isn't All It's Cracked Up to Be
CNBC: After US Oil Snub, Canada Focuses on China

FP: Glut sinks Canadian crude prices

CommodityOnline: 'This precious metal could rise 125% over the next 10 months'
Mineweb: US aluminium premiums jump on healthy demand outlook 
CommodityOnline: Copper: 5 reasons to be bearish
Mineweb: Massive rise in China gold imports in 2011 - policy controlling the price? 

One less beautiful thing in the world
CBSNews: Pakistanis reel in 40-foot whale shark
 The massive whale shark, which was said to weigh between 6 and 7 tons, was found unconscious ten days ago about 150 kilometers from shore, according to the owner of a local fishery. By the time the fish was pulled out of the water, it was dead.
DesdemonaDespair: Loss of sea-ice bringing Arctic cold to Europe
ScientificAmerican: Popular Opinion on Climate Change Traced to Political Elites
MalaysiaMSN: Tiny primate ‘talks’ in ultrasound

Grist: The great carbon bubble: Why the fossil-fuel industry fights so hard
Grist; Here’s what the night sky ought to look like (i.e. AMAZING)
MSNBC: Russian scientists reach lake under Antarctica  - Scientists have reached the surface of a gigantic freshwater lake in Antarctica that had been hidden under miles of ice for 20 million years iReport: Amazing hoar frost in Minnesota

Spiegel: Breaking Global Warming Taboos  - 'I Feel Duped on Climate Change'
He has only given the book to one climatologist, Jochem Marotzke, the director of the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology in Hamburg, to read prior to its publication. Marotzke's assessment is clear: Vahrenholt represents the standpoints of climate skeptics. "A number of the hypotheses in the book were refuted long ago," Marotzke claims, but adds, on a self-critical note, that his profession has neglected to explain that global temperatures will not increase uniformly. Instead, says Marotzke, there could also be phases of stagnation and even minor declines in temperature. "This has exposed us to potential criticism," says Marotzke.
America in Decline
Zerohedge: Ter·ror·ist (Noun): Anyone Who Disagrees with the Government
ExtinctionProtocol: Congress green lights domestic deployment of surveillance drones- 30,000 could haunt skies by 2020 
DeclineoftheEmpire: Corruption 101
NYT: 'We the People' Loses Appeal With People Around the World 
WSJ: High-Tech Surveillance Comes to Small Towns
Krugman: Wages and Values - Let me talk some more about the sudden fashionability of bemoaning the deteriorating values of working-class Americans, by documenting the points David Frum made.So, as Pew says, there really has been a drastic decline in marriage rates among less educated Americans:What could be causing that? Well, it could be some kind of cultural contagion from liberalism, or something; as Mike Konczal says, there’s kind of an odd absence of causal stories in the latest “values” thing.But it could also be this, from EPI:Should we really be surprised that young men, confronting the reality that they won’t earn anything near as much in real terms as their fathers did — and that they will be even further from having what society sees as an adequate income, because even Adam Smith acknowledged the importance of social norms in defining prosperity — don’t marry and raise families the way the previous generation did?
Gawker: Privacy Death Stars Approved By Congress - Today, it is tricky for governments and corporations to constantly spy on people using drones. By 2015, it wil be much much easier, thanks to a Monday Congressional vote authorizing drones above 400 feet, in the same airspace as commercial airliners. At last, we can be monitored around the clock by high-altitude Privacy Death Stars.
Alternet: Koch Brothers Convene Super-Secret Billionaires' Meeting for 2012 Elections
MSNBC: Pilots worry about safety of allowing domestic drones in US skies
Alternet: Florida GOP To Food Stamp Recipients: No Sweets For You

Food and Water
AlJazeera: The seed emergency: The threat to food and democracy -The seed is the first link in the food chain - and seed sovereignty is the foundation of food sovereignty. If farmers do not have their own seeds or access to open pollinated varieties that they can save, improve and exchange, they have no seed sovereignty - and consequently no food sovereignty. The deepening agrarian and food crisis has its roots in changes in the seed supply system, and the erosion of seed diversity and seed sovereignty. Seed sovereignty includes the farmer's rights to save, breed and exchange seeds, to have access to diverse open source seeds which can be saved - and which are not patented, genetically modified, owned or controlled by emerging seed giants. It is based on reclaiming seeds and biodiversity as commons and public good.
ScientificAmerican: Plantings of Biotech Crops Grew Globally in 2011
The United States remained the primary backer of biotech crop technology in 2011, but adoption spread internationally as the total global planted area of genetically modified seeds grew 8 percent from a year ago, according to a report issued Tuesday.

Internet and Online Privacy News  
Arstechnica: Crypto crack makes satellite phones vulnerable to eavesdropping
FireDogLake: SOPA/PIPA Round Two - Harry Reid, the man who was the basis for corrupt Senator Harrison Roberts in the film Casino, is at it again. He just can’t stop prostituting himself for the entertainment industry.

Science and Technology
ScientificAmerican: Signal for Higgs Boson Particle Gains Strength
TechReview: Turing's Enduring Importance 
ScieantificAmerican: Custom-Designed Proteins Could Counteract Chemical Weapons 
Wired: Mapping the Road Ahead for Autonomous Cars 
NakedCapitilism: Wired’s Embarrassing Whitewash of Foxconn - Yves Smith - Wired’s Joel Johnson has written a stunning bit of PR for Foxconn, now-controversial supplier to the consumer electronics industry, duly wrapped in credibility-enhancing guilt over Western materialism. The article, “1 Million Workers. 90 Million iPhones. 17 Suicides. Who’s to Blame?” pretends to be about Foxconn’s factories. But Johnson admits he’s a tech toy writer who apparently has no knowledge of manufacturing.
CosmicLog: Aurora extravaganza glows in space

Medical and Health
ExtinctionProtocol: Chile on alert as prison rats spread Hantavirus
McClatchy: Report: Binge drinking, most common among young, is more intense for seniors
ExtinctionProtocol: Freezing weather causes outbreak of norovirus across Britain 
Vitals: CDC: 9 out of 10 Americans eat too much salt
TheBodyOdd: Have we met? Those with face blindness can't recognize others
CNN: Obama to boost Alzheimer's research funding
Chron: Abortion sonograms draw strong reactions from Texas women
Grist: Sugar low: Do sweeteners need to be regulated? - Are we talking about only serving sugar in bars? Or needing a “sugar license”? 

Doomsteading, Gardening, Urban Farming
PreppingToSurvive: The Great Shakeout 2012 - At 10:15am CST, 2.2 million people across 9 states will seek refuge from a major earthquake along the New Madrid fault.
ModernSurvivalBlog: Benefits of Milling Your Own Flour
ExtinctionProtocol: New reality show highlights preppers preparing for doomsday  
ModernSurvivalBlog: What Are You Preparing For?
CityFarmer: CBS News: Urban farming on the rise nationwide

Other News
CBSNews: Court rules against CA gay marriage ban
RawStory: Tennessee police ignore pot at state official’s home  -
Authorities in Tennessee are being accused of a coverup after marijuana was found at the house of a state official.
Tennessee police reportedly found marijuana in plain view when they entered the home of Alcoholic Beverage Commission (ABC) Director Danielle Elks to check for intruders.
The commission is in charge of eradicating marijuana in the state in addition to regulating alcohol sales.
MSNBC: 'Minuscule threat': Radical US Muslims pose little danger, study says - Of about 14,000 murders last year, not a single one resulted from Islamic extremism, according to report's author CNN: Victim in video beating to speak out - The victim of a vicious beating by a gang of men shouting anti-gay slurs plans to speak out Wednesday about his ordeal in a working-class neighborhood of Atlanta.
Time: Missouri Teen Described as Thrill Killer  - Bustamante began taking the antidepressant drug Prozac after a suicide attempt on Labor Day 2007 at the start of her eighth grade year. Her dosage of the medication had been increased just two weeks before she murdered Elizabeth. Bustamante's attorneys presented evidence from a psychiatrist who testified that Prozac could have been a "major contributing factor" in the slaying — a theory rejected by a prosecution psychiatrist who insisted there was no scientific evidence of Prozac causing homicides, or even increasing aggression.
MSNBC: Frantic 911 calls of social worker at Powell murder-suicide 
NYT: California Ban on Gay Marriage Is Struck Down 
BlacklistedNews: Spying on Europe’s farms with satellites and drones 
(you know, this wouldn't be as bad if this same sort of scrutiny was applied to big corporations and CEOs and politicians. It's always the citizens that seem to get spied on,  not the people and businesses that really  need to be spied on. That's what's making people furious, the inequality of this sort of thing. )
eXiled: From the Archives: Boomer Reactionaries in Subprime Suburb of Victorville, Calif., Rage Against Giving Healthcare To Their Kids And GrandKids…

DailyBail: VIDEO - Rand Paul Introduces Amendment To Force Former Elected Officials To Forfeit ALL Benefits If They Become Lobbyists
WashingtonPost: Santorum's hat trick in Colorado, Minnesota and Missouri jolts GOP ...
LAT: Before caucuses, Romney joins attack on birth control rules
McClatchy: Bain execs spent nearly $5 million on Romney's White House runs
McClatchy: Texas Gov. Perry determined to help keep Obama from second term
Time: Santorum Stuns Romney with Tuesday Sweep, Steals Momentum in GOP Race
CBSNews: Santorum sweeps Mo., Minn. & Colorado
McClatchy: Texas Democrats want financial details for Perry's campaign security

TinfoilPalace: People are biased against creative ideas, studies find
TinfoilPalace: Water is alive
TheOilAge: British student faces "extradition" to US over copyright 
TheOilAge: Gail Tverberg: Bloomberg is wrong, not peak oil 
HubbertsArms: Temperature Soars Mysteriously Inside Fukushima Nuclear Reactor 
HubbertsArms: 19 Crazy Things That School Children Are Being Arrested For In America
SilentCountry: The Husband Store
SilentCountry: San Onofre Whistleblower: This is extremely significant

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